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Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

-4- J. Budget Revisions Approved (PR 6) Ha-laing determnined that there were no qLuestions, iMvir. Clay called for a motion that the budget rtevisions for 1972-73 as presented in PR 6 be authcoriz(ed and approved. Mr. Palm-ier so nmoved. His motion was seconded by Dr. Woodvard and passed. (See PR 6 at the end of the N/iinutes. K. Summer Resident Center Established in Romania (PR 7) Dr. Cochran pointed out that the request for approval of a Resident Ccentcr at the University of Bucharest was made primarily to permit the awarding of resident credit to those students participating. The entire costs of operating the program wvill be met by fees paid by the students. On mnotion bv Mrs. Blazer. seconded by Mrs. Clark. and passed. approval was given to the establishment of a Sumnmner Resident Center at the University of Bucharest, Romania. (See PR 7 at the end of the Minutes. ) L. Departmnent of Music Redesignated as a School of Music (PR 8) President Singletary noted that the proposal to redesignate the Departmient of Music as a School of Music has been developed by the faculty of the Departmient of Music and had the approval of the College of Arts and Sciences and the Uni- versitv Senate and recommended approval. On motion by Mr. Graves, seconded by Professor Sears, and passed. approval was given to the redesignation of the Department of Music in the College of Arts and Sciences as a School of Music. (See PR 8 at the end of the MIinutes. M. Departmeints in the College of Pharmacy Dissolved (PR 9) Dr. Bosomworth discussed the reasons for the recomnmendation that the departments in the College of Pharmnacy be dissolved and stated that the recoin- meindation had the approval of the Academnic Council for the Medical Ceanter -l id the Senate Council. On motion by Mr. Graves. seconded by M/lr. Bell, and passed. approval wals giv en to the recommirriendation that the departmental structure within the College of Pharmacy be dissolved and that the College be administered as a basic adacernic unit by the Dean of the College. (See PR 9 at the end of the NMinutes. N. Dean of College of Home Economics Named (PR 10) Dr. Cochran prefaced his recommendation that Dr. Mar jorie S, Stewart