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[78] > Image [78] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1973-01-jan16.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

iinance Committee Report January 16, 1973 FC Members. Board of Trustees: TOBACCO AND HEALTH RESEARCH CONSTRUCTION AND RENOVATION PROJECTS Recommendation: 1. that the Board authorize the President of the University to take the necessary steps to obtain the approval of the appropriate State agencies for the following projects: Tobacco and Health Research Building, estimated to cost $3, 160, 000; and the renovation of Kastle Hall and the Old Meat Laboratory, estimated to cost $350., 000, for the conduct of tobacco re- search, 2. that the Board authorize the appropriation of the amounts indicated from the Tobacco Research Trust Fund. Background: The Kentucky Tobacco Research Board on Monday, December 18. 1972, authorized the construction of a Tobacco and Health Research Building at an estimated cost of $3, 160, 000, on the University of Kentucky Campus and the renovation of Kastle Hall, to accommodate animal research and for installation of two laminar flow areas, and the renovation of the Old Meat Laboratory for use in cigarette manufacturing and tobacco storage. The reno- vation is estimated to cost $350, 000. Funds for these projects will be provided from the special cigarette tax approved by the legislature. Action: Approved X Disapproved Othe r Date: January 16 .. . 4 , 1973