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[8] > Image [8] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1906-01-jun5.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

MINUTES OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES,Jun-5, lQO6 Page 79 lines, I cannot say, but the burden is heavy and growing from year to year. The home in which I live should be enlarged by another room or two for the accomidation of my library which is now scattered through four build ings. I have felt this want and in- convenience for years, but have foreborne to ask relief hitherto, feeling that other necessities were more urgent than mine. I respectfully recommend that all male students exempt from military duties in the College, either by action of the Board of Trustees or by the War Department, be formed into companies, answer roll-call and march to chapel under the command of an offi- cer of the Cadet Corps. While formed in companies for chapel, they should be subject to the rules and maintain the discipline required from those subject to military service. The question was repeatedly asked, while the legislation in*4 troduced by the College was fending before the last General Assembly, why the State College did not take the name and discharge the function of a University. The Assembly was evidently ready and willing to consider favorably the change and by legislation give effect to the transformation. I believe steps should be taken looking in this direction a d that when the next General Assembly convenes, the College should ask for the change. There are several reasons why this should be done. 1st. All the States in the Union, with one or two exceptions, have Universities, most of them liberally provided for by their respective States. 2nd. The State College of Kentucky is the only institution in the State doing anything like University work. 3rd. It is owned and admi nistered exclusively by the State. 4th. The title and functions of a University would carry with them a dignity and prestige which do not attach to a college.