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3 > Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, May 22, 1925

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Available KENTUCKY KERNEL JP. J3. ROB ARD8 PAGE THRE1 SOCIETY NOTES COLLEGE BOYS' TAILOR DRY CLEANING PRESSING ALTERING Phone 929 216 S. Limestone DANCING STUDIO urday evening, from C until 8 o'clock. Tho tables wore beautifully decorated with blue and gold, tho colors of tho fraternity, and their illuminated shield hung at one end of tho dining room. A tempting menu was served and the following very interesting talks Ln. nJ hotel. were given: Lamp and Cross, men's honor "The History of Fraternities as a ary fraternity, will give their annual Whole," H. M. Meriwether: "WHv danco in the evening at the the Fathers of tho Students Should informal new gymnasium. Support tho University," Prof. K. F. Fnrqtihar; "Tho Relation of tho Fath Phi Hcta Parties er to the Son," Dr. Frank L. McVey. Tho members of tho new chapter Toastmaster, Arthur H. Morris. Our :crvicc is unequalcd. It includes IB of Phi Beta entertained tho visiting Phi Dclt Dance H Phi Betas, Miss Evelyn Glcason of jO All New Cars, Tho active chapter and pledges of Chicago, Miss Vivian Breaks and La Phi Delta Theta of the university with n K Ituc Loftin, of Cncinnnti, Balloon Tires, jj forluncheon nt tho Canary Cottage af- entertained with their mal dance nt the Lafayette hotel Satj m ter tho installation ceremonies which Locked Steering Wheels evening. were hold at the homo of Dr. and urday Tho ballroom was decorated in Wind-shielDj ft Mrs. W. L. Hcizer, on Maxwell street Wipers azure and argent, tho fraternity col Saturday morning. H Spare Tires no waits for a new tire. The installation afternoon tea was ors, And tho illuminated shield of held nt Patterson Hall from 4 to tho fraternity was placed upon the K Free Road Service fG o'clock. The decorations were of wall. G Dj and The programs were in blue and sil iris and locust blossoms and tho colors of the fraternity, lavender and ver with white silk cords and were S K the courtesy and careful attention of real Friends. embossed with the fraternity emblem gold. In the evening Mrs, Ileizer enter in silver on the front cover. Members of tho nctivo chapter are: tained the chapter beautifully with a Clarence Baldwin, William Blanton, dinner. 1 The members are: Misses Lucille William Brock, John Snell Berry, 1 Stillwcll, Corith Taylor, Adah King, Arch Bennett, Elbert Bell, C. D Pcnrl Martin, Mary Ellen Dale, Doro French, Robert Giovnnnoli, Stuart Lafayette-Phoenix H Phone 6120 Garage H thy Bonar, Virginia Hcizcr, Betty Price Hemphill, J. R. Hascldcn, W. Lawless, Emmet Milward, Madcllc Van Cleve and Robert Wickham. Lcroy Miles, William B. Mintcr, Lev S Operated BY College Men FOR College Men. Kathcrinc McGurk. ing Y. McCnrty, William L. Richards, Among the interesting engagement William Smith, J. William Tunks, Joe announcement is that of Miss Eliza Taylor, John J. Walsh, Jr. The pledges: Waller Jones, Lenord MacLcan Piggott, daughter of Walter J. Piggott, of Irvington, and Mr Brocckcr, William Walcutt, J. J. Thomas Rust Underwood, which was Richardson, William Crutchcr, JamesWclmade known Saturday at a luncheon Cromwell, Edward Bennett and triven bv Miss Martha McCluro at den Simpson. Tyncbrac in honor of Miss Piggott, DRY CLEANING AND PRESSING The Campus Club of the university who, since her graduation from tho had an enjoyable trip Saturday to 152 South Lime Phone 1550 university several years ago has made Trails End camp on the Kentucky Quality and Service her home with Dr. and Mrs: William river. They had a picnic supper here 4 B. McCluro at their country place and were entertained by the many diThe marriage will be solemnized on versions of camp. June 20 at Tyncbrac, after which the Each summer Miss Sarah Blanding voumr neonle nlan to make their assists Miss Mary Do Witt Snyder, home in Lexington. the director, at Camp Trails End, and Banners g jjj Fraternity Stationery Both Miss Piggott and Mr. Under she has invited the club to have its wood, who were students at the uni picnic at the camp. versity, are now members of the Her Announcements have been issued of aid staff. Mr. Unueroow acting in the capacity of managing editor and the marriage of Virginia Barron MarWhile tin, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. J. Cray 1 Miss Piggott as state editor. at the university Miss Piggott was a Martin of Carlisle, to Mr. Fred.. h. , ucsburcr. on Saturcrav. .Mar .'16. . member of. the Chi Omega sorority; nJ S The marriage totik bTvc's m Ptr:s she was for a time managing editor Ln nl of the Kernel, she was a member of on Saturday afternop in. thu.sJtudy. ff Svhe'.o.f-- : a. In I" Theta Sigma Phi and Mortar Board. of the Rev. J. W. Gtotfelt-V- , ru The couple", after a short Since going with the Herald, she has ficiated. been successful in her chosen field motor tour and a brief stay; with, 'the and has merited being called one of bridegrom's mother, will nCak!- - theif. the most thoroughly capable news home in Lexington. K paper women in the south. Mr. Augsburg is a graduate of the Mr. Underwood was at the univer university and is a member of the Both Mr. He was a mem- Kappa Alpha fraternity. sity during 1917-1ber of Phi Delta Theta fraternity and and Mrs. Augsburg have a large cir g cle of friends here who wish them of Thirteen. Ln Hi happiness and extend to them a warm In . Alpha Gamma chapter of Kappa welcome. A Vina Vioon TOoivnd nf Delta Pi." honorary education a nitv. .observed' their first "i. frater- the nnniinoTYiniif forth'comingmarfiage of Miss annual .1 1.1. - r juio, Day with a banquet Mon luarina n xiuukiiuui, uiiugmur ui Hf ffi (3 Founders' BASEMENT MAIN 'day evening in the Palm room of the C. C. Buckman, of Spokane, Washing? K Phoenix hotel. Mr. C. S. Lowrey pre ton, to Hcywood Rudy Barret, of Hol a lywood, Cal., made recently at a tea S sided as toastmaster. r i 'ir ir ir ii1 ii ir irir i rit ir immr !ir n ii and her 3 Those present were members of the given by Mrs. Buckman active chapter, including the newly daughter at their home. The wed S initiated members: Misses Lurhne ding will take place in June. The announcement is of special Cole, Lucille Lovely, Catherine Rob Phone 2682 "Watch your Watch" erts, Margaret Tandy, Martha Lane, interest to the many friends of both Georgia--RousTruman, young people in Kentucky and to Miss Catherine Ritchie Stevenson, Bess Owens, Anna Buckman's many friends at the vmv Peck. Mary West, Lela Scopes, Mar versity, from which she was gradu garet Grasty; Elizabeth uepew, xurs ated, receiving her degree in Jour CAREFUL WATCH REPAIRING Marv Duncan: Messrs. E. D. Kinkie nalism. She is well remembered as an at W. B. Stallard, Wallace Franck, Rus Satisfaction Guaranteed sell Hunt, W. II. Arnold, 0. F. Gal tractive member of Kappa Delta so lowav. R. E. Jaggers, Cary Ham rority and for her numerous activities monds. Armiel Carman, E. H. Can on the campus. She was a member Formerly with 157 South Lime Council for four years non, C. S. Lowrey, J. L. Chambers of Caskey Jewelry Co. Lexington Dr. .1. T. C. Noe and Trot. JVX. u and was one of the charter petitioners Ligon. of Theta Sigma Phi, and for a time was managing editor of the Kernel, ;. al parties and luncheons were besides being prominent in dramatics, for tho Kappa Delta fraternity taking part in three Stroller casts Miss Buckman, since making her during the week. The senior mem bers of the fraternity who will be residence in Spokane two years ago I 1X1 I I I --Li I VI I guests of has been engaged in teaching at North frndunted in June were r r r r v Central high school of Spokane. honor for the affairs. Mr. Barret is the son of Mrs. Stra Mrs. J. T. Pride and daughter, Miss delightfully chan Barret of Hollywood. Cal. Ho Joy Pride, entertained S. X Wednesday is associatd in business there with with a luncheon-bridg- e and Thursday at their home on East Johnson, Carvel and Murphy, one of the oldest firms of merchandise brokMaxwell street. Miss Lydia Roberts entertained ers in Los Angeles. with a charming bridge party at her 238 West Main Street Lexington, Ky. home on West Third street. Announcement was made Saturday Saturday afternoon members of the of the engagement of Miss Elizabeth Classes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8:30 to picnic party Shropshire to Mr. Wm. Addams, of fraternity havo planned a at Cherry Lodge, on tho Kentucky Cynthiann, when Miss Shropshire en10:30 P. M. 50c per lesson. river, in honor of the graduate mem- tertained beautifully with an anPrivate Lessons by Appointment bers. They are: Misses Mary Agnes nouncement party at her home, Fair-vieGordon, Helen King, Amanda GorFarm. For Information Call 4115 , don and Frances Kenney. is a graduate of tho Tiio bride-eleuniversity and is u popular member Studio can be rented by the evening for Club dances, etc. Dr. McVey will address the stu- of the Kappa Delta sorority. Sho is dents at convocation Monday at tho now a member of tho faculty of tho fifth hour. Ho has chosen "Between department of Art. Us" for his subject, which promises Mr. Addams is a graduato of Corto bo a "get together" talk which nell University, where ho was a memwill bo of interest to tho entiro uni- ber of the Sigma Nu fraternity. versity. Personals W. K. Bradberry, of tho Niagara Word has been received that Prof. Falls Power Company, spoke at the Carol Sax has arrived at IMska, Alengineers' assembly at tho fourth geria, after a dclighful stay at Mo12- -2 o'clock hour, May 21. Ho had as his sub rocco. Ho is not expected to return ject, "N'iagara FalU Power Develop to the university until September. ' Made by Real French Chefs ment." Mr. Osknr Ilambleton was in Henderson Monday, where he made an Fathers Entertained address before tho State Federation Tho members of tho Alpha Tau of Women's Clubs on "Costumes." Omega fraternity entertained their Miss Bcrnadino Hughes, of Dan- On Lime, Just Above High fathers with n banquet at tho chap villi), spent last week end at tho Kup ter house on South Limestone, Sat pa Delta house j a AAAAA AA MISS SPURR 4503-- Calendar Frdny, May 22 Engineers enter taining with their carnival hall In the now gymnasium. Saturday, May 23 Delta Delta Delta sorority entertaining in the evening with their annual lormal dance in the ballroom of tho Phoenix RENT A Phones and 8268-- Special Rates For Classes Private Lessons by Appointmen oTimFMTc. DANCE: Saturday Night Blue Ribbon Saxophones Opposite NEW Phoenix Hotel Dodge - Ford - Truck d The StoreyRentaFord Masque rade Co. ut i PARRISH I I . f & BROMLEY Fountain Pens Costumes For the Engineer's Ball and other Masquerade events we are showing a gorgeous collection of. costumes as varied in description as your fancy would desire. The column to the left contains a partial list of costumes now in stock HAPPYLAND 1. Third Floor WOLF WILE CO. J. D. Incorporated Purcell & Co. Famous for Values for "36 years V ...... Jv V i others available on short notice. . "in i I University Book tore, I BULDINGv.' ) J 'H ,t f 1 r R. W. s f l it i v jcr-itr-itt- 5i II I I 149 South Lime Telephone i 5822-- x lg SERVING HOURS 5:30 12:002:00 7:30 SMOCK Rooms & Board FOR SUMMER STUDENTS Nice, Comfortable rooms, well ventilated, equipped with Shower bath. Board optional RATES REASONABLE .XI .M Call and look them over CISCO'S Program for Cooper's Dance Studio Telephone 3155 264 East Maxwell w FRENCH ICE CREAM Mrs. Stevens' "Home Kitcken" Home-Mad- e Lunch Delicacies 11:30-- 2 Dinner 5:30-7:3- 0 Special 25c. Plate Parisian Pastry Company 9 j V Phone Address Church and Broadway Mrs. Olive B. Stevens, Prop. 5839