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Image 8 of Guide to civilian organizations. Pike County, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

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..2.i p AMERICAN RED CROSS, PIKE COUNTY CHAPTE (American National Red Cross), Main ‘ E Street, Pikeville, Founded 1950. Chairman, T. G. Parker, 425 Second Street, g Pikeville. Telephone 247, Secretary, Mrs. Charlie Gilley, Fourth Street, l Pikeville, Telephone 489. Executive Secretary, Hrs. Mayme Amick, 4OQ Auxier { Avenue, Pikeville. Terms indefinite. e it _ { Membershio; 7 OOO. ualifieations annual contributors of one dollar or over. ? 1: .1 J · , » Committees: Production, lks. A, H. Wellman; Disaster, R. G. Wells; First Aid, g W. C. Cassell; Nutrition and Canteen, Miss Elizabeth Stark; Knitting, Hrs. A. { T, Ratcliff; Surgical Dressings, Mrs. Jessie Doss Jenkins, all of Pikeville;. j Purpose:. Relief in time of war and disaster, Welfare service to U. S. Armed P Forces. A A U .· ~ f Normal Civic Activities: Cooperates with every public organization within Q the charter limits of Pikeville, g Defense Activities: Engaged in Hospital and Clinical Assistance, Sewing and § ——·•·’*"""*'*"‘*"""**"'*'*""" "" ";' ` . . . LC Preparation of Surgical Dressings, Bed Cross Assistance, First Aid. p Local Publications; None, . _ ‘_ j p I c f BETA SIGMA PNI,PI CHAPTER (International Organization of Beta Sigma Phi), j c/o Miss Willa Mae Tells, Pikeville, Founded 1940, President, Willa Maepf g Wells. Telephone l7. Secretary, Kargaret Anne Reynolds, Pikeville. Tele- ? phone 295. Terms expire April, 1945. Executive Secretary, Mrs. Jack Hatcher, Q Pikeville. Telephone 34l, Term indefinite. ‘ ‘ · »:i Membership: ld. Qualifications, l8 years of age and employed, Q . ‘ . -, ‘ ~ s · .> . ` · w ‘ S .COmmlttOOS: Social, mrs. K. B. Johnsen;`hays and Means, Mrs._C._t. Dearth, y both of Pikeville. ` g Purpose: Social and cultural. U I c l E pbrmal_Ctnyil£$jvdties; Cooperating with Red_Cross, Boy Scouts. Aiding, g UI SI OO t , Defense_A£tiyities; Engaged in Entertainment, Pecreation, Collecting Books, j Typing and Other Clerical Assistance. _Training for Red Cross Assistrnce. ‘ f lrterested in Hospital and Clinical Assistance, Teaching Literacy Classes f for Aliens and Others, Interviewing, g .Locel Publications; None, O V j e · · ·s · ’~~ · E BOY SCOUTS OE AiEHlCL, LONESOKE PINE COUNCIL—&205j{Natienal Council, Boy· Q Scouts of America), 506 Pikeville National Bank Building, Pikeville, . Founded lO5i. President, Harry"E. Greer, Hazard. Term expires December, f l9&2. Scout Executive, Charles E, Hudson, Central Avenue, Pikeville. I LZllOld Y`!}-OCLub1V’G’ ESJCllL 4.1*].1 Cl‘0`i;I`Qk,¤t, ].]..E‘-C·Jl].?1.l-1. SgQ]‘€'bgI']_QS’ L[]_SS· , Gussie Fuller, 155 South College Street, Miss Allegra Neville, Fourth Street, Q both of Pikeville. Terms indefinite. Y