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11 > Image 11 of Annual report. 1921

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

il'? i SEI F 132 _ ANNUAL REPORT of the DIRECTOR OF THE KENTUCKY AGRICULTURAL EXPERIMENT STATION For the Year 1921 The demands upon the Experiment Station have greatly increased during the past year as evidenced in many ways and particularly by the increased number of requests for specific information and for bulletins. Frequently these requests have arisen through the pressure of new problems, and in meeting them the Experiment Station has been taxed to the utmost in the use of its men, buildings and equipment. In many in- stances, it has been found impossible to enter upon promising ' lines of investigation because of insufficient funds and equip- ment. The effect of this inability will inevitably be reflected in the progress of farming in the state, for in many lines of . farm endeavor, progress halts for lack of information or farm- ers suffer heavy losses in attempting individually to meet their problems. Agricultural extension work undoubtedly has been rc- sponsiblc for a part of the increased demands upon thc Ex- periment Station. Also as farmers become interested in the possibilities of improving their income through better opera- tion of land a11d livestock, they find many problems in which they need help. Some of the questions that arise are old and easily answered. In others, new problems become apparent and require careful and extensive investigation. The intro- duction of new crops, the use of improved methods in the feed- ing of livestock, the revision of methods of rational and per-