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19 > Image 19 of Annual report. 1921

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

Kentucky Agrieultzirut E.1vpminzcni Station 19 1: Scientific Papers (In print): f Sonic neglected setae of lepidopterous larvae. H. Gar- ) nian. Annals of the Entomological Society of Ameri- ca. Vol. xiv. No. 2. June, 1921. A short test for easily soluble phosphate in soils. O. M. YS Sheclcl. Soil Science, vol. xi, No. 2. February, 1921. Coinparative utilization of the mineral constituents in the in cotyletlons of bean seedlings grown in soil and in (lis- ed tilleil water. G. Davis Buckner. Journ. Agr`1 Rc- 11. search. Vol. xx, No. 11. March, 1921. Sonic points oi? interest conreerning the cocklebur and its iu, . seeds. J. S. Alcllargue, Ecology. Vol. ii, No. 2. m__ April, 1921. The tolerance of hogs for arsenic. D. J. Healy and W. H. XV. Dinioek. Ky. Acacleniy ot Science, May 14, 1921. Abstract in Science. N. S., Yol. 54, No. 12199, Aug. 1.9, __ 1921. )gS The hydrogen ion concentration ol horse semen. YV. S. H Anmlerson, A. Al, Peter antl D. J. Healy. Journ. Anieri- can Veterinary Metlieal Association. Vol. lx, N. S. Vol. 13, No. 3. Deeeniiber, 1921. Read at the annual meeting in Denver. ('olorado. 103 Progress in horse breeding. `\V. S. Autlerson. Journal . Heretlity. March. 1921. >rn, (`ottonseewl nieal, tankage and lnitterniilk as souries ol and protein for laying hens. J H. Martin. Journ. Ameri- i can Association of lnstructors anil lnvestigators in H_ 1oultry Hushanrlry. February, 1921. Grain and SO1l1'Sl{l1111111ll{ as a laying ration. J. ll.1Iar- tin. l)t>1llll'}' S('l(lll(". Vol. 1. No. 2. Dee.-Jati. 1921-22. The control of infectious abortion in mares. E. S. (lootl. tion Veterinary Medicine. August, 1921. A study ot some ot` l{(lli1It'l(}` `s most pr