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43 > Image 43 of Annual report. 1921

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

Kentucky Agricultural E;E]JC7'l.l1l0}2t Station 43 ie selling it as cured seed in the rough. The farmer may do his _ own stripping, may hire it done or may let the stripping out on L shares. ly The seed is cured by placing in windrows which are turn- lt ed frequently in order to permit proper drying and to prevent {O heating. The cured seed `must be-cleaned before it is ready le for sale and dealers at several points in central Kentucky have cleaning plants. The seed is usually sold to these dealers and they in turn sell the cleaned seed to wholesale seed dealers, st jobbers, and retail dealers. The seed is used principally for rg lawns, golf links and pastures. The cleaned seed is of varying pi- grades depending upon weight, thus there is 15, 17, ]9 and ill 21-pound seed. The legal weight is 1-l pounds to the bushel en and both rough and cleaned seed are sold on this basis. he The principal orchard grass seed producing area in the United States is located within a 75 mile radius of Louisville, T Ky., including Oldham, Henry, Shelby, XVarren and other coun- Od ties in Kentucky, and Clark and nearby counties in lndiana. OH Orchard grass seed is also produced in a few other sections me such as in Virginia, Ohio and Missouri. Some seed is im- ported from Denmark and New Zealand. @11* Orchard grass is cut with a binder and placed in shocks. ef After curing, it is threshed and is then sold by the farmer to ef the buyer or dealer. The wholesale dealers have field repre- `m` sentatives who buy from the farmers. As the machine run seed i Gl,. may vary considerably in the amounti of foreign material it ing Contains, it frequently is sampled by the buyer and bought mt, On a recleaned basis. lt usually has to be reeleaned before it gmt is distributed by the dealer to wholesalers, jobbers and retail- ely ers. The seed is used in pasture mixtures. fihi Marketing Milk in Lexington, A survey of the milk marketing situation in the eity of Lexington was made during ys: the year. information was obtained regarding methods of sale and and distribution by producers, handling thru city milk plants and and thru retail stores.