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34 > Image 34 of Annual Report, Volume 3 (1880-1881)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

STATE COLLEGE os KENTUCKY. gg The College pays them monthly for the service thus rendered, allowing them to apply the money as they see proper. _ ` No student, however, should come to this College . expecting to maintain himselfexclusively hy compensated i lahor. At least sixty dollars per annum, exclusive of I 5 his earnings while here should he at the command of Q every student who wishes to avail himself of the advan- l tages of the compensated lahor system. No compensation is given to students in the De- partment of Practical Mechanics, inasmuch as no pecu- i " niary returns are possible to the College from this de- _ partment as at present organized. All students are liable to be called upon for occa- sional work upon the grounds belonging to the College, and to such work no compensation is attached. g PREPARATORY DEPARTMENT. . For the benefit of those who are inadequately prepared to enter the regular college classes, a Prepa- ratory Department has been organized, under the charge ofa principal, assisted by a competent staff of assistants, which will provide the necessary elementary instruc- tion. The conditions of admission into the Preparatory Department are, a good knowledge of Arithmetic as far as fractions, English Grammar and Geography. 5 CERTIFICATES OF CHARACTER. i i All applicants for admission into any class in the College, or Preparatory Department, must bring satis- i factory testimonials of good moral character. DEPORTMENT AND DISCIPLINE. V As no one is admitted into the College whose good moral character is not satisfactorily attested, no one will W. (