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35 > Image 35 of Annual Report, Volume 3 (1880-1881)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

34 t ANNUAL REGISTER be allowed to remain whose behavior, deportment, and habits are not those of a gentleman. i The following rules have been adopted by the Fac- ulty and approved by the Board for the government and discipline of students; any material infringement of which will dissolve their connection with the Institu- tion. Students upon arrival shall report themselves im- mediately to the President of the College for assignment to duty. r No student after matriculation can sever his con- nection (honorably) with the College without theicon- sent of the Faculty. l No student after assignment to duty is allowed> without the consent of the Faculty previously obtained, to increase, diminish, or alter his course of study. Absence from duty without consent previously A _ obtained, except in case of sickness or unavoidable V _ necessity, is not allowed. i The possession and use of firearms or other deadly weapons are forbidden. Q t No honorable dismissions will be granted, except in cases of eneergency, within six weeks of the close of the collegiate year. All rules and regulations issued by the command- ant, shall be scrupulously respected. _ Each student is expected to deport himself proper- ly in the presence of the professors and instructors of A the College, whether in or out of the class-rooms. , It is expected and required that each student, when not engaged in recitation or in needful recreation on the grounds, connne himself quietly to his own quarters, . and refrain from annoying his companions by obtrusive _ and unseasonable visitations. The occupants of each room, on the grounds, shall keep their bedding, quarters and surroundings neat and r' T tl