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36 > Image 36 of Annual Report, Volume 3 (1880-1881)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

sTATE COLLEGE OF KENTUCKY. 35 clean. Offenders in these matters will be subjected to the discipline of the Faculty. Every student is expected to attend service in one of the churches of the city, at least once on Sunday, unless prevented by ill-health, excused absence, or ex- cused by his parent or guardian. The use of all intoxicating liquors is prohibited, whether on or ofl the grounds. The use of tobacco in the College building, dormi- tories, and dining-rooms is forbidden. I 4 No student shall visit billiard rooms, saloons, or any place of immoral practices or tendency. Profanity, obscenity, boisterous conduct, and late ' hours, are forbidden. Defacing or otherwise injuring the College build- ing, mutilating the trees or shrubbery on the ground, and wanton or careless injury to the premises, besides subjecting the oH`ender to the discipline of the Faculty, ' W ` will be punished by assessing proper damages upon .. the person or persons guilty. li ti li t