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8 > Image 8 of Annual Report, Volume 3 (1880-1881)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

; REPORT OF THE PRESIDENT or THE COL- LEGE. ` . ri __O_ To fha Honorable Board gf Trusloos of ikc Agricultural and Ilfechauical College y'Korz!zcky. Q The Collegiate year of 1880-81 just closed has been even more encouraging in its results than the preced- ing. The per centage of increase of last year over the preceding has been more than maintained in this, as the following Hgures will show: Total number of matriculates 1877-8 (last year of connection li with Kentucky University) ...... . .... . . . . 78 Total number of matriculates 1878-9 ...... . . . . IIS Total number of rnatriculates 1879-80 .......... 137 Total number of matriculates 1880-81 .......... 234 ` li This success as regards increase oi numbers has _ been attained under circumstances embarrassing in the J extreme, but which render it all the more gratifying. Our accommodations have been painfully inadequate- The building on the Woodland estate rented for the year was found altogether insufficient for the various departments with their enlarged numbers, though every room in it, from cellar to attic was occupied. Additional accommodation had to be found in the Masonic building, threequarters of a mile distant, three rooms of which were rented, in which the Commercial, {Q Chemical and Normal Departments have been carried i, on during the year. This separation of departments if necessitated in some instances a duplication of classes, Q} and a consequent increase of labor to some of the Pro- fessors. These difliculties will, we trust, all be obviated " next Autumn when we occupy our new buildings. l the accommodations of which will be ample for T 4oo or Soo students in which all duplication of classes