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9 > Image 9 of Annual Report, Volume 3 (1880-1881)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

i? 8 ANNUAL REGISTER will be obviated, and the principle of division of labor brought fairly into operation. A , Instruction has been furnished to the several classes which make up the Departments of Civil History, ` Political Economy, English Literature, Matlieinatics, Physics and Astronomy, ChemistryElementary and Applied, Mental and Moral Philosophy, Latin, Greek, French, German, Natural History, including Botany, Z00l0gy, Comparative Anatomy, Physiology, 'Ge- ology; Drawing, Practical Mechanics, Theory and Prac- tice oi Teaching, Commercial Science, Military Art and _ Science. By the act of the Legislature approved April 23d, 1880, a Normal School was established as one of { the departments of the State College. At the begin- , ning of the Collegiate year this department was opened L and rendered accessible by resolution of the Executive s Committee to females as well as males. The attend- g ance was at first meagre, but as the session advanced it grew to very respectable proportions. The course of , study adopted by the Faculty and approved by the ii Executive Committee extends over three years. It was thought best at the outset to endeavor to accom- plish the double purpose of supplying the immediate necessities of the common schools, and of raising the standard of scholarship among teachers by inducing them whenever possible to aim at something higher than proficiency in the branches required for the lowest grade certificate. Each year accordingly is complete in ' itself. The theory and practice of teaching goes hand in hand with instruction in the subjects taught. The i pupil who graduates in the Normal School will V ( not only know the subjects taught, but how to teach I them to others. We do not profess to be able to make { a teacher in ten weeks. It can not be done. The I pupil who takes the first years course and completes it, _ t_ will be well qualified to teach a common school. The in t (I