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Image 3 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 33 (1972-1973)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

F""" ._._,., _____ j’_;_l_r · t . E. te SOUFCGS O ll'l OFIIIOIIOFI rs- ia . t·,. LI E; if if PUBLICATIONS munity College System may be obtained by contacting; si I _ · Community College System Office, University of Ken- Most colleges within the Universrty provide course tucky, Lexington. n lg; and general information booklets for prospective stu- dents and others interested in the various fields of study. These bulletins may be requested from either the college EXTENSION, EVENING AND fi dean or tl1€ University R€glSII3I’S Oflice. Colleges Cut- CORRESPONDENCE COURSES rently providing such bulletins or catalogs are: li? F ‘f t° 1 t·tU` ‘t¤Et‘ Agassiasss Graduate sshssi Ong; ‘{‘,I§QQ‘f;,§“O}’I§Q;juQ‘;‘;_"° “‘V€“" X €““°“ Allied Health Professions Law Architecture Library Science 0*]*HER INFORMATION Community College System Medicine _ _ _ _ _ ‘ _ _ _ Specific information about different parts of the Unr- ; D°‘“‘$“i' Nursing versity’s program may be obtained by directing inquiries lingineering Pharmacy to members of the administrative staff. The post office Social Professions igcégegs is: University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky . R iii; if’ii;’;;;‘g mimi **50 is ¤V~i=·i>i¢ im the General rsrssmsass, admissions, transcripts of credits- cgb ml S CC: Dean of Admissions and Registrar fi General University Catalog Student Affairs-—Vice President, Student Affairs i Snnnncr Sessions Bnuenn Living Aceommodations-—University Housing Oflice Admission Information Sheet A pzggiggg College and Its p[Ogmm——D€aH Of the Admissions Bmchmcs Community Colleges-—Associate Dean of the Commun- I3? ity College System Ciiilliil/iUNi 1 Y COLLEGES Graduate Work-Dean of the Graduate School The University has two-year community colleges at Summer S€S$i°“"jDif€Cf(?f Of the Summer Session Ashland. Cumberland, lilizabethtown, Hazard, Hender- Sii1