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3 > Image 3 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 33 (1972-1973)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

F""" ._._,., _____ j_;_l_r t . E. te SOUFCGS O ll'l OFIIIOIIOFI rs- ia . t,. LI E; if if PUBLICATIONS munity College System may be obtained by contacting; si I _ Community College System Office, University of Ken- Most colleges within the Universrty provide course tucky, Lexington. n lg; and general information booklets for prospective stu- dents and others interested in the various fields of study. These bulletins may be requested from either the college EXTENSION, EVENING AND fi dean or tl1 University RglSII3IS Oflice. Colleges Cut- CORRESPONDENCE COURSES rently providing such bulletins or catalogs are: li? F f t 1 ttU` tEt Agassiasss Graduate sshssi Ong; {,IQQf;,O}IQ;juQ;;_" V" X Allied Health Professions Law Architecture Library Science 0*]*HER INFORMATION Community College System Medicine _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Specific information about different parts of the Unr- ; D$i' Nursing versitys program may be obtained by directing inquiries lingineering Pharmacy to members of the administrative staff. The post office Social Professions igcgegs is: University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky . R iii; ifii;;;;g mimi **50 is V~i=i>i im the General rsrssmsass, admissions, transcripts of credits- cgb ml S CC: Dean of Admissions and Registrar fi General University Catalog Student Affairs-Vice President, Student Affairs i Snnnncr Sessions Bnuenn Living Aceommodations-University Housing Oflice Admission Information Sheet A pzggiggg College and Its p[OgmmDaH Of the Admissions Bmchmcs Community Colleges-Associate Dean of the Commun- I3? ity College System Ciiilliil/iUNi 1 Y COLLEGES Graduate Work-Dean of the Graduate School The University has two-year community colleges at Summer SS$i"jDifCf(?f Of the Summer Session Ashland. Cumberland, lilizabethtown, Hazard, Hender- Sii1