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5 > Image 5 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 33 (1972-1973)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

{`N_ """*** r --;-1 l ll 1* C] 9 I') Cl I' . (. j. 1 E? , 5.2 L; ll tz la (gf li E: _ August 9Wednesday-End of Six-week session iii; FOUT Week Summef Term August 11-FridayAll grades due in Registrars Oflice lg? April l3Thursday-1972 Summer Session Advising by 4 Pm- Conference for new freshmen and Community Col- ,Qi lege transfer students . April 14-Friday-1972 Summer Session Advising Con- Eght'W88k Summer Term feggzggoioraxgliloidgzgfgg Siflillgllxg (tmnSfYS) rc` june 13-TuesdayRegistration in the Coliseum accord- 3 . . 1 h b d' i b t' if April 14-FridayjLast day to submit all. required docu- Iune1?;f)\/gd;S?;;J{;s&%2k bggins g ments to ljkegistrar s Oflice for admission to the 1972 Imc 1S__ThurSday__LaSt date for new freshmen and Mo, li`i5o.Ti. S21? to wooo all required docu- uuufcg uugeus. u;u*;;;; gqulsudmiguiou docu `* ments to the Admissions Office for admission to the June nfgiSMgQ3a}?fi; gay to ent; aingigaegizcd Class 1972 Six and Eightweel< Summer Terms and the for the Eighbweek Summer Term T High School junior Summer Program __ _ h o May 1;__M0nday__RgiStratiOn in the Coliseum ac_ june g2dM0nday Last day to drop a course wit out a cording to alphabetic distribution - . june 26-29-Monday through ThursdaySummer Ad- l1%_r.;;$S%;lL"$T;;ssp;;); aud 3 cuss , o)o`liZiSo KoS3`Zo?o(l"TEEEioi;a`o1`oiol"lol ello A May gl;)FridayLast day to drop a course without a 1972 Ffau Semester _ I _ _ Y . _ july 4Tuesday-Independence Day (Academic holiday) gsgllgiglcgi giggizg 3 refund july S-27-VVednesday through Thursday-Summer Ad- juue l3TucsdayAll grades due in Registrar's Ofhce Vliglfg Qonlgcrclncc fg new freshmen Students cn- yg by 4 pm ro ing in t e 972 all Semester ' ` ' july 19WednesdayLast day for paying graduation Q; fees for August degree in Billings and Collections $1* _ Oflice Six Week Summer Term july 25--TuesdayLast day for readmission, non-degree, juue 27'l`ucsdayRegistration in the Coliseum accord- tlanslcnt Studeuts and audltms tu apply for 3dmS` ` ing to alphabetic distribution wm tu the 1972 Fall Semester Ilmc ;8___\VCducSday_C]asS Work begins july 26-VVednesday--Last day to withdraw from a class _ juuc 28WedncsdayFee payment (A-L) 8 a.m. to 12 bcfme end of summer term _ _ $ uoou and l p.rn. to 4 pm, (location to be au. ll> 31MQdHy$ummr Advising Conference for gg lwlmccd) readmission students enrolling in the 1972 Fall . ~ . , Semester I junt 29Ihursdaylee payment (MZ) 8 a.m. to 12 _ ; oooo aud i oo, to 4 ooo. (location to be oo. August 9WsduSduvEud f 1972 Eight-W*< Sum- gi nouuccd) mer Trm_ { _ , E'; june 29'l`hursdayLast day to enter an organized class August 1l'_FUday"Au grades due m Rcglstmr S Guise for the Six-week Summer Term by 4 pm july '%l\IoudayLast day to drop a course without a ;~ ? grade 1;- july frl`uesday (Academic holiday) Semestey {Z;. july Z0'l`hursdayLast day to withdraw and receive june 1-Thursday-Last day to cancel application for in refund Housing for the 1972 Fall Semester ;;l rd Q q -t ffl 1} el