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Image 6 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 33 (1972-1973)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

lU1`1€ ·?§·29—M0¤d¤Y through Th¤Y$d¤Y—Sl1mm€Y Ad· December 13—VVednesday—Class work ends Vismg C0¤f€1'€¤€€ {OY ¤€W C0Y¤m¤mtY College December 15-21-Friday through 'I`hursday—Final ex- transfer students enrolling in the 1972 Fall Semester aminations ]une 30, ]uly 7, 14, 21, 28—Fridays—Summer Advising December 21——Thursday—End of Fall Semester Conference for new advanced standing (transfer), December 26—Tuesday—All grades due in Registrar's auditor, and non-degree students enrolling for the Qfiicg by 4 p_m_ 1972 Fall Semester ]uly $—27—Wednesday through Thursday—Summer Ad- vising Conference for new freshmen students en- _ reiiieg in the 1972 Fen Semester 1973 Spring Semester luly 31—Monday——Summer Advising Conference for readmission students enrolling in the 1972 Fall Ianuary 13, 14-—Sunday and Monday-Residence Halls Semester open for 1973 Spring Semester. Final room and August 27, 28-—Sunday and Monday—Residence Halls board payment due open, second room and board payment due for 1972 ]anngry 15, 16-Monday and Tuesday-Classification, Fall Semester registration August 28, 29—Monday and 'f`uesday—Classification, January 17-Wedne$dgy-Class work begin5 registration ]anuary 23—'f`uesday——Last day to enter an organized August 30—~VVednesday—Class work begins class for Spring Semester $€1>t€mb€1’ ‘f—M0¤ClHY—LHb0Y Day (A€8d€mi€ holiday) lanuary 29-Monday~—-Last day to drop a course without September 6—VVednesday——Last day to enter an or- agiadg ganized class for Fall Semester February 14, 1S—Wednesday and 'f`hursday——Last days September ll—Monday——Last day to drop a course for filing application for a May degree in College without a grade Dean’s Office September 27, 28—VVednesday and Thursday—Last days March 8—Thursday—Last day to withdraw from the Eorufiling) appligiggon for a December degree in University and receive any refund d f o ege ean’s ce March l9——Monday-—Last day to pay gra nation ees October 16———Monday—Deadline for applying for admis- for May degree in Billings and Collections Office sion or readmission for the 1973 Spring Semester for March 19.2 5—M0ndgy through $unday-$piing vac;. all categories of undergraduate applicants tion October 20—Friday—l..ast day to withdraw from the April 2—Monday—Deadline for applying for admission University and receive any refund or readmission for any summer term for all categories October 30—Monday—Last day to pay graduation fee in of undergraduate applicants Billings and Colections Ofhce for a December degree April 2—Monday—Last date for out—of-state freshmen to November 7—'I`uesday—1973 Spring Advising Confer— submit all required documents to Registrar’s Office ence for new freshmen and Community College for admission to the 1973 Fall Semester transfer students April 2—Monday—Last day to withdraw from a class November 8·21—VVednesday through Tuesday—Advance before finals registration for 1973 Spring Semester April 12—Thursday—1973 Summer Session Advising November 10—Friday—Last day to withdraw from a Conference for new freshmen class before finals April 13-Friday--1973 Summer Session Advising Con- November 1$—\Vednesday—First installment on room ference for new advanced standing (transfer), the and board for 1973 Spring Semester due ` readmission and non-degree students November ’22—VVednesday—1973 Spring Advising Con- April 16—27—Monday through Friday—Advance registra- ference for new advanced standing (transfer) and tion for 1973 Fall Semester the readmission and non-degree students May S—Saturday—End of class work November 23, 24, 2S—'f`hursday through Saturday- May 7·l2—Monday through Saturday—Final examina· Thanksgiving Holidays (Academic Holidays) tion December 1—Friday—Last day to cancel application for May l2—Saturday—End of Spring Semester Housing, 1973 Spring Seinester—only students not May 1$—'1`uesday—All grades due in Registrar's Office in Residence Halls Fall Semester by 4 p.m. 5