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7 > Image 7 of Guide to civilian organizations. Webster County, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

`WEBSTER COUNTY CIVILIAH ORGANIZATIONS AMERICAN LEGION, CLARENCE KCCOY POST=#llO (National American Legion), c/p Adjutant H. L. Fraser, All Kaple Street, Providence, Founded l9l9. President, Pichard Durrett, Providence. Telephone 28. Adjutant, K. L. Fraser,. Telephone IOO. Executive Secretary, A. U. Ellis, Providence. . Telephone 224. Terms expired August, l942, Membcrsnip: 48. 'Open to veteran of WorldFar I, with honorable discharfe. Committees; Building, A. E. Ellis; Executive, Than.Rice, both of Provi- dence, Purpose: To further the ideals of Americanism and patriotic citizen- , ship. c 4 Normal Civic Activities; Cooperating in all local civic organizations, Defense Activities: Engaged in Child Care. Interested in Auxiliary Fire Protection, Hospital and Clinical Lssistance.~ " Local Publications: None, . _ AMERICAN LiGION'AUXILIARY,.CDLRENCL.KCCOY UNIT fllO (National American Legion Auxiliary), c/B Hrs. R. E.'Dlaekwell, Y. R. 2, Providence.. _ Founded l957.` President, Nys.`C. J. Micdreich, Broadway, Providence. Telephone 273. Secretary, Irs. R. E. Blackwell. Vice President, Hrs. ' '. IT. L. E. Cardwell, Broadway; Telephone 227. Terms expire October, l9Ao. Membership; ll. Open to wife, sister, daughter or mother ofa Legion- naire. Committees: Historical, Hrs. C. E.`Uithers; Junior Chairman,Hrs. _ Gladys Blackwell, both of Providence, ` Purpose: To assist the`American Legion, promote Americanism and _ National Defense, ,_ . . . . Normal Civic Activities; .Coopcrating with all worthy civic organiza- tions and the Red Cross,_ A ` `. Defense Activities; Engaged in Hospital and Clinical Assistance, led Cross Assistnce FamilY Social Service in In ustrial Areas; .. Child Care.- A Local Publications: None; A AMERICAN RED CROSS, HROVIDENCE CZLPTEL (lqcrican National Red Groes), Providence. Founded l9l7, Chairman, Charles J. Ieidreich, Providence. Telephone 29 or 275. Term expires Deecnicr, lQ2, _ I 1}