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9 > Image 9 of Guide to civilian organizations. Webster County, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

..6.- B&PPist Women's Missionary Union (Continued) Committees: None. Purpqse: To further religious activities and support of home and foreign missions, o @rmal Civic activities; Cooperating with Red Cross. Defense dctivitiesg Training for Red Cross Essistance. Interested T"i'Q """ _ "t*":*. . , * 2 in Sewing and irepaiation of vurgical Dressings, Library Collecting Books, . Local Publications; None, . _ BOOK CLUD OP PROVIDENCE, Providence. Founded 1920. President, Mrs. J, C. Sugg, 215 South Broadway, Providence. Telephone 136. Secretary, Mrs. S. D. Palmer, East Iain Street, Providence. Tele- phone 222, Terms expire Kay, IQQS, V yembershipz BO. Open to women of good standing and sponsored by a member. ~ I Cermdttees: City Park, Mrs. S. D. Palmer, Providence, _ 1 Purpose: A literary and study club, . ` { Normal Civic Activities: Cultural advancement of members. A Defense Activities: Interested in Library Service. Club is buying War Bonds, Local Publications; Program Bock. (Annually) BOY SCOUTS GF AEERICA, DIXON TROOP (National Council, Boy Scouts of America), c/B Doris Duncan, Dixon. Founded l94l. President, Lev. Neely Piereey, Dixon. Telephone Bl, Secretary, Doris Duncan. Terms expired March, l942, L Membership: 17, Open te boys from l2 to ld years of ape; able to pass scout tests and requirements. . Committees: None reported. y Purpose: Character building, community service and recreational I activity. l Normal Civic Activities: None.