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Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1876-02-jun7.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

338 Kentucky University, Lexington, Ky. June 6th, 1876 Special Committees On Financial condition with instructions to recommend the best mode to meet the exigencies in the embarrassed condition of the University. R. R. Sloan W. T. Withers J. P. TCrbitt R. C. Ricketts W. L. Tibbs Preservation & Utilization of property James Kinnaird Andrew Steele J.A. J. Lee Obituaries Joseph Wasson Samuel Colema.n Curator Withers reads a, report Request of M4rs. Mary E. Hibler not granted Minutes app rove d Session of June 7, 1876 Minutes of yesterday read & approved Degree of M.A. on J. 0. Hopkins Ten minutes rule Curator Withers read a reoort of the Committee from the Extive. Comtee. showing the securities of Ky. University upon motion it is referred to the Committee on Financial conditions. Curator Woolfolk presented the request of Mrs. Mary Hibler that she be released from oaying the Lawyers fees incurred in the suite for 500 dollars subscription of her husband, but by vote it was refused- On motion Board adjourned to 10 o'clock A.M. tomorrow. No objection being made the minutes stood approved Jos. S. Woolfolk. /339/ The Board met at ten o'clock the session omened by Prayer by President Graham. On calling the roll the following Curators answered their names or came in during the morning.. Prest. B shop, Curators Bowman, Allen, Gratz- Steele- Wasson- Goodloe- Elley_ Woolfolk- Worthington- Givens. Ricketts- Shackelford- Tarbitt- Sloan_ s Withers_ Campbell_ Shirley_ Kinnaird- Barnes, Lee, Price- Tiirs- The Sec. read the minutes of the previous meeting and no objection being made they were considered ap-proved- Regent Bowman recommended John 0. Hopkins for the degree of M. A. and moved that, that degree be coniered - Refered. to Faculty of College of Arts. Curator Withers moved as substitute That the matter be re- fered to the Faculty of the College of Arts with power to act. Adopted. Curator Shackelford moved that in the event of any discus- sion coming up speeches shall be limited to 10 minutes- adopted.