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3 > Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 17, 1931

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Available Friday, April THE KKNTUCKY 17, 1931 MM mm In the mrtnner signed on a long term (five years) contract by Paramount. Agree ment is that she win be starred within a year. It is considered quite a break for the Tashman for, as you know, she has been playing bits on every coast lot for years. Par plans to spot her In the roles left open by Kay Francis who signed wiui Warners. TLR In addition to its presentation of stage nnd screen entertainment, the Ada Mende is offering Princess Yvonne, "the psychic marvel of the age. beginning Sunday. TLR And no one seems to know Is going to be done with what the old Lexington Opera House. It Is supposed to open April 25 but wun wnat? TLR Reginald Denny was one of our lavorucs bnck In the golden silence era but, due to poor pictures, his glow waned. He is now making a very strong bid for favor in talkers under the Metro wing starting with "Madam Satan." He followed this with a splendid performance in "A Lady's Morals" and continued to handle leads. His newest appear ance is in "Stepping out" which opens at the Ben AH Sunday. This is a farce comedy with Charlotte ureenwood, the screens only een ulncly funny woman, Cliff Edwards, Leila Hyams, and Myrna Kennedy in the cast. We have often dis played our weakness for Miss Hyams. "Stepping Out" Is adapted from a popular" stage play and is said to be highly diverting. Six" should" have good acting Judg (Funnyman) Ardery it occurs to . inc from the cast which includes us: that "Honor Among Lovers" Is i Wallace Berry, Lewis Stone, John good entertainment II..Iiti (the that "MIcKa- - Unb having Ladies" isn't that this platinum blond of "Hell's Angels"), weather is inconduclvc to movie at- and Marjorlc Rambcau. tendancethat Paul Whltcman's TLR radio program is one of the air's A asked that we revive our best that this Is not a radio col habitreader presenting brief biograof umnthat there aren t as many phies of stage and screen notables Hollywood scandals as there used Myrna Loy was to be when will "City Lights" and In this column. born in Helena, Montana, on "Trader Horn" appear in Lexing- 20, 1901. She was educated inJune Los ton? that Roamln' Rcna often dis- Angeles and went into professional agrees with us that this "occur- dancing from which she was rering" business is likely to drive one cruited to the silent films. We parInsane. ticularly like her because the adjecTLR t tive "exotic" fits her so well. And then there is the faculty TLR member who, In class a few days The State is calling back the good ago, was speaking of the merits of Maurice Chevalier and Rudy Vallec old days by running a serial called as vocalists. After discussing Chev- "The Indians Are Coming!" If you time, alier he cracked, "Now take that have the you you'll get a kick out used other French singer, Rudy Vallee." of what money to to beg your folks sec. for the Hurray for Connecticut! TLR TLR Clara Bow was in rehearsals on What is reported to be the ulti- a picture when the court room mate in getting to the inside of beckoned her for the Daisy DeBoe gangdom in motion picture form trial upon which Fred Toy cracked, opens at the Strand Sunday under "It all proves that Daisies do ten. title, "The Secret B. P. Schulberg, Paramount's pro the yellow-backe- d Monday Did have the pleasure duction boss, invited Miss Bow to Six." The college' with MICKY release proposes to bring out crook- step out of the picture. She was of walking to ed politics behind underworld move- replaced by a stage name, Sylvia McGUIRE and did meet 'with ments. The picture tells a melo- Field, and the picture was compiet RALPH TUCKER and BUS YAdramatic story of how a city official ed. It is "City Streets" and ft opens GER who did seem to have gotten at the Kentucky tomorrow. Gary tricked himself into being discovered by citiaens. Of course, it isn't Cooper, of the tall frame and pen up on the wrong side of the bed. wise to draw deductions, but it is sive brown, is featured in the bill Did see JOHN WATTS and his noised about that the city is Chi- ing. "City Streets" also has Paul fond love walking along as though cago. Perhaps Mr. Cermak will Lukas, one of the growing femme they cared not if they never reachhave something to say about the favorites, in the cast. ed the next class; did notice MAR-IATLR production showing in his city of Lilyan Tashman was recently LONGMEYER and JOHN business. However, "The Secret PENN trying to persuade some crirls to skip class and go for little ride and did hear them tell the fair ettes that it would be well worth their time, but the girls didn't believe them. Did see and the JIMMY CHAPMAN BILL TROTT in earnest conver sation in front of the Administra tion building and did wonder what co-e- d they were now discussing. Alter class to the usual DEN OF OF SMOKE where did see GORDON BURNS talking to JOE SAUNDERS and did Join them only to be bored with the usual trend of GORDON'S conversation, his "different adventurers at summer resorts" and did believe half of them. Saw HARVEY BLANTON and BILLY HUBBLE, whom we have selected as our ROSE GIRL for the week. He did talk With ELIZABETH! ANN WEATHERS and BILLY did seem Y to enjoy it very much, BILL did venture in to get some dirt for his column but even I did not hear and, so did leave that place of bad influence to wander toward the KAPPA house where did meet the fair JANE SHELBY U-Drivand NELL MONTGOMERY, who e-It did seem so happy about nothing and did see the in particular campus girl HENRIETTA WHIT-TAKE- R who did look lo6t now that all her affairs of importance were 8552 134 E. a thing of the past, and did notice that FRANK STONE was losing as little time as possible in that direction; he even had a well known lage blue PIERCE ARROW sedan in which he desired the fair one to take a ride. After a bit of entertainment I wandered off in the T house direction of the where I was greeted by their one JONES and only host WALLER who came hobbling toward me on his cane and did ask, me a question or two to my great surprise. The girls were overjoyed to see me and I did wonder why only for a short time for they did want me to meet a CUTE RUSHEE and "Be nice to her." While doing this did notice ALICE BRUNER who did seem to be the center of attraction of REX ALLISON'S; upon looking out the window did notice FRANCES YOUNG walking down the street with some ette I did not know. DOT LILLESTON did wander in for a moment but did leave almost immediatelyand I did follow suit as soon as I shook off "The Cute Little Rushee." Tuesday: A little early to my class, and am convinced that miracles do happen, and did spend my time rather enjoyably. Did talk with handsome JOE FERGUSON who did say a few cheering words and who did tell of his happiness of the past week end. Did also have a short talk with handsome REX ALLISON whom I found with out BRUNER and did wonder if this could mean that I stood a chance in that fair ettes direction, but on second thought decided to steer clear. Did see JOHN PRE-WIT- T and EARL CELLA standing around not doing a thing as usual Did venture Into the sacred portals of the Law building where I did see GAILLARD and BILL GESS A sandwich, a soda and a walk is a health, dp who were preparing themselves for their life's work. Did see JANE that is guaranteed to work. GIVENS, SIS BRENT, MARY Light foods are healthful and prevent that after- ELIZABETH FISHER, and MARY noon drowsiness that comes from over eating. ARMSTRONG all who were smoking away their lives and talking all For luncheon today, or any other time stop at at once. Saw EARL KING SENFF our modern fountain and try a sandwich, and LISTER WITHERSPOON who salad or any of our delicious fountain foods. were wasting their time. Then to my room to study. So to bed in the early hours of the morning. of Col. Willie PEPY'S DIARY RIDE IN ONE OUR NEW CARS Chrysler Co. Ash. Short Street Have Luncheon at our modern FOUNTAIN LUNCHEONETTE Consolidated Drug Stores Incorporated PHOENIX STORE 100 E. Main St. CURRY'S CORNER 101 W. Mais St. JOHN'S CORNER 201 E. Main St. KBRNIOI,. PAGE THREE SEMI-WEEKL- Y Sneers Snick ers Scandal By WILLIAM AUDRRY And Junior? Kimcga: How was your father-i- n law looking the last time you saw him? Piecap: Straight down the barrel. Another! As the managing editor of a newspaper lay dying lie sent for a sunorainaie, asKca lor dummy sheets, began laying out the paper., When he featured his own kick-I- n with an eight column banner and a cut on page one the protested. You have always said that news paper men are the poorest copy in the world," he argued. Fooll replica tue editor, "wnen this comes out I won't be a news paper man." Oh, Well The Kimegas were simply en thralled with the beauty of a Sigma A saxophone and Chi serenade. ukelele aided and abetted the The song efforts of the vocalists. sters were unwise, however, in their choice of position. Since they stood beneath the windows of Lamda Chi and since the Lamda Chls evident ly had not a true appreciation of good music the Sigma Chis were shortly well doused with a of water, tossed from the second floor of the Lamda Chi house. For a moment It seemed that hostllltis would follow but a delegation which entered the house to investigate the matter eventually arbitrated. Terms were not made public. . Oar Racket All of our fatherly and motherly friends all none of them have asked us what we Intend to do when we graduate from this university. We have a label new racket. When we get big we are going to New York and rent a hole in the village. It will be In and we will never speak above a whisper in our conversations with clients. The chairs will be soft and inviting and our fee will be a Century. The door will bear a y, scarlet lettered sign, "William Scandalist" EDITORS ASKED TO COOPERATE' several gentlemen working on the freshly plowed front yard. We were curious that they should be working at that time, and so, walking toward the yard we found that they were not S. A. E.s at all. When we asked' what they were doing they briefly replied, "Sowing wild onion seeds." MAY WE 0nk INTRODUCE.. A gavel made from a niece of Schools of Journalism and. oak taken from the original build- American Newspaper Tress! ing that housed the first medical to Work Together for Com- - college In the state was presented Stucker to Dr. T. J. lnv Dr J mon interests nay cnarman of thc Faycttc OUKSS WHO? A- Fear prompts the writer to re- lTain from mentioning names, but County Medical society at its 1 nope tnIs llttlc Puzzlc wl not Closer cooperation between thc monthly meeting last night Thc National Editorial Association andlmeetlng was held In'room 111. Mc- - fnx .tnc bralns of the student body ' thc American Society of Newspaper Vcy hall, The subject .under djscuwlon Dr. G. P. Sprague read a paper Editors, on the one hand, and thc American Association of School. and Departments of Journalism and cllssocj oy Doctor Miner, Doctor tnlnk llc bears thc title of president, the American Association of Teach- - stucky and Doctor Ferguson, head Hc ,s nls0 responsible for that no- or tue veterans bureau. This was ' " fi. J ,r followed by a technical paper on holding, the ofllce of editor. This three representatives of each of "Tiibcrculosls MfniniriHe1' whirh wnq, means tnai ne is one or mat li- lustrious group called Sigma Delta these four national organizations, read by Dr. C. M. McKinlay, at a meeting held In Cleveland, O., Visitors to the meeting included Chi, honorary Journalistic fraternity. As an honor man he is a April 4. Doctor White, Doctor Dimmlck, of Cross, "wc recommend to the organ the psychology department and member of Lamp and senior and ball lzatons which this Joint committee Mr. Leggctt from Transylvania Col- also chairman of the committee. represents that they advance, by lege. The meeting was attended by And has hc a way with the lades! act, in every proper man more than CO doctors from Fayette word and ner, a greater degree of coopera county and three from Bourbon Only this morning he was offering advice on thc best way to call girls tion between schools of Journalism county. in uoya nan, suggesting tne long and the press," the statement reads. distance phone as private in Wc look 'forward ito the day vcrsation and where no one can every newspaper will make when disturb even If you wish to talk 15 It Its business to know what the m or 20 minutes. We could hardly rO rUbllSh schools of Journalism are doing, and term him a gentleman as he seems when every school of Journalism to will go out of its way to know what The board of student publications, bad prefer brunettes and that's a sign. Some even say that he newspapers are doing. We com meeting at 4 o clock Wednesday afmend the practice which has grown ternoon in McVey hall, elected reads story books such as "Alice In Wonderland." but then vou can't up in some states, directed and William Ardery editor and Coleman applied so far as possible whereby R. Smith business manager of the believe everything you hear. newspaper editors and school of summer edition of The Kernel. We must say that he dresses in Journalism authorities go over the William Ardery Is a Junior In the the best of taste, always looking like list of graduating classes and ar- Arts and Sciences College, a mem a fashion plate. Blue shirts and range as far as possible for the ber of Phi Delta Theta fraternity, tics predominate which we believe he wears to emphasize the blue-gre- y placement of graduates. of the Kentucky and president of his eyes. One day he forNeed Trained Workers Intercollegiate Press Association. got his belt the Impending disaster We recognize the increasing de Coleman Smith is a member of the might have wrecked his costume. mand of newspaper organizations Delta Tau Delta" fraternity, a sopho Some favorite extracts from his for college trained workers. We be- more In the College of Commerce, speech are: for crying out lieve it the proper mission and obli and is the present business man- loud. What "Awl you are going to do, gation of schools of Journalism to ager of The Kernel. quarrel over a couple of words? supply that demand. To that end At' thc meeting Wednesday the We'll have a spelling bee." we believe that the basic education contract for the engraving in the With the suggestion of golf, for newspaper work should be in 1932 Kentuckian was given to Jahn it's such courss and such mental equip and Oilier, of Chicago, but the "Why don't you go out to the Pica- dome pasture?" ment as are generally recognized board postponed the awarding of as the requirements for a bachelor's the printing of the Kentuckian Any slurring remarks on the home degree, specifically directed to the until a later date. ' town are met with, "Awritel Pipe problems of newspaper service. down back there or us Swedes will 'We believe that such college TRIANGLES ATTEND MEETING wipe up with you." training, so directed, should be supSomeone tried to be funny and plemented by specific instruction in kid him about the crummy looking B. Dicker, superintendent the fundamentals of newspaper of Mr. J. in the College of Engineerbaseball team that visited us this shops service, its mission and obligations, ing, W. L. Albert, president of Ken- week. its history, its ethics, with special tucky chapter of Triangle fraterni"Just wait until you see the brand regard for the definition and de- ty, and G. J. O'Roark, of ball they play," he said, which velopment of news, and In the pracwill leave Lexington, Wedneswas sad but true. tical art of newspaper work with day, April 29, for Chicago to attend Needless to say he is frame Ra laboratory equipment, to afford the annual convention of Triangle practice and training for the small fraternity, Thursday, Friday and cine. Wisconsin a fact about which paper as well as the large. Saturday, April 30, May 2, at the he Is very proud. Edgewater Beach hotel. Mr. DickShe He Just smiled at me. My dear, are you er will deliver the principal address Carroll F. He That's nothing. tired? I laughed at the banquet to be held Saturday out loud the first time I saw you. Margart M. No, only fatigued. night. and Smith Kernel, Well Rather White One of the few gentlemen on the campus received an invitation to one of the formals with the name Inscribed thereon. of wash-o- ut When one of his friends, who did not know the girl, asked him for a with her he told him that he was sorry but that he would not give one, even to his worst enemy. As Ye Sow We were passing the sacred portals of Sigma Alpha Epsiloh very late the other night when we saw 652ii Brown and White . . . Black and White . . . Tan and Eggshell CONTRAST A W in the name of 'BHjfljfljflJr i SPORT Ordinary Occurrences Early was again wrong about Shipwreck-- he SUMMER It occurs to us that the campus was only vacationing.... that the Favorite Kappas failed in what they fondly termed "a clever political move" in the W. S. G. A. election.... that the two dances Saturday evening will be so crowded that one will be fortunate even to get inside the ballrooms. .. .that the derby is coming . the May Queen nominees take themselvs entirely too seriously that the Stroller revue will be one of the best things Lexington has ever seen.... that we have a track team.... that! we have not missed plugging Riley and ourselves a single time this semester.... tnac we can forgive people for talking about the weather when It Is extra ordinarily had... or good... that we have spent the last tnree anemoons in uproarious laughter.... that we hate to laueh too much because we have noticed that truly smart people never do. SHOES $5 and $6 ACTUAL STYLES PICTURED Bravo! Line of the month to Dick Moore, who, when asked at a formal if there were anyone whom he would like to meet replied. "No thank you, I know too damn many now." MAIL ORDERS FILLED THE GIRL WITH A ROSE Your foot is flattered and your style Tightness assured if you wear our really stunning, new spectator sport shoes. They are copies of very costly French and English creations, and you'll recoznize their worth as soon as you see their Just when we had begun to believe that there were no more ladles who truly deserve the inestimable honor of receiving one of our roses marriage and we have another again, dear children, the Kappas munch their gum with a worried munch. Lois Adams Nightingale Adams is awarded the rose this week because she is what the Kappa Sigs would term "a swell looking gal;" because she Is dramatic In everything, tehe does and is therefore interesting; because she often has been the Chi Omega nominee for campus beauty honors; becauso she has never attempted to HOARD ASKS FOR NEW BIDS cultivate a wide circle of masculine admirers; because she is the sort of The university board of trustees girl who looks well In an AP photo; Is asking for new bids for the conbecause she Is sometimes too enstruction of a beef cattle barn. All tirely engrossed with Roddy to previous bids have exceeded $1500, speak to us. the amount appropriated by the state legislature for this purpose. Fortune Teller (to motorist) I Members of the committee which warn you, a dark man is about to will act upon all new bids are Dr. cross your path. Frank L. McVey, Dean Thomas P. Nancy G. (ardent motorist) Cooper, and Judge R. O. Stolb Better warn the dark man I distinctive details. s 1m at m mm m1 aw a B00TERIE "Beautiful Shoes 139 West Main