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Best THE KENTUCKY vrcnNEU PAGE SIX Former College Gridders thejjjj Lead in Professional Game ! ! Seen From Press Box Ed Conboy 5 js Baseball has taken the attention of the mob. for the present time. Coach Devcrcux and his Wildcats lost the opening tilts to Wisconsin but Kentucky may yet have a winner. They they are not disheartened. have some good players and look like a great ball club at times. Tennis started off with a bang Tuesday when Dr. H. H. Downing ond his U. of K. racquetecrs walloped St. Xavler. Tennis has come to the front In recent years under the tutelage of Professor Downing and the local boys have always acquitted themselves In admirable fashion whenever they play. Coach Downing Is known to be an authority on stars and when It comes to tennis stars, picks them like an expert or makes them to his likeness. The Kentucky High School Athletic Association voted down the proposal to establish a czar for Kentucky high school basketball teams. When the opportunity presented Itself, the association passed it up. Maybe they had good reasons. The committee proposed a budget of $9,000 for the salary and expenses of the commissioner. The proposal was to take 15 per cent of the gross gate receipts from the district and regional tournaments, to give the competing teams 50 per cent and the host schools 35 per cent; to put membership fees on a sliding scale, ranging from $5 to $18; to take over the state tournament. In 29 of the 33 district meets, and six of the eight reglonals, it was Unfound that the 29 districts had a gross gate receipt of $30,000. der the present system, competing teams receive nearly $20,000 and the host schools receive $10,000. The amount credited to competing teams Includes that spent for entertainment and traveling expenses. Ten meets failed to pay all traveling expenses and some did not pay any to visiting teams. Under the new plan, competing schools would receive $15,000, host schools, $10,500, and the association would receive $4,500. The loss to teams would be about $4,000. To the host it would be about $500. Cmparing the regional gate of $10,000 competing, teams get more than $5,000 and host schools get a little more than $3,000. Under the proposed plan, it would be more than $5,000 for competing teams; $3,000 for hosts and $1,500 to the association. as an atWrestling's comc-bne- k tendance impelling sport has been rs due to new faces among the who had appeared so often that their contortions had become too familiar to those who regard grappling bouts as something to attend. Most of the new drawing Don George, cards arc Giis Sonncnbcrg, and Jim McMil-lc- n arc in that category. Except for McMlllcn, a really great football player, we do not happen to remember Just how far the other two were prominent at the colleges to which they arc attributed, but the collegiate handle, at any rate, has proved good publicity. In this connection, when Strangler Lewis was being advertised as from the University of Kentucky, The Wake wrote the dean there to know Just what courses Lewis had taken and whether he had received a degree. The reply was that Lewis, so far as the dean could find, never had matriculated, but he naively added, "He may have walked through the gymnasium some time." We are not implyng any such collegiate standing to the trio named, but we do wonder why collegians are more readily accepted by crowds at wrestling shows. Probably they inspire more confidence. That would be- - answer enough. If this confidence Is deserved, they might improve the tone of the sport. Yet we always have doubted whether a newcomer could get far on the mat without conforming to the amenities of the herd. Now how should those of us who would wish a greater future for a collegian than becoming a professional athlete we are not speak KANSAS RELAYS TO BE HELD TOMORROW Another proposal to the association was the abolition of girls basketball. The 500 teams that have feminine cohorts In competition voted for continuance of this sport. A remarkable feature of the brand of ball played In Kentucky is the use of boys' rules. This makes it a good game, faster, just as clean and makes for sportsmanship and thrills the fans. That's what they want action, and plenty of It. Friday, April SEMI-WEEKL- Y ing now of the profession of coaching and physical training -r- egard this migration to mat ranks? Already Joe Savoldl of Notre Dame, Band Brudcr of Northwestern, Buck Weaver of Chicago, ond others have been attracted to what looks like easy money. Our viewpoint Is liberal. If a collegian Is skillful enough to rise quickly and collect In a year or two as much money as he could save otherwise In a decade, let him go ahead, If he wishes, and can Then let stomach his company. him quit with his money and "keep it." There always is great danger that he will not quit in time .or that he wll not keep his money. "easy money" is more difficult to keep. the collenlan Is only mediocre If as a wrestler, he had better stay out of it, lest he become what has been described as an "athletic bum." Mind you, Wakers, wc are not approving entering pro wrestling. We merely feel that is up to me individual. If he has financial cmer-cenc- v to meet that Is his privilege, Several noted Big Ten football players went into pro football to obtain funds to continue their studOne Triies In law or medicine. bune trophy winner was among the Others have gone into number. pro football and Just "drifted." That is the dancer. That professional wrestling ever will rise to the plane of sportsmanship expected in campus sports is unlikely, no matter how many men enter. Thus, whether the college entrant benefits or sufrom his ffersIn the long run himself. The venture is largely up to chances are against him. The Wake, Chicago Tribune. TENNIS LEADS IN INTRAMURAL SPORTS 17, 1931 Varsity Track Team Preps For Vandy Meet Saturday last fall, Is a finished runner and Is well mated with O'Bryant. By J. D. ADAMS university track team will Intramural spring sports havp The the Vandcrbllt thlnlics on For the two mile grind the Cats commenced and the first round of meet field Saturday afternoon at will have Burrcss, who ran away tne diamond ball competition has Stoll Last Saturday the 'Cats from the Louisvillians last week; 2 o'clock. been turned In.' A total of BR4 r noon Is entered In the five events with tennis heading the list wim 230 entrants, dlampnd ("ball coming next with 210, horseshoes 199, golf 133, and track 106. Golf has been gaining favor with the fraternities since it was Instituted and this spring it has reached a new high mark. The 106 track entrants will see action on May 2, at 12:30 when they will have their first meet. The first rounds of the tennis and horseshoe competition are due April 17, and must be in at that time, according to C. W. Hackensmith, intramural director. The results of the first round of diamond ball are: Sigma Chi defeated Sigma Beta Xi. Phi Psl Phi forfeited to Triangles. Phi Sigma Kappa defeated Delta Chi. Sigma Alpha Epsilon defeated Alpha Gamma Rho. Pi Kappa Alpha defeated Kappa Alpha. Kappa Sigma defeated Phi Kappa Tau. Lambda Chi Alpha defeated Delta Tau Delta. Sigma Nu forfeited to Phi Delta Theta. Policeman (to intoxicated man who Is trying to fit the key to a lamp post) I'm afraid there's nobody home there tonight. Jlmmle Mus' be, mus' be, thersh a light upstairs. Physical Education Department To Give Gymnasium Exhibition Under the direction of W. H. Hansen, instructor in the physical education department, the students in the physical education department will present at 8 o'clock Saturday night a colorful and gigantic exhibition of the various phases of work that are taught during the A band, under the diyear. rection of Elmer G. Sulzer, will provide a musical accompaniment for all of the drills and exhibitions with the exception of the boxing, fencing and wrestling. There will be 250 students included In the exhibition and the entire physical education staff will cooperate with Mr. Hansen in this Members of novel entertainment. the physical education department Hackensmith, are: Potter, Hansen, Jones, Applebaum, Mrs. R. L. Stout anri mim Rpbecca Averui. An exhibition of this sort has never been attempted at ine university before this time, but similar remlar nlace in the school year of the northern and eastern universities, in mose um' vnrHHoc: whpre thev have such ex hibits they are always received with approval. Those In cnarge are e&pecmuj anxious to have the townsfolk witness the performance in order that they may know whether to continue the practice from year to year. If the occasion meets with the approval of the spectators, Mr. Hansen announced, the physical education department will produce similar entertainment in the fu ture years. The events on the evening's en defeated the University of Louisville track team, while the Commodores jof Vandy were burying of Southwestern the tracksters under an avalanche of points. The Commodores will be out for blood as they are still smarting 9 defeat the 'Cats under the handed them last year. Tomorrow the Wildcats will face a greatly Improved team, as the Commodores are stronger in every department. The ace of the Vanderbllt team, Thurman, a sprinter will be remembered for the fine race he ran against Kelly last year. Kelly and Hebcr will have to step some Saturday If they come up to the mark that Thurman has established, hav-ln- c covered the century in 10 flat. The rest of the Commodore squad Is unknown, but a close meet is expected. Coach Shlvely said yesterday that he has the most evenly balanced team he has ever had in the four vears that he has guided the des tinies of the Wildcat thinlles. With Kelly back in the lineup, the 'Cats are Indeed a formidable Ice ror any team. Keny ana tieoer ran the century this week in 10.1 seconds which is fast time for the Kentucky track. With the addition of Kelly, and Foster in better form, the 230 yard dash is well cared for. If Kelly can equal his last year's time of 22.4 for this event, it is as good as won. The 'Cats will be handicapped in the 440 by the loss of Mllliken, ace who Injured of the quarter-miler- s, his heel and probably will not be able to participate in the meet sat urday. In his stead Coach Shlvely will start Hays who has traveled the distance in 53.2, and Foster, The half mile will be amply tak en care of by the veteran "Jake" O'Bryant, and Saunders, a promis ing sophomore who won the half is at the Falls City last week-en- d going great and will give O'Bryant hard fight to win a first place Saturday. In the mile run ihe 'Cats are well fortified, having O'Bryant and Baker to represent them. Baker, who won the intramural cross-count- and one other man who will be picked from several candidates to accompany Burrcss. Shipley and Emmerich will scale the high barriers for the Blue and White, both having given a good account of themselves in the preseason training work. Their beat time has been 16.5. Williams and Wleman arc doing the low hurdles In 27 seconds and will take several points from the Black and Gold, if they run true to form. In the high Jump, "Scaly Roberts" will be out there trying to eqa) his high school record when he topped the bar for six feet and the state scholastic record. Roberts has been improving rapidly and may complete his come back. His beet recent jump has been 5 feet and IB inches. Out of the four pole vaulters in the Wildcat camp only two will be available for the meet Saturday. Hubbcll, having had a death in his family, will not be present SatGiburday. Wednesday, son's pole broke while he was In the air and he suffered a badly bruised neck and chest and will not take part in the meet. Turley and Porter will represent the 'Cats in the meet. Their best height is 10.9. The 'Cats have three stellar broad Jumpers who have all jumped over Kelly and Yates doing 22 (feet. ne around 22 feet, and Freddie lifted himself 22 feet, 4 inches for the best distance he has ever done. The discus throw rests in capable hands for Tuttle is throwing the metal disc over 120 feet and may reach his form of last year when he tossed the discus 128 feet. Andrews also shows up well in this event. Seale shows improved form throwing the. iron in the shot-pu- t, pill 39.1 feet Andrews also is doing well in the shot-pu- t. The Vanderbllt relay team, one of the best in the South will give the Kentucky thinlles a stiff battle. Vanderbllt has an undefeated relay team record that has not been broken for 15 years. The men, who will represent Kentucky are Kelly, Saunders, Foster, and Hayes (or Lawrence, Kas., April 1U The entry list of the ninth annual Kansas relays Saturday, including the decathlon competition this afternoon and Saturday morning, revealed today that 717 athletes from Parrent). 23 universities, 2 colleges, and 8 Junior colleges will compete. tertainment are: What should be done is the initiation of this sport in colleges. Girls , Despite the loss of several hun1. Marching and calls thentica. abolition of by who play in high schools could prepare themselves for competition on dred entrantsevents the (Potter's class) this year, the high school 'EM! college varsities. The average co-e- d spends as much time in athletics total is nearly equal to umk oi a 2. Indian club drill. This is pre sented bv a class under the direc and usurps as much energy in other outside sports as the game of basket- year ago. tion of C. W. Hackensmith and will ball would require of them. More girls basketball and just as good 343 in University CbuK be a novelty feature with decorated looking "gals" is what we would like to see in the future. There are 343 athletes entered in clubs. col the university class, 312 in the novelty 3. Tumbling. Another MONDAY NIGHTS 8:15 P. M. to lb:15 P. M. 62 in the junior Adolph Rupp has gone to Chicago where he plans to schedule some of lege class, and The schools reprenumber in the form oz ugnt rope college class. WED., THUR., FRI. NIGHTS 8:15 P. M. to 9:15 P. M. t's walking and club juggling. (Hack best outfits for next season. Rupp is trying to get a sented are from all sections of the the ensmith's class) game with Yale, Indiana, and other strong Northern teams. Notre country. 4. Group and sole, cmnces. This Competes for Atiueuc uiud AT THE Dame will play on the Kentucky floor in 1932. act is under the direction of the 100 yard dash to The race in the women's physical education. The gain the title of Cy Leland, Texas, During the Easter vacation, the National Association of Basketball Christian star, wno is not entereu, first part of the group is a minuet court dance in costume. The second Coaches met in New York. Adolph Rupp, coach of the Wildcats attended will apparently lie between Allen number is a solo dance by Miss the convention. Many recommendations were made. Those which were East of Chicago, Zach Ford oi Loughrldge. Joe accepted by the committee will probably be added to the bylaws of na- Northwestern, Ralph Sickle and 5. Apparatus in three parts, under Klaner of Kansas, and ueorge tional basketball playing rules. the direction of Hansen, Potter, and Smutny of Nebraska. ' Hackensmith. Charles Kenndy of Princeton addressed the convention criticizing competition in Jim Bausch. whose 1. Horizontal bar. the coaches severely. Doctor Kennedy said: the relays will be confined to the 2. Parallel tar. Ohio the afternoon of April 17 WHERE COLLEGE FOLKS GO, TO DINE 3. Horse. "Coaches were in a measure to blame for the increasing poor sports- decathlon following morning, will be and the 6. Boxing, wrestling, and fencing. AND REFRESH THEMSELVES IN COMFORT manship of cage fans. He urged them and their players to be more unable to renew his duel with Hugh This will be without music and will lenient with officials and to avoid any demonstration that would arouse Rhea of Nebraska for honors in nrms and cats went scurrying to be a drill of fundamental combative the shotput. Bausch, as the ace of the crowd. principles. A general bout will Originators of 1931's Refreshing Drink K. U.'s 1930 Bie Six outdoor track their hiding places over uiu wcw "Time and again I've seen a coach, by jumping to his feet when a champions, regretted his inability end and especially Sunday after' follow. 7. A clown dance in costume with ap decision went against his team, cause the entire crowd to hiss the offi to beat Rhea out in tne snoiput at nnnn whpn seniors made their Hansen In charge. the 1930 Kansas relays, although he pearance on Athen's streets and the cial and make life miserable for him the remainder of the evening." There will be no admission charge lowered the big Nebraskan's colors campus's pathways swinging their and everyone is urged to attend. al Kennedy urged the assembled mentors to take an active part at Drake and Texas during the sea Dr. if vou haven't noticed in curbing antagonism toward officials, declaring that basketball actually son. Bausch will be compelled to ready, they step out nice inis mc is in danger of extinction unless there is an improvement in the attitude abandon K. U. colors as the result one, two, three, lour, ana men pavements. ineligible by of the fans. He blamed the professional game for the increasing of his being declared will compete cane hits the Union" Foraker, and Maurice "Men's the athletic board breaches of sportsmanship among the spectators. Eugene boss, for the Kansas City Athletic ciud, nrstwhile Dolltical "It actually has gotten to where the home fans cheer the errors of There's another question, apart "Steve" Cotter, senior class first of who'll win the races, man and Mike Graban, sports au visiting team," he said. from that the or tne thority, were the first to pose for Other speakers at the convention were Dr. F. C. Allen, of the Univer and that's "Who'll be queen relays?" of the Men's snapshots in sity of Kansas; Lewis Andreas of Syracuse, president of the Coaches Kansas feature, introduced by Dr. union Sunday front Just afternoon. a new 16 snapshots. Association; George Keogan, of Notre Dame; Dr. H. C. Carlson, of the Forrest C. "Phog" Allen, director of imagine, they took athletics, provides for the selection use for his University of Pittsburgh; Ed Wachter, of Harvard; John Murray, Eas Graban found a new of a representative high school girl walking stick Sunday evening when (Continued on page 7) In the state of Kansas as queen of he was attacked by two ferocious the carnival. hounds. "I had to hit them over 500 Schools in Contest the head to keep them from biting hundred high schools have me." Graban exclaimed alter tne Five been invited to name their candi- attack. dates, basing their selections on Now "Pooll" Ohio's most prom scholarship, personality, leadership, inent canine character runs in the athletic ability, and appearance. It opposite direction when he sees a is suspected that the greatest of senior cane. The Green and White. these will be appearance, although visiting athletes and fans will have no share in the voting. Nomines for queen will come to On K. E. A. LawTence for the final judging. Losing candidates will form a court of honor for the victorious girl. The program at the K. E. A. Seven college, and university relay meeting in Louisville this week-en- d en have an easy teams an dat least two indivduals includes speeches by several memare expected to defend their meet bers of the university faculty. Dr. INCOMPARABLE STYLE, ABLY SUPPORTED EY time of it at our shop! Our records established last season. Frank L. McVey Is attending the The University of Illinois quar meeting nad tonight will preside selection of new Florsheim ELEGANCE AND THE ELEMENTS ESSEN Tft L ter mile relay quartet set a record at one of the sessions. Prof. M. E. Licon. nrofessor of of 41 seconds last season. Indiana Shoes is wide and smart relay rec secondary education, will speak this , AND DISTINGUISHED USAGE. TO SATISFACTORY established the four mile ord of 18:03.4, and Marquette won afternoon at 2 ociock on "rroies-slon- al enough to offer you a pleasbefore the deStandards" the distance medley In 10:28.7, a partment fo secondary education. new mark. ing freedom of choice no At the same hour, Dr. J. E. Adams In the college class teams and 880 yards, head of the .department of rural records they set are: no matter what your size, Oklahoma Baptist university, 1:27.5; and elementary schools will speak mile, Oklahoma Baptist university, on "Factors of Successful Teaching your style preference, or 3:21; two miles, Kansas State in Elementary Schools." At 2:30 o'clock yesterday after Teachers, 8:02.4; and distance med noon. Prof. J. B. Holloway spoke particular needs may be . . . ley, Wichita university, 10:37.9. on "Relations Between Commercial Warne Holds Pole Vault Mark Ciltzenship Education" before Tom Warne of Northwestern and section on commercial educaholds the' pole vault mark of 13 the tion. Prof. A. J. Lawrence, of the SEVEN DOLLARS inches. Warne has been College of Commerce, will deliver feet 9 MoStSiylest$9-$IO-$- ll handicapped by an injury this sea- the report of the research commitOTHERS UP TO TWENTY son and may have to give first place tee before the commercial education to a rival. group. University of Il Lee Sentman, AGENTS IN THE PRINCIPAL CITIES OF THE UNITED STATES linois, will defend his high hurdles ANNOUNCED CONVOCATION record of 14.6 seconds against a powerful field, which is likely to of W. A. Sutton, superintendent Include Jack Keller of Ohio State. schools at Atlanta, Ga., and presiKeller defeated Sentman in an out- dent of the National Education THE FINCHLEY HAT door meet last winter, but the Il Association, will be tho speaker at FOUND HUH EXCLUglTOLY WILL linois star evened the count In the the next convocation of university R-- s. Big Ten games. students to be held at 9 o'clock Iaearptrated Ossle M. Solem, director of ath Wednesday morning, April 22, in U HOttHBM SHOE ftOUC'oathaatrtvtryTuetdaynlghl NBC Network letics at Drake University, will Memorial hall. Doctor Sutton's ow fsobmx w&im muti referee the Kansas carnival. subject has not yet been announced. f ,ivwaw"war. SEE 'EM! HEAR THE LEXINGTONIANS University of Seniors Carry Canes The Lemon Flop THE FLORSHEIM SHOE Faculty Members Program Baynham Shoe Co. K tou t 4 THORPE uhmcton sons orrouu