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No. 96 "Seventeen Months of the American Liberty League: Report of Jouett Shouse, President of the American Liberty League, to the Executive Committee and National Advisory Council of the League, Meeting in Joint Session, January 25, 1936

Part of Jouett Shouse Collection (American Liberty League Pamphlets),

Pamphlets Ava1lable ir it ik Copies of the following pamphlets and other League literature may be obtained upon application to the Leagues national Sgvgntggn Mgnthg gf headquarters : Statement of Principles and Purposes American Liberty LeagueIts Platform The Bonus A Inflation The Thirty Hour Week The Holding Company Bill Price Control The TVA Amendments The Supreme Court and the New Deal * * * The Presidents Tax Program Expanding Bureaucracy Lawmaking by Executive Order New Deal Laws in Federal Courts Consumers End the AAA DD8el'09 Perimentaljon R8 ort of ouett Shouse P iden Economic Planning--Mistaken But Not New ih A L, , rcs t of Work Relief e merncan nberty League, to the The AAA and Our Form of Government Executive Committee and National Alternatives to the American Form of Govern- Advisory Council of the League, ment A Program {gr Congress Meeting i Jeint Session. The 1937 Bu get t as ' . . Professors and the New Deal a W hmgtoui D C The President Wants More Power (leaflet) Jrv 25 1936 Straws Which Tell How to Meet the IssueSpeech by W. E. Borah Breathing Spel1sSpeech by Iouett Shouse The Duty of the Lawyer in the Present Crisis- Speech by James M. Beck The Constitution and the Supreme Court- Speech by Borden Burr Our Growing National Debt and Inflation-- Speech by Dr. E. W. Kemmerer C4 Inflation is Bad BusinessSpeech by Dr. Neil Y 4* Carothers J` \ Arousing Class PrejudicesSpeech by Jouett E ago , g Shouse " "" y The Fallacies and Dangers of the Townsend Try L\V PlanSpeech by Dr. W. E. Spahr . ' What of 1936?Speech by Iames P. Warburg Americanism at the CrossroadsSpeech by R. E. 4 Desvernine The Constitution and the New DealSpeech by A Iames M. Carson The American Constitution-Wh0se Heritage?- Speech by Frederick H. Stinchfield g Th; Americiags F orm if Government-Let Us ii _ reserve t peech y Albert C. Ritchie C The Redistribution of PowerSpeech by John AMERICAN LIBERTY LEAGUE TW. lzavgi h b D N l C h National Headquarters 1me o o peec y r. ei arot ers V The President Has Made the Issue--Speech by NATIONAL PRESS BUILDING Charles I. Dawson WASHINGTON, D. C. * AMERICAN LIBERTY LEAGUE * NATIONAL PRESS BUILDING * WASHINGTON, D. C. Document No. 96