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2 > Image 2 of The Kentucky Kernel, February 17, 1928

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

PAGE TWO THE KENTUCKY KERNEL ALUMNI PAGE Subscribe for THE KERNEL And Help the Association Published By And For University Alumni ALUMNI ASSOCIATION of THE UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY ALUMNUS IS CHIEF OF RESERVE STAFF Col. Clarence R. Day, 1893, PRESIDENT-Jam- Mrs. Rodes Estill, '21 Raymond SECRETARY-TREASURE- R Is Named Chief of Staff of 103rd Division of Reserves; Stationed at Denver. Park, 'IS es L. Kirk, '24 Col. Clarence R. Day, who was at one time a student at the University of Kentucky and a member of the class of 1893, recently has been appointed chief of the One Hundred and Third Division of the organized re- ANNOUNCEMENTS University of Kentucky Club of Greater Cincinnati: Luncheon at noon on first Saturday in each month at Industrial Club, Pike Madison avenue, Covington, Ky. NoteWill the officers of other Alumni Clubs please send us the dates and places of their regular meetings. ALL MAKES Edited by TYPEWRITERS RAYMOND KIRK Secy.-Trea- s. Alumni Assn. Special Rental Rates to Students serves, according to word that has come to the many Lexington friends of Colonel Day. After leaving the University of Kentucky Colonel Day received an appointment to the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York. He was graduated from the Academy with the class of 1897. He immediately entered the United States Army and is just now rounding out 30 years of service. He has been stationed in various Army posts in the West. After the n War he was assigned to duty with the Army of Occupation in Cuba. He later was transferred to Hawaii. During the World War hi was in charge of the American aviation activities overseas. For the past two years he has been stationed at San Antonio, Texas. Ilis new headquarters will be located in Denver, Colo., where he will make his home. Colonel Day is related to a large number of Kentucky people and many of them, like himself, are graduates or former students of the University of Kentucky. He is one of several alumni of the university who have chosen the Army as careers and who .have attained important posts and high commissions in this branch of the service. Colonel Day already has assumed his new duties and is now located in Denver. a HELP FOR THE Opp Courthouse Progress of Intercollegiate Sport at State College Up to 1915 As Told by First Coach Will Be Run As Serial. Editor's Note BIRTHS John B. Nelson III. Mr. and Mrs. John B. Nelson, of Princeton, N. J., have announced the birth of a son who was born January 25, 1928. He has been named John PCEER WEST SHORT ST. Phone 17f2 When you need a car for business or social affairs RENT A By PROF A. M. MILLER. A. M. CHRYSLER Professor Miller has to depend upon his memory, the files of the local papers and a few other records for data for this history. The records are often found incorrect and no doubt inaccuracies have crept in. Dr. George H. Wilson, '04 Walter Hillenmeyer, '11 In order to make the history as correct and complete as possible, ProfesWayland Rhodes, '15 Dr. E. C. Elliott, '02 sor Miller and the editors of the Win. H. Townsend, 12 Wilsem, '13 W. Brockway Nelson III. Mrs. Nelson Alumnus would appreciate any corbefore her marriage was Miss Mary rections that can be made by those Marshall Graves, of Lexington, Ky. into whose hands this may come. Organized athletics had its beginShe was graduated from the University of Kentucky with the class of ning in the old A. and M. College of ALUMNI 1921, with the degree of B. S. in in- Kentucky during the fall of 1892. Previous to that year occasional dustrial chemistry. She was married We are reproducing below a new form of information blank October 5, 1925. She and her hus- games of baseball had been played of the Unifor the use of members of the Alumni Association band live at Princeton, N. J., where between teams of the various colversity. leges in the state, but there was no This blank we hope will aid us in obtaining complete their address is 16 Pelham avenue. Intercollegiate Association and no information from every member of the Alumni Association. rules governing eligibility, etc. This information is most needed at this time when we are trying of Tulsa, Okla. He has offices at 704 No games of college football had In this new directory we to issue a new Alumni Directory. Building, Tulsa. He been played in the state previous to want to have every address and all the information as correct was married to Miss Ruth Croft in the fall of '91. In that year Centre For this reason we are asking as we possibly can make it. 1919, and they have one daughter, College employed a gymnasium and every one of you to fill out this new blank and mail it in to us. Helen, who is nine years old. one W. Durant athletic director Do this regardless of any previous information blank that you Berry whose previous training had We know that there are a may have sent in even recently. William Charles Rudd, B. M. E. been in Y. M. C. A. gymnasium work. 1913, M. E. 191C, Is assistant engineer He was in fact one of "Stagg's Christlot of you who are married, still others who are the proud parwith the Water Supply Department of ian Workers" squa'd. ents of children and neither of these facts have been noted on Detroit, Mich. His residence address He taught Centre College students Keeping the your record as an Alumnus of the University. is 8100 Warren avenue, Detroit. He to play the modern game of modified records in this office, which includes four different cards for has been an active member of the Rugby football. Toward the latter each one of more than 5,000 graduates and former students, is Alumni Association every year since part of the season, after he had no small job in itself. If we keep these cards up to date at he was graduated and has a place on "licked" a team into shape, a chalIn handall times there is enough work for several persons. our Roll of Honor. lenge was sent to the A. and M. Colling this many times we are very liable to make mistakes and lege (or State College as it was beto get behind, especially from those allow some of the records Daniel Shearer Stafford, LL. B. ginning to be called) for a game. We want to have a full, 1913, this year sent in his check for This was accepted by the students who are inactive in the Association. to the Association for the first even before any of them had any dues complete and correct record of every member of the Association time since 1920. He is Judge of the idea how the game was played. who is a paid up member, and for this reason 'we are asking you Municipal Court of Los Angeles, Cal., S. M. Potter, '92, and I. P. Shelby, to fill out the blank below and mail it right back to us. a court of record. His address is '92, were elected managers and J. I. Hall of Justice, Los Angeles, Cal. Bryan captain. The game was played at the01d her graduation, she now has a promiHal Farnsworth Bryant, B. S. 1914, Baseball Park, out 'near the race nent place on our Roll of Honor. is a statistican with the United States track,, and resulted in a score (if I IS Department of Agriculture and is lo- have been informed correctly) of 10 .William Ewing Hobson, B. M. E. cated at 520 Customs House, Louis- to 0 in favor of Centre. The State 1913, is a mining superintendent and ville, Ky. His residence address is College team had no suits, other than When we first announced that we were going to publish the is located in Pond, W. Va., where he 14 Spring Drive. He was married what they had made for themselves history of athletics at the University on this page we did not is superintendent of one of the largMiss realize what a popular move it was going to be. We knew, of est mining operations in that district. to 1926. Elizabeth Claypool Hilleary by cutting off some of their old gray in He has been with the United unforms below the knees and stuffing He has been engaged in the produccourse, that most of you would enjoy it and that a few would States Department of Agriculture in at the knees for padding, sponges tion of coal since his graduation and be enthusiastic but we did not know that so many of you would graduation from the uni- or old grass. has held important positions with since his Now this is mighty sweet to write in and commend the move. versity. "When the team marched out ori the several large coal companies. us, and the more the merrier. we have said before, we are As field, the Centre team had to give Clarence Wilder Denham, B. S them some preliminary instruction in printing the series of articles 'in the subsequent issues of The Edgar Arrington Humphreys, B. C. 1914, is a civil and mining engineer regard to the rules of the game and Kernel exactly as they appeared in the Kentucky Alumnus of E., 1913, is an engineer with the C. and is with the Highsplint Coal Com show them how to "line up." HowWe have not changed the history in the least 1915 and 1916. C. C. and St. Louis Railway Company pany, of Highsplint, Ky. His address ever, before the first half was over, even to the editor's notes and the like. The first installment and is located in Cincinnati where his is Box 3, Harlan, Ky. He has been the one in which all the scoring was appears on this page, and the others will follow each week address is 4120 St. Williams avenue. with this company since 1920. He is done; the State College boys had until the series are completed. He has been with this company for another Alumnus on our Roll of Hon "caught on" to the game surprisingly the past eight years and has been an or. He has been active in the Asso well and though they could not them active member of the Alumni Asso- ciation ever since his graduation. selves score, having no plays or sig ciation during that time. nals, they were able to put up such O first to pay his dues. Henry Neal Marsh, B. S. 1914, is a defense that Centre could do no George Campbell Lewis, B. M. E., another Alumnus on our Roll of Hon more scoring. Tell Me John R. Foster, B. M. E. 1913, is 1913, is an official in the American or. He has been an active and paid In the spring of that year a base superintendent of the Chicago, Wil- Heating and Ventilating Corporation up member of the Alumni Association ball schedule was arranged with some Elizabeth Bedinger, A. B. 1913, is of Philadelphia, Pa. He has offices at evey year since he was graduated of the colleges and State College won mington and Franklin Mining Comanother Life Member of the AssociaRace street. His residence ad- He is a chemist with the Hercules from Central University (located at pany and is located in Herrin, 111. He 1505 tion who has been active every year has been in this position for the last dress is 812 Summit Grove avenue, Powder Company, of Wilmington, Richmond) "with ease" though losing She became eight years. Mr. Foster is another Bryn Mawr, Pa. Mr. Lewis is an- Del. His residence address is 2101 to K. U., 7 to 16. The State College since her graduation. other Alumnus who is on our Honor Gilles street, Wilmington. He has players were Burch (pitcher), a Life Member of the Association in Alumnus who has a place on our Roll Roll. He has been active ever since been Riley, Mulligan (now Dr. Mulwith this company for ten 1922. She now is teaching in the of Honor. He has been active in the his graduation. He is a ligan, of Lexington), Pottinger '92, Alumni Association each year since the American Society of member of years. High School at Kakersfield, Calif Mechanical Bennett, Scovell '92, Roberts '93, and Her address recently has been he was graduated, except those years Engineers, American Society of HeatHerbert Ray Masters, B. M. E Craig. K. U.'s players were Bray-toduring the World War when he serv- ing and Ventilating Engineers, and changed to 2331 Dracena street. 1914, is a drying engineer and is loGilmartin, Wallace, Evans, ed as captain in the Marine Corps. the Engineers' Club of Philadelphia. cated in Chicago. His residence is Ford, Perry, Briney and Hilton. lAlvin H. Colbert, B. M. E. 1913, is He has one son and one daughter. 911 Northeast avenue, Oak Park, 111. Soon after I came to the college in Inis Gillis, B. S. 1913, M. S. 1914, a sales engineer and is located at His offices are at 549 West Washing- the fall of 1892, a delegation of stu1047 Conway Building, Chicago, HI. now is Mrs. Arthur W. Hukle and William Henry McAdams, B. S. dents headed by Garred, '94, waited His residence address is 7455 Green-vie- lives in Rock Hill, S. C, where her 1913, M. S. 1914, is an assistant pro ton Boulevard, Chicago. on me while I was busy cleaning an Mr. Colbert husband is connected with the Evenavenue, Chicago. fessor of Chemistry at the Massa Hovey Duncan Palmore, B. C. E. old collection of fossils which had had been lost to us for some time ing Herald. Her address is 301 Col- chusetts Institute of Technology. His 1914, is a district engineer with the been through a fire in the basement when his address was sent to us. He lege avenue, Rock Hill, S. C. Mrs. address is Room M. I. T., Cam Kentucky State Highway Depart of the old Chemistry Building (then became a member of the Association Hukle is another Alumna with a per- bridge, Mass. He also is a consult ment. His address is 501 Murray the Experiment Station Building), last year after being inactive for ten fect record in the Association. Since ing chemical engineer with a Boston street, Frankfort, Ky. He has been and otherwise trying to get the new years. This year he was one of the he has been active each year since firm. an active and paid-up member of the Department of Geology in order, and Alumni Association each year since urged that I come out and teach them Daniel Whitaker Perry, B. M. E his graduation, and has a place on something about football. I consent1913, is teaching Bible in Bethel Col our Roll of Honor. ed, though my knowledge of the game lege at McKenzie, Tenn. His address consisted chiefly of what I had learn OUT YOUR ASSOCIATION is 223 Stonewall avenue. Mr. Perry Henry L. Spencer, LL. B. 1914, is ed from the side lines while a stu after being graduated from the Col- an attorney-at-laand has been lo- dent at Prniceton, and the only pre lege of Engineering of the Univer cated at Jackson, Ky., ever since he vious coaching I By This had done had been sity of Kentucky, began the practice was graduated from the university. while teaching at a girl's school in of his profession with the Westing- - He has been an active member of Pennsylvania Wilson College when, house Electric and Manufacturing the Alumni Association almost every at the request of the president, I Company and remained with this year during this time. taught the girls to play the game in BE SURE TO MAIL IT TO US company until 1922 when he entered somewhat modified form. It was the Bethel College and began studying Robert Presley Townsend, B. M. E. theory of the president of that insti for the ministry. After finishing 1914, this year sent in his check for tution that all girls ought to know there he held a pastorate in Pitts- dues and became an active member different positions of the game the as burg, Tenn., for a year, returning to of the Alumni Association after be- played so they would better underBethel College as a teacher. ing inactive for ten years. He now stand the fine points when they went, Degree Name ' ' Class is an engineer with the Whitaker as many of them did, down to John Wilson Porterm, B. S. 1913, is Glessner Company of Portsmouth, ton or Yale to see the big Prince games. Graduate Married a chemist with the American Steel Ohio. His address is 1828 Summit And that the only way to learn this . Yes Yes Foundries of Granite City, 111. His street. was by actually "getting into the No No residence address is 3524 North Gargame" themselves. rison avenue, St. Louis, Mo. He has Arthur Thomas Woodson, A. B, It happened that in the same year been an active member of the Alumni 1914, LL. B. 1916, is an attorney and I came to State College, ft one Gordon Association every year but once since member of the firm of Reed and Rog Grainger came to Lexington, having he was graduated from the univer- ers, Counselors at Law, Chicago, 111 about the same knowledge, or lack Maiden name of wife and date of marriage sity. His business address is 1222 South of knowledge, of the game that I had. Michigan avenue. He lives at 5202 He, being a lame man, knew the game Sylvan S. Price, B. S. 1913, is head Woodlawn avenue. He has been active only from experience on the side lines of the Land Department and Chief in the Association for the past eight He undertook to Occupation or Employment. ..Give name of firm, etc. initiate Kentucky Geologist for the Dixie Oil Company years. University into the mysteries of football. He wrote voluminous articles on the game for the daily newspapers and did indeed succeed in working Business Address up quite an interest in it. The State College team elected their best athlete, Will Hodby, '93, captain, The Alumni office would appreciate it if you would send into this and Kentucky University chose as Residence Address office addresses of any of the graduates listed below. their captain their best athlete, Charl ton Wallace. Hodby, '93, was prob Joseph Morrow, '99 ably the best athlete State College ever had. In the .local field day events the following spring he Name and Ages of Children. carried off the dash, 'made Leslie Hundley, '00 in 10 4 in his baseball shoes and clothes. He also won the pole vault, Note: Please give list of your clubs, lodges and honors. the hammer throw, and the runninc Give short outline of your life since leaving college. Thomas Almon Jones, '00 broad jump. After leaving State College ho pursued a medical course at Columbia University and a became a member of her crew a winning John Emerson Hestand, '00. crew for the first time. (To be continued). EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE STANDARD ATHLETIC HISTORY OF U. K. IS BEGUN OR CHEVROLET We cater to the university trade No deposits required from students. Commercial Co. Rent-A-C- ar 133 W. SHORT PHONE 3145 Spanish-America- HERE IT -- They Cafeteria Meal Hours Breakfast 7:00 to 8:15 11:45 to 12:45 5:30 to 6:00 Lunch Dinner Open between meals in the morning for Sandwiches, Milk, Hot Drinks, Candy and Ice Cream UNIVERSITY CAFETERIA Basement Administration Bldg- - Iri" SOUTHERN RAILWAY SYSTEM DIRECT LINE FROM LEXINGTON TO All Points in the NORTH, EAST, SOUTH AND WEST Cincinnati. New Orleans, Jacksonville, The Carolinas and Si. Louis Convenient Schedules to All Points For Tickets, Reservations, Descriptive Literature and Information, Communicate With CHAS. F. BIGELOW W. R. CLINKIN1SARD Division Passenger Agent City Ticket Ageat 118 East Main Street, Lexington, Ky. MMI Clay-com- b, LOOK! n, Bos-we- ll, Gold or Blue Seal UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY STATIONERY w HELP Filling Out 75c to $1.50 KENTUCKY PENNANTS AND BANNERS With University Seal $1.50 to $8.00 UNIVERSITY VU PACK 10c w Blank. 7 ALUMNI LOST LIST 100-ya- Campus Book Store Gym Building Three Reasons Why YOU SHOULD TRADE WITH US 1. QUALITY PRODUCTS 2. WHOLESALE PRICES 3. PROMPT DELIVERY We are the headquarters for fresh meats, chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, old hams, fresh eggs, and butter. Phone 4710 Moore-Disho- n Poultry Co. "Wholesale Prices to Fraternities"