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6 > Image 6 of The Kentucky Kernel, February 17, 1928

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

PAGE SIX THE KENTUCKY KERNEL "Where Difference Counts" MEAL TICKETS MUSIC THE $5.75 for $5.00 $2.25 for $2.00 LAIR By Toy Sandif er's Orchestra from 6:30 to Don't Forget Our Special Sunday Dinner For 50c Three Important Reasons Why You Should Eat Here BREAKFAST P.M. 8-3- 0 Phone 9191 For LUNCH DINNER Quick Delivery All Three Are of Quality and Quantity Georgia Tech Defeats Wildcats in Final Southern Conference Tilt, 35 to 31 two-thirTech center, gained the tip-oof the time, and when he failed to obtain it his fellow players were on hand to retrieve the ball. Georgia led at the half, 20 to 14. JENKINS IS STAR IN EXCITING Basketball Nears Close; Delts Surprise by Beating Sigma Nu Intra-mur- In the last few minutes of play GAME the Wildcats "began to exert themselves to the limit to gain points. As a result, they increased an eleven .The Golden Tornado of Georgia point advantage to four points just Tech swept to a 35 to 31 triumph before the final pistol fired. Captain over the University basketball team Jenkins was the star for Kentucky last Saturday night before 5,000 spec- and tallied nine of his team's points. tators, the largest crowd that has at- Jeffries was held to three points. tended a game here this season. The line-uThe Kentucky defeat was a sur- Kentucky (31) Georgia Tech (35) prise, since the "Wildcats were favored Combs (8) .. (2) Harris F. to win. Kentucky downed Vander-bi- lt Jeffries (3) (12) Player F. by 20 points, while Georgia only Milward (7) Heeke C. defeated the Tennesseans by 10 Jenkins (9) (6) Golden G. . points. G McGinnis (4) (8) George Kentucky was completely outclassSubstitutions: Kentucky McBray-e- r ed on the offense by the Tornado, (5), Dees, Owens (2). which presented such a formidable Referee Monroe Sweeney. defense that the Kentucky attack was repulsed consistently. In the first FAMOUS ALIBIS half the Wildcat players were compelled to shoot from long range with"I was doped," said the Hare when out much success. Combs was the only Kentuckian who succeeded in j he woke up and found that the tor- penetrating the opposing defense for toise had won the dead heat. "This is a conspiracy," said Julius crip shots. The Wildcats took the lead at the Caesar, as he saw the assassins whetbeginning of the game when Jeffries ting their knives. "More propaganda," shrugged the scored a free throw. Georgia then tallied four field goals before Ken- villagers, as the boy began shouting tucky was able to score again. Heeke, "Wolf" once too often. The basketball tournament is rapidly nearing a close. The recruits in division I to date are as follows: February 8 Sigma Alpha Chi 3; Phi Sigma Epsilon Alpha 20; February Kappa Tau Omega 9 Delta Chi Gamma Ep11; Sigma Chi Sigma Alpha silon 7; February 13 Gamma Epsilon 3; Epsilon Tau Phi Sigma Kappa AlOmega 18; Delta Chi pha 8. These are the results of division II: Delta February 8 Sigma Nu KapTheta 10; Kappa Sigma pa Tau 6; February 9 Alpha Sigma Beta Xi 4; February Phi Nu 16; 13 Delta Tau Delta 22-P- 18-P- "Was your party a success?" "Ill say so. There was half a pint left over." Every man, Wildcats vs Centre and child who lives in Kentucky, especially in Lexington, knows the meaning of that statement and without a doubt it needs no further explanation. PRICES LOWER Ladies Hair Bobbing A Specialty Viaduct Barber Shop H. M. DAVIS, Prop. . 117 E. HIGH ST. "Bubbling Over" GINGERALE John G. Epping Bottling Works 210-21- 2 PHONE 672 CLARK ST. Public Approval Is Double Welcome when Accompanied by a LOVING CUP The Cups awarded to the Intercollegiate Press Association by Alpha Delta Sigma and The Lexington Leader were made and ' engraved by H. M. HUBBARD "College Jewelers"' 153 w. MAIN ( The Southern Conference tournament will get under way next week Will Anyone Accept This Challenge? Columbia, S. D. Sept. 9, 1926 Larus & Bro. Co. Richmond, Va. Gentlemen: I am a veteran of the Edgeworth army, still in active service. I make this claim, challenging all comers, to have smoked Edgeworth and nothing else but Edgeworth (when it was possible to get it) for a longer period than any other person within the scope of your territory. I have smoked Edgeworth for twenty-on-e years and will soon start on the twenty-seconI'll admit to having tried other high-clas- s, brands, includingso-terme- d high-pricblends and mixtures, enough to appreciate and satisfy myself of the superiority of Edgeworth. In all these years I have never had one can of Edgeworth that varied in flavor or otherwise. Yours very truly, (signed) J. J. Roberts Edgeworth Extra High Grade Smoking Tobacco j i with an entry list of sixteen teams. These teams will be chosen by Conference officials, based on the record made by them this season. Kentucky will more than likely be one of the fortunate teams to receive an invitation to compete for the laurels of the South. The Wildcats' record this year is rather impressive, having won seven out of nine conference games. Maryland and Georgia Tech are the only ones in the conference who have succeeded in defeating the Blue and White. Tomorrow night the Wildcats will close their 1928 basketball season, which has been more or less of a success, when they will try to lower again the colors of the Centre College Colonels. This game will bring to a close the basketball career of Captain Paul Jenkins who has perWe believe that Kentucky has a formed so admirably for the Blue and team that is good enough to win the White this season. tournament if they play the game in the way that we all know that they The Colonels have not enjoyed the are capable of playing very best of success this year, but be some mighty good it. Therewill teams entered that never seems to handicap their in the tournament to win from playing in any sport when engaging any of them will and require their utthe Wildcats in combat. Kentucky most attention and alertness during won rather an easy victory from every second of the game. If the Centre during the early part of the 'Cats "get right" year, since then both teams have im- afford some team they are going to plenty of worry proved to a great extent and the out- and discomfort, but if they are "off come is doubtful in the minds of form" they might as well pack up many. their grips and head for the blue grass. We feel that the Wildcats can According to dope, Kentucky should cause a lot of commotion in the win this game from Centre in an easy tournament and we hope that they do. fashion, but this "dope bucket" busi- When the time comes for them to ness is all the "bunk" in many cases. leave for Atlanta they may rest asAccording to the "bucket" Kentucky sured that they will have the backshould have won their game last Sat- ing and support of the entire univerurday night from Georgia Tech. That sity and town people as well. game was a nightmare and is history Coach Gamage is not taking any now, but it was just one of the many instances where the "bucket" had a chances that his football men of next hole in it and the dope leaked out. year will become stale and lose their Kentucky being the unfortunate one, knowledge of the game. For two in this case, to be flooded under a weeks now he has had between forty barrage of unexpected baskets. It and fifty men out for spring pracgoes to show that the unexpected will tice. The majority of the men are freshmen from this year's team, who just naturally happen at times. arb looking forward to a possible on the varsity this fall. The Whether or not it was psychology berth men or just, being unavoidably detained great that are out are displaying a deal of enthusiasm and are that prevented the Tech men from ar- working hard to perfect their faults. riving at the Gym on time for their game with the 'Cats last Saturday Judge How many times have you night is a question in the minds of many people. If their intention was been here before ? Jones Keep your own records, a stragetic bit of work, accomplishing for them their aim, Georgia Tech Judge. Exchange. knew that the game with Kentucky was doubtful as to the outcome and it would be necessary to pull the unexpected if they wanted to win the game. This they did and with good TO results. officially Service and Satisfaction are the Foundation of Our Business intra-mur- IN TENNESSEE (ByBillReep) woman WHERE COLLEGE MEN and GIRLS GO intra-mur- than Jenkins and better working Jeffries, who played so gallantly as combinations than Jenkins and Jef-- j a kitten against the Vandy fro3h. in fries, but Vandy followers have not! the 192G grid campaign, demonstrathad the pleasure of entertaining them ed to those present last night that his artistry as a pigskin manipulator of late. In those early minutes of play the is equalled by his fondness of the GAME Vandy defense was a rock wall. In basketball court. He rarely worked inside the 17 foot lines. Milward and the latter part cf the game it was a Combs, cousins of the famous Earl By Bill Rollow sieve. They foiled one Wildcat meth- Combs, did that. But the dimunitive (In The Nashville Tennesseean) od of attack. But the Wildcat straight-- , forever-read- y smile was unexcelled sev- way employed other weapons. OverWildcat wildness may come in in the vast territory he did cover and superlative de- head passes, valueless because of when late in the game he went out eral degrees, but the gree is called Jeffries and the next Vandy alertness, but the Jenkins-Jeffrie- s via the four personal foul route, he step down the line is named Paul combination began using a was accorded what was perhaps a bouncing toss that was extremely greater ovation than any visiting Jenkins. cagester ever received at Vanderbilt. The names were not unfamiliar to the Commodore followers yesterday. Today they are mentioned about the campus in, awed tones, for this pair furnished the fuel for a blaze that burned Vandy hopes to a crisp and left the Gold and Black machine hanging on the ropes of a 54 to 29 defeat. For the first 15 minutes the Commodores matched speed for speed and shot for shot with the Kentuckians. Through this span Sugar Bridges and 1928 Resolve Dan Brooks were ably assisted by Dave Baker, Dublin, Ireland, and READ MORE BOOKS! k Vernon Sharp as they formed a which the Wildcats could not penetrate and worked the ball in deep themselves for enough shots to lead 7 to 4 after 12 minutes had been it played. Three minutes later it was a tied at 11 all, and after that came the deluge with the floor work of the Kentucky five giving them open shots and they cashed them with relentless Oldest regularity. pivot Milward, who went into the position late in the first half, collected 15 tallies to tie Irvine Jeffries for Evans-Youn- g scoring honors. The tall center worked on a pivot under the basket, and H when Jeffries was unable to shake 227 E. MAIN ST. PHONE 1917 off Sugar Bridges he shot the ball to Lexington, Ky. the center who usually flipped it in. Jenkins Star Captain Paul Jenkins, all conference running guard in 1926, who was not considered last year because he did not attend the Atlanta tourney, inaugurated the Kentucky attack. It was he who put in motion the drives which left the Commodores helpless. The greatest attack seen in the Vandy gym m two seasons was bunt arounu his stocky figure and his passes to tne even stocKier ana more brilliant Jeffries were marvels of accuracy. There may be better running guards WILDCATS GO WILD COLLEGE SPORTS j ON S. LIME, OFF MAIN I Mr. Potter, director of sports, for his effort and interest in athand letic competition. Standing of teams: "Won Lost Division I. 4 0 Delta Chi 0 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 3 1 Sigma Chi 2 1 Kappa Alpha 2 ... 1 Alpha Tau Omega 2 Alpha Gamma Epsilon 0 3 Division II. Won Lost Alpha Sigma Phi 0 ... 3 1 Delta Tau Delta 2 1 Sigma Nu 2 Phi Kappa Tau 2 0 mnnVi intorflcf in fVio finnl rtnfftAma ?a Phi Delta Theta 3 ... 0 being shown. Much credit is due to Sigma Beta Xi 3 0 California PeBam. j McATEE SHOE SHOP Kappa Sigma Beta Xi 11. February 13 was unlucky for the! Sigma Nu warriors, who were defeated by the Delts in an overtime period. This defeat is the first one that the Sigma Nu team has received in two years. The Alpha Sigs and the Kappa Sigs are undefeated in Division II. In Division I, the S. A. E.'s and the Delta Chis are the teams boasting an undefeated record so far. The competition this season has been exceptionally keen, and the brand of basketball displayed is of a high calibre. A large number of the followers of the various Greek teams have turned out at every session of the play, and intra-mur- . Shoe Artisans With a Reputation WORKMANSHIP UNSURPASSED al The Colony Book Shop For to bulk-war- KELVINATOR The World's and Best Electric Refrigeration. Sales Co. p ljjjjjjdf ' 'Students From Missouri" Let Us Show You That We Have the Hg9B9H flBjBsjlK .9f9""lp' ENJOY Genuine ESKlIIO BEST FOUNTAIN in the City We are Agents for Miss Holladay's Candies Hughes Ice Cream and Green Tree Sandwiches , Lexington Drug Co. I If I 5 First Big Stop Down Town lUUHHHH HliliiftflHIIHiHHHillHHIHBiiBk