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8 > Image 8 of The Kentucky Kernel, February 17, 1928

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE EIGHT R. 0. T. C. SPONSORS ARE NOMINATED (Continued From Pace One) pany are: Misses Evelyn Ford and Martha Reed. There is more interest being manifest this year in the election than ever before, especially in the advanc The only requirement ed course. that a girl must have to be eligible for a sponsorship is that she have a standing of at least 1. This lequire- ment, however, is usually coupled with personal beauty or a pleasing personality, and from the looks of this year's list, there should be some keen competition for the places. The sponsors last year were: Regimental sponsor, Miss Lucille Short; First Battalion sponsor, Miss Martha Minihan; Second Battalion sponsor, Miss Thelma Snyder; Company A sponsor, Miss Bennie Edwards; Company B, Miss Patsy Fagley; Company C, Miss Margaret Thompson; Company E, Miss Louise Dyer; Company F, Miss Elizabeth Hall; Company G, Miss D'Allis Chapman. at EAT DRINK ROSE STREET CONFECTIONERY Corner Rose and College View L. E. Griffing, Prop. Phone 4039 AT ALL TIMES Stop! and Be Satisfied SHORT ORDERS DENTISTS DRS. J. .T. & E. D. SLATON Hours 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 204 Guaranty Bank Bldg. Phone 3616 U. of K. Professors On Hamilton Program MEMOIRS ENLIVEN HISTORY'S PAGES 'rofessors Farquhar and Suth erland Speak At National Drama Week Celebration Professor Offers Diary of Pepy's Hamilton College, under the aus pices of the Marlowe Club, celebrated this week as National Drama Week, with two University profes sors, E. F. Farquhar and W. R. Suth erland giving talks on different phases of the work being studied. Monday morning Professor Farqu har talked on "The Drama in Educa tion as a Means of Culture and Infor mation," while Professor Sutherland talked on the "Americanization of Speech," Wednesday morning. National Drama Week was institut ed some years ago by the Drama League of America, the aim being to call the attention of lovers of the drama to the influence of the drama in civic and educational life. The aim has been successful, and the league is now a discriminating power in establishing of standards of judgment in the dramatic world. STROLLERS WILL MEET MONDAY o'clock in White hall. This is a very BOARD OF COMMERCE FAVORS U. K. GRADUATE There will be a special meeting of imPrtant meeting and it is necessary the Strollers Monday afternoon at 4 that every member be present. The Lexington Board of Commerce has cast a ballot for the election of Alexander Bonnyman, of Knoxville, MiiiiniiiimiiiiicjiiiiimiiiiniiiimiiiiiHiiiiiiiM Tenn., University of Kentucky graduate, as a member of the board of directors Cf the Chamber of Com and Autobiography of Cellini As Examples of More Potent merce of the United States. Historic.il Documents. graduated Ladies' Bobber Shoppe Mr. Bonnyman McGill University "Memoirs," said Dr. Brunt, "serve as an interpreta tion of history, they tell all about the folk of the day, and are the clue as a civil engineer from the University in 1882. He is president of the Southern Appalachian Coal Operators' Association and chairman of the board of directors of the Blue Diamond Coal Com pany. The J. D. Purcell Dept. Store TWO FIRST CLASS "BOBBERS No Waiting to the labyrinth of souls." This was J. T. BAKER, Manager the explanation given at a lecture at MAY the Y. M. C. A. on the subject "Me NEW GIRL STUDENTS TRY OUT FOR GIRLS' BAND IIIIC3IIIIIIIIIIIIHIIllllllllllHllllllllllllC3IIIIIIIIIIIIC3llllllllllllt3IIIIIIIIIIIH31lllimili: moirs and Memoir Writers," one of the series of lectures on English Lit A number of new girls entering the erature under the supervision of the University are unaware of the exist ence of a girls' band. At the present Sir George Williams College. For those who appreciate history time a number of band instruments with a kick to it, the speaker recom- are available as a loan to the girls After a hard day's work, mended the letters of Macaulay to his who would like to learn to play them When your spirits are low, his sister. To illustrate his point, the and who would eventually get in the No one wants to hear your tale of woe ; lecturer read a letter concerning the girls' band. This organization, which numbers between 30 an 50 members, So come and stay as long as you may, voting act of 1821 which was passed meets on Tuesday and Thursday afby a majority of one. And hear the Blue and White Collegians play. ternoons from 5 to G o'clock. Girls The Paston Letters, written through interested may see Elmer G. Sulzer Each Evening from 6 to 7 P. M. out the fifteenth century by the in in SHROPSHIRE IS ELECTED the Music building. dividual members of the Paston fam PRESIDENT OF K. I. P. A ily, enliven the history of that cen SUNDAY Y. M. C. A. GIVES SOCIAL tury. (Continued From Page One) 50c A better idea of religious condi The customs of the past were afternoon. Murray State Teachers' tions 01 the early Christian era is brought back to the university com College was admitted into the asso obtainable in the letters of Pliny to pus when the Y. M. C. A. and the Y. the Emperor and the Emperor's an ciation. W. C. A. of the university gave a Several addresses were delivered swer, than irom reading a hundred social in the Women's gymnasium in Saturday morning by business and pages of history. which a the Virginia Fuggar News Letters newspaper men of the city, among games were The Fuggar News Letters, written Reel, and them Harold Hecht, of the advertisfeatured. ing staff of the Wolfe Wile Company, by the man who supported and in g was a sticky as The who gave an interesting address on fluenced all the wars of his period well as sweet affair and put all pres " SAY IT WITH FLOWERS " "The Relations Between the News- gave a very graphic description of the ent in a happy mood for the dance paper Man and Business," and Thom- inner political workings of Europe. that followed. A string orchestra DAY managing editor The letters also contain a certain played the pieces that were the dance as R. Underwood, of The Herald, who emphasized the amount of war psychology, similar to hits of 1850, but the dancers, needless that of the people of today. Here the to statement that facts are the principal say, could not trip the light fanWe specialize on our arrangement of corsages and points in news stories, editorials and speaker said that war between' Eng- tastic as could their parents. Wilflowers for parties land and the United States depended advertising. liam Zopff was the leader in the Members of the association were upon the word "Go" from the rival games and dances. JACK COUSINS guests of "Dafldy" Bowles and the oil companies of the respective coun, University Athletic Council at the tries. Student Representative 'Judge Guilty or not guilty? In Emerson's Journal, one sees a Kentucky - Georgia Tech basketball Prisoner You guess first. more human description of the slave game Saturday night. Among those present at the confer condition of the South than is obtain ence were: A. K. btmson, John Kel- - able elsewhere. W. W. STILL Cellini Autobiography ley Ryans, Miss Sarah S. Rogers, Miss The autobiography of Benvenuto Elizabeth Davis, Miss Margaret Phoenix Hotel Building KODAKS EASTMAN FILMS Miss Pauline Grain and Miss Cellini contains the love of art, sculp120 EAST MAIN STREET ture, and Latin Literature; the glamMarie Grobmyer, of Kentucky DEVELOPING and PRINTING Winchester; C. K. Whitehead, our and 'beauty and scholarship; the PHONE 354 Lexington, Ky. director of publicity and journalism, lust and hatred, and immoralities; all 129 W. Short St. the phases, good and bad, of the Murray State Teachers' College, Murray; R. R. Richards, business mana- Italian Renaissance. Cellini was also ger Eastern Progress, Eastern State an artist of renown and his works Teachers' College, Richmond; Charley are invaluable. The essays of Addison and Steele E. Walker, Lewis Brown and J. Roy Parker, Centre College, Danville; Ed- published collectively in the Spectator ward L. R. Elson, editor Asbury Col- and the Tatler; the novel Tom Jones; legian, Wilmore; Hartwell F. Chan- Walpole's Letters; and The Letters of dler, business manager" Asbury Col- John Weesley, represent the eigh legian, Wilmore; Clayton Grooves, teenth century England. The Diary of Pepy's revealed evFoster R. Phillips, Crimson Rambler, Transylvania College; William H. erything that was in the man. He Glanz, Byron H. Pumphrey, The Ker- was not afraid to write and he did so dances, nel; Alamo Hawkins, editor Belle of for ten years. He told of what he the Blue, Georgetown; Claude Shouse, ate and drank, of how he dressed, editor Georgetonian, Georgetown; Roy of the women he met, and of the poli IT. Owsley, Raymond C. Hornback, tics of his period. Western Teachers' College, Bowling PRESENT Green; Atkins Darnell, Kentucky ENGINEERS Wesleyan, Winchester. SIGN IRONWORKER'S I Collegiate Jazz CHICKEN DINNER The New Belmont Restaurant Opposite the Phoenix Hotel Regular Meals, All Kinds of Sandwiches Refreshing Fountain Drinks, and Confections REFRESHMENTS A HINT! AFTER THE DANCE SPECIAL SUNDAY DINNERS $1.00 Rent a Studebaker COACHES - TOURINGS - ROADSTERS OPEN DAY AND NIGHT Rate 15 cents per Mile SPECIAL ATTENTION TO COLLEGE STUDENTS Studebaker-- U Drive It PHONE 7070 MAMMOTH GARAGE COATS and FROCKS For every college Miss for every need for every occasion. Styles that whisper of Paris. Materials of distinction. Values that defy comparison! 'THE HOUSE OF SPECIALIZED MODES' Students Restaurant candy-pullin- candy-pullin- FOR VALENTINE'S cut Keller Florift Es-te- s, Wes-leya- n, THE PHOENIX HOTEL Perfect service at moderate prices for sororities, fraternities and other diserimintaing university folk at dinners, luncheons. ir "THE BEST DANCE MUSIC IN THE BLUEGRASS" By "Peg" Longon and His Orchestra. B. B. Smith & Co. 264 EAST MAIN STREET CO-E- D (Continued From Page One) ATHLETES ARE INVITED TO CINCINNATI the walls of the nave, and scenes (Continued From Page One) Play Day will include group games, folk dancing, and swimming contests, and he following girls will represent the University of Kentuc ky: Virginia Robinson, president of the Woman's Athletic Association of the University; members of the council, Margaret Sims, Louetta Greeno, Natalie Hickey, Mary V. Hailey, Virginia Ebert, Mary Ader, Anna Virginia Sharp, Leida Keyes; others to go are representatives from each sorority and those who have shown special interest in athletics, Alice Whitenghill, Laura Riddle, Caroline Smith, Elizabeth Skinner, Louise Tilton, Frances Osborne Laura K. Johnson, Georgia Alexander, Veruus Waterstraat, Vivian Smith, Margaret Wilson, Lucille Short, Evelyn Cooley, Gladys Sharp and Kathleen Fitch. You'll sing Pan-soc- Halleluja SIXTY ARE PRESENT AT ANNUAL KERNEL FEAST (Continued From Page One) when you see our New Spring Braeburns department. James Shropshire presented to Professor Grehan a cancelled mortgage, the last which The Kernel incurred in getting its new plant four years ago. The entire plant, valued at $10,000, is now free of debt. In a short acceptance speech, Professor Grehan paid a tribute to the business department of The Kernel, and expressed the hope that a college of journalism could be established at the University soon. He also prophesied the time when The Kernel, with its new quarters in McVey hall, and the new press it is contemplating purchasing, would be published twice a week. At the close of the program, Theta Sigma Phi, honorary journalistic sorority, pledged Miss Lucille Short and Miss Eula Webb. William H. Glanz, of The Kernel, presided. editor-in-chi- theKshop In the Tavern Bldg. BRANCH OF KAUFMAN CLOTHING COMPANY u ALL MAKES $1 O50 1 UP We Repair All Makes of Typewriters PHONES 35144 Transyivania Printing qmpany T. P. CAGWIN, Manager ROY CARRUTHERS, President from Old and New Testament history by pupils of Cimabue on the upper nave. Santa Chiara Church The Church of Santa Chiara (St Clare), the foundress of the Poor Clares, with its massive lateral butand simple tresses, fine Gothic interior, was begun in 1257, four years after her death. It con tains the tomb of the saint and 13th century frescoes and pictures. Santa Maria Maggiore is also a good Gothic church. The cathedral (San Rufino) has a fine facade with three of 1140; the interior was mod ernized in 1572. The town is dominated by the me dieval castle, built by Cardinal (1367) and added to by Pope Pius II. and Paul III. Two miles to the east in a ravine below Monte Subasio is the hermitabe delle Carve ri, partly built, partly cut out of solid rock, given to St. Francis by Benedic tine monks as a place of retirement. Below the town to the southwest, close to the station, is the large pil grimage church of Santa Maria degli Angeli, begun in 1569 by Pope Pius V. with Vignola as architect; but not completed until 1640. It contains the original oratory of St. Francis and the cell in which he died. Adjacent is the garden in which the saint's thornless roses bloom in May. Half a mile outside the town to the southeast in the convent of San Dimiano, erected by St. Francis, of which St Claire was first abbess. In the early middle ages Assisi was subject to become dukes of Spo- leto; but in the 11th century it seems to have been independent. It became involved, however, in the disputes of Guelphs and Ghibelhnes, and was ire quently at war with Perugia. It was sacked by Perugia and the papal troops in 1442, and even after that continued to be the prey of factions. The place is now famous as a resort of pilgrims, and is also important for the history of Italian art. Rebuilt Typewriters n g, M JJ .j " l Hl Some call it mellowness Some say that Camel is the mellowest cigarette ever made. Some that it's mild and smooth. It's really all good things in one, and that is why it is supreme upon the pinnacle of modern favor. Camel's popularity today is the largest that any cigarette ever had. And, it costs something to make this kind of a smoke. It costs the choicest tobaccos . that money can buy, and a blending that spares neither time nor expense. Each Camel cigarette is as full of value as the world of tobacco can give. You can be sure of smoking pleasure, serene and full, in these quality cigarettes. Smoke all of them you want; they simply never tire the taste. 'Have a Cornell" INCORPORATED a. ), REYNOLDS T O B A C.C CU C Q.M P.JLUX, W.IWSI0N. SALEM, Jf,