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Image 4 of Kentucky Alumnus, 1988, no. 1

Part of Kentucky alumnus

‘ l / l F l Thomas Satterwhite Noble Prisoners and Public Opinion El Greco, Goya, Bruegel A comprehensive exhibition devoted to A criminal’s chances of being sentenced Six major paintings from the collection · the Lexington—born painter who earned to prison may depend in part on how of the late Charles Shipman Payson are l a national reputation in the latter part the general public feels about punish- on display at the UK Art Museum, lent l of the 19th-century for his dramatic de- ment, says Susan Rhodes, an assistant by his widow, Virginia Kraft Payson. l pictions of the horrors of slavery will be political science professor at the Univer- The works will be on display through on exhibit from April 10 to May 29. sity of Kentucky. the spring. i Noble was born in Lexington in Rhodes recently completed research The paintings are an El Greco, a 1835. After studying in Paris with to test Whether puhlic attitudes may Goya, and four small paintings by Peter ~ Thomas Couture, he returned to Amer- have ari egect ori prisori population Bruegel. .‘ ica to become the first director of the The results indicate prison populations Lorraine Clay, a docent at the mu- Cincinnati Art Academy. Later in life may indeed he larger when the public scum, and John and Joan Gaines are Noble returned to Europe for a period has a strong <# attitude credited with encouraging Mrs. Payson _ ‘ at the Munich Academy and eventually Rhodes used California prison popu_ to lend her collection to the museum. retired to New York where he executed lation data from 194,6 to logo arid re- Mrs. Payson said that she “is very a large number of beautiful and evoca— sults from public opinion surveys on impressed with UK. Three of my four ' ¤iv<=*¤¤<*S¤¤i><=S· capital punishment. Opinions in invps children attended UK» Md I cw tsl] , This exhibition is the first since 1908 of capital punishment could he inter- you, as a graduate of an Ivy League to survey the full range of Noble’s ac- preted as favoring harsher punishment school, that UK is one of the greatest coinplishments. A fully illustrated cata— in general, she said universities in this country, My ties *<>s¤¤ with cme by Jams Bit¢hH<¢l