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4 > Image 4 of Kentucky Alumnus, 1988, no. 1

Part of Kentucky alumnus

l / l F l Thomas Satterwhite Noble Prisoners and Public Opinion El Greco, Goya, Bruegel A comprehensive exhibition devoted to A criminals chances of being sentenced Six major paintings from the collection the Lexingtonborn painter who earned to prison may depend in part on how of the late Charles Shipman Payson are l a national reputation in the latter part the general public feels about punish- on display at the UK Art Museum, lent l of the 19th-century for his dramatic de- ment, says Susan Rhodes, an assistant by his widow, Virginia Kraft Payson. l pictions of the horrors of slavery will be political science professor at the Univer- The works will be on display through on exhibit from April 10 to May 29. sity of Kentucky. the spring. i Noble was born in Lexington in Rhodes recently completed research The paintings are an El Greco, a 1835. After studying in Paris with to test Whether puhlic attitudes may Goya, and four small paintings by Peter ~ Thomas Couture, he returned to Amer- have ari egect ori prisori population Bruegel. . ica to become the first director of the The results indicate prison populations Lorraine Clay, a docent at the mu- Cincinnati Art Academy. Later in life may indeed he larger when the public scum, and John and Joan Gaines are Noble returned to Europe for a period has a strong <# attitude credited with encouraging Mrs. Payson _ at the Munich Academy and eventually Rhodes used California prison popu_ to lend her collection to the museum. retired to New York where he executed lation data from 194,6 to logo arid re- Mrs. Payson said that she is very a large number of beautiful and evoca sults from public opinion surveys on impressed with UK. Three of my four ' iv<=*<*Si><=S capital punishment. Opinions in invps children attended UK Md I cw tsl] , This exhibition is the first since 1908 of capital punishment could he inter- you, as a graduate of an Ivy League to survey the full range of Nobles ac- preted as favoring harsher punishment school, that UK is one of the greatest coinplishments. A fully illustrated cata in general, she said universities in this country, My ties *<>s with cme by Jams BithH