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5 > Image 5 of Kentucky Alumnus, 1988, no. 1

Part of Kentucky alumnus

l , Need for More Block Teochers , t _~;w,_,,, nest _]. "Pete" Middleton, an associate importance, said Ed Staats, chief of bu- ; k . h.y{t""*" J_, ; - W s Q professor of curriculum and lnstruc- reau, Kentucky Associated Press. ; L_ _ tion, Emanuel Mason and William "lts an educational program," , l ` V Stillwell, professors of educational and Clabes said, "lt startles us when people t *" " counseling psychology, all of the Col- read the Bill of Rights and dont iden- l lege of Education; and William Par- tify with it. lts a fundamental part of L ___ Q ker, vice chancellor of minority affairs our lives." . Q Ji g Fer at UK_ The Congress is a "coalition of citi- _` _ ` "Our model emphasizes a great deal Z1'1 3.l'lCl pIOfCSSiOHal iI1(ICStS designed _ F _ T it Of intetaetjen between the eellege, the to encourage thoughtful dialogue about E T;} _ r E public education System and the minor- the importance of the First Amendment I Bemcrd Young Ad Teacher ity c0mmunity, says Mason. "The t0 everyone," Staats said. ' goal is establishing communications "We like to Spread the word that the , There were 1,160 graduates from teach- with potential college students before First Amendment t0 the U.S. Constitu- . er education programs at Kentuckys they have made career choices and to tion is not just fOI` the pfeSS, he said. t eight state-supported institutions of emphasize the benefits and growing lts surely for every0ne. E higher education during academic year need for talented educators." Staats said the goal is to establish a K 1986-87. From that total, only 33 were The model utilizes a multiplephase First Amendment and Constitution re- 5 black. approach: analyzing the teacher educa- source center that will attraet the gen- t And Kentuckys dilemma refiects a tion programs, specifying goals for etal public and students, as well as similar national crisis. minority participation in teacher educa- constitutional scholars. ` Why arent American colleges and tion, involving community groups, pre- "They theught the best Way t0 d0 universities producing more black edu- paring, installing and maintaining a that W0l1ld be t0 gather books and Vid- cators for a public education system recruitment/retention plan and evaluat- e0S on the First Amendment in One whose minority student body continues ing program outcome. room," said Douglas Boyd, dean of the to increase? College ofCommunications. . Looking for answers, the University , "There is no repository at the present ` of Kentucky, in conjunction with sev- Flrsr Amondrnonr Center time in the state of Kentucky for mate- ` eral other state and national education rials about the First Amendment," organizations, presented the second The K"rrk} Parr and 3 group known as Moore said. annual conference on recruitment and fno First Arnononlonr CongroSS have Clabes expects the center to develop retention of minority students in teach- grvon the UnorSnY $3ooo t_Stbl1S} into a "first-rate research center" for er education injanuary. a First Amdmt Center rn UK S First Amendment issues. _ The focus of UKs conference was a Journalism Sonoor The Congress will solicit funds for the r model proposal for alleviating the short- The rnonoY will be used to bnlf bookS center and hopes to establish an endow- _ age, attracting and retaining talented ono ornor marcrmls ror the nror= ment with the interest going toward ii black students for the teacher education which Wnl ,PY_ a dSstsd aren In funding the center. i system. fno School S ronolng _roorn SSYS Ro}; The First Amendment Center will be h l The UK model was assembled by Er- Moor> 3 UKJmal1Sm prorSSor and dedicated in connection with the School I- H member or rho Congress- of_]ournalisms annual Creason Lecture Half of the center funds were contrib- in Aprit uted by Kentucky Post Editor juclith Clabes, on behalf of the northern Kentucky daily newspaper. The rc- mainder came from the Congress, , which includes representatives of other l Kentucky news organizations and busi- t nesses. The First Amendment Congress is l working to promote the amendments 3 UK