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Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1940-02-apr2.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

M.1inutes of the Res-ular M--eeting of the Board of Trustees, Uni- versity of Kentucky, April 2, 1940. The reg--ular April meeting of the Board. of Trustees, ULiversity of Kentucky, was held in the President's Office Tuesday, April 2, 1940. The m-eimbers of the Board present weere ]overnor Keen Johnsonx chairman; Judge Richard C. Stoll, vice-chairman; H. S. Cllveland, Judge John Cooper, Marshall Barnes, Harper Gatton, Louis Hillen- Meyer, Lee Kirkpatrick, M,.irs. Paul G. Blazer, Jam-es Park, R. P. Hob- son, J. C. Newcomb, and J. W. Brooker, Superintendent of Public Instruction, whose initial attendance was welcomcd by the Board membership. President McVey and Secretary D. H. Peak were present. 1. A-pproval of Minutes. The minutes of the meetings of the Board of Trustees of Decemn- ber 12 and 15, and the minutes of the of the Executive Co.n- mittee of February- a, here approved as published. 2. President's Quarterly 5eaort. The President made his regular quarterly report which, on motion and second, was accepted and ordered recorded in the miin- utes. QUARTERLY REPORT OF THE PRESIDENT A~ril 2, 1940 At this meeting of the Board of Trustees .and the one following in June, I expect to present a report upon some of the immediate problems confronting the University. The report for this meeting will deal with the material side of the University, and this part is callinp- attention to sore of the conditions and requirements of buildings and grounds. At the meetin.-, in June it is my pur- pose to present to the Board of Trustees some consideration of 'he spirit of the University, what it is trying to do, and some of its objectives, as I see them. The buildinc. progrc.m which was agreed to under arrangements with the Public Works Adminlstration has been practically completed, and the buildings, if not already turned over to the University, will be transferred to the institution in the near future. The last two buildingss BiolojAcal Science Htall, and the Home Economics Building, are large structures. The money available for their construction wa's not sufficient to fully complete them, and,conse- quently, there are a number of things that should be done in these buildings in the way of floor covering, painting-, partitions, laboratory tables, shelving and the like. Some of the require- ments of the Biologicali Science Building can be taken care of from the 20$,000 aptzropriated for sciltntific equipment by the last