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4 > Image 4 of Kentucky fruit notes, vol. 1, No. 13, December, 1939 to January, 1940

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

R I only twelve of them were g1owing, WHITE GRUBS tc out of these only two had made a By P_ O_ I{ITCI.IER ai Sllll$lal0l`Y_ Dumber _0f 1`lmn_1`S Department of Entomology and Botany fi The adgoining row of twenty-five N _tt _ wb _ _ 1.t b P yellows-free mother plants had all cx 0 TO"] meh W H Q gm S P , . cause 111018 damage to Kentucky W . lived and had produced a nice row Su__lVbcl_1_y patches than any other 1 _ _ _ ~ f phmtS _ insect. Often, as in this past sea- I., M12- A- N- Pfiltli, T1111$$00 Slim son, d1y weather is blamed for u : Hortieulturist, joined the party at damage that i11 reality should be b. Greenfield and accompanied it the blamed on white grubs. Grubs g . ` rest of the day and acted as a guide usually injure plants by gnawing lc - - and host; to the pai-ty while iii the 111lO the crown, and devouring the le i State. Mr. Pratt pointed out that l`QlS~ lll lll1 0lY UW UPS h V ~ the acreage of old yellows infested 0l_lll l`00lS HWY he 01S of them. The t . . saw. It is easy to see that some of adults Ol lllls SPlS HTG also Ti . J the GHOWS infected mms We peculiar in that they fly 1nuel1 later t . Y P . T .V U have here in Kentucky did not m the Sgllimelgl tim; meet elle b ' - come from such strains and fields Speciw .6 H u t t1S Of Hm Q of plants as We hav . t d oi species begin to emerge the last of b i , ML Hangs I.mm.kg,s?i? ap; agad gl;,1E;li)1;p1'S51E11'IlOIl and other c _ there are plenty plants of these Si H 1Szm ab eggs dlilmg V 2 i . . Ven _ July. The small grubs overwinter V i _ owsfree strains that can be had d . . . t p . at 1_ bl __ an damage the beiry plants the c , Bgsogml 6 pUS I Wlllll following spring. The large grubs C F _ pellgllg 0 _l11 to set 311 801% 01 S0 spend a second winter in the soil, i p i - ut believe me, I want to know and become adults i11 June. where m lant f " I - Y P S come FOH1- Strawberry plants are most apt e . __ 4