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[5] > Image [5] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1920-02-feb26-ec.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

5- (5) Purch_se of Lot on Wlinslow Street. A report on title from 'Mr. Pelham Johnston was read regarding a lot on Wirslow Street, authorized to be purchased at the last meeting of the Committee. 1'r. Johnston reported certain liens on the property which he said would be sat- isfied before the transfer was made. On motion, the Bus- iness Agent was instructed to make a check for the property payable to Mr. Johnston with the understanding that the latter would see that such claims were satisfied before or at the time the trnnsfer was made, and to insure to the University that title to the property is clear. (6) Legislative Matters. President MoVey reported to the CommIttee, as a matter of information, that the State Budget Commission had recommended to the General As- sembly the following items for the University of Kentucky budget, the items being in a-,ddition to the regular fixed mill tax and other fixed incomes for the University: For the Experiment Station .... $50,000 annually for two yemrs For agricultural extension work 108,000 for the first year For agricultural extension work 126,000 for the sec- ond year For engineering equipment . 30,000 a year for tv;o sears For agricultural instruction .. 30,000 a year for two years For dorz .to:y onstrxatlzn .... 75,000 a year for two years (7) Memorial Ta1tet, President -icVey reported to the Committee that the memorial tablet for University stu- dents who had lost their lives in the war, discussed at previous meetings, had temporarily been lost sight of te- cause of the discussion of the Memorial Building. Presi- dent McVey was requested by the Committee to make inquiries from reliable concerns regarding a design and probable cost of a suitable tablet. (8) Appointments, Resignations, Increases in Salaries, and Leaves of Absence. The following list of appointments, resignations, increases in salaries, and leaves of absence was recommended by ?resident MoVey, and on motion, approv- ed by the Committee, as recommended: