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[Printed verso reads: "FLANDERS FURNITURE has re-established a place for oak. Oak, as a dining-room wood, has always appealed to a large number of people, but the face that a great deal of oak furniture is commonplace and uninteresting has deterred many people from buying. It is at this very point that home-makers have been greatly aided by the intelligent co-operation of high-class furniture designers. From golden oak of indifferent design and workmanship to furniture of the type illustrated, it is a tremendous leap forward. The name "Flanders" is a trade name chosen by the Berkey & Gary Furniture Company. "Flanders," without the Berkey & Gay shopmark, is not genuine. We recommend it highly for the dining-room, living-room or library. C.F. BROWER & CO. Carpets, Furniture, Wall Papers/Lexington, KY.")

Part of Postcard Collection,