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2 > Image 2 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 5, 1917

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KEN TUC.KX- - KXRKEL.- - fagt2 THE ORPHEUM THEAT0E Triangle, Metro, World and V. L. 9. Feature Pictures, First Class in Every Appointment II RFIM ' I THEATRE "Wt Feature and Comtdy ) 1 GIVE A FREE TICKET WITH EACH ;tor10:30P. M-- . WORK t ! : 11 M M tM M 1 1 1 1 MMl M-l-- GRAVES, COXi; & COMPANY YOUNG MEN I want the new "style ideas' fas soon as they're ready; : : We're at your service with new :: i Stetson and Knox Hats, New Regal, Hanan and j f Nettleton Shoes. New Shirts and Neckwear: I Give them a "once over" today. I GRAVES, COX jj I I & COMPANY INCORPORATED. fHWrWHH-f- l Mil lltlt DAY AND NIGHT SBSSIONS BOOKKEEPING TYPEWRITING aatf TELEGRAPHY roup1 lu yei of experience in Met untile tad Banking buunew. tito 43 ycin educating 20.000 young mtn and women (01 uiccate. CV Enter now. LolUif 1 5 J h.. Main It., ntatfatl Add. WILBUB B. SMITH. Ul4tm7T. T BY REQUIRE $1.00 DEPOSIT MAY EMPLOY EXPERT Same Management Same Classy Shows "If a Laughwas worth $1, You'd Leave Here Rich" 25, 30, Ml : Students Have Until Friday Asked to State Views on Consolidation of Night To Sign Up Colleges For Annual ALL NEW BUT THE NAME 20, Oil KENTUCKIAN: AdmiMton 5c and 10c OflN 10:00 A. M. TO 11:00 P. M. HU6HES School of Dancint Mrs. Hughes, Member of AmcriHn National Association Mnsters oLDancing. UNIVERSITY CVCNiNGS CeHti "Superior Vaudeville" 10, 25, PURCHASED." IS ALMOST COMPLETED Chiflgeof TiCXm Each Day clDA MEADE Prices ONE Admission Pfrftffc -- GoiWhtrc the G o'iGo MiiET ME AT Perionally Picked Boxes 3550 R. A. HUNT TO EDIT RURAL KENTUCKIAN f Russell Hunt was elected of The Rural Kentuckian; C. R. Morgan, associate editor; J. O. Stewart, business manager, and J. G. Mel-vicirculation manager, at the regular weekly meeting of the Agricultural Society Monday night. They will serve the rest of this collegiate year and half of next. The offices of assistant business manager and assistant circulation manager were not filled, but Sophomores will be elected to those places at the meeting next Monday night. A big rally is to be staged at the coming meeting to arouse interest in The Rural Kentuckian and the regular society meetings. Every agricultural student in the University is urged to be there at 7:30 o'clock Monday night, April 9, in the animal husbandry lecture room of the Agriculture Building. Refreshments will be served after the business meeting and a good crowd is expected. editor-in-chie- Work on setting up the 1917 Kentuckian has been practically completed and tho book is ready to go to press as soon as the printers are advised as to how many copies will be needed. A number of students have signified their intention of subscribing for an annual, buttiave not as yet made the required deposit of $1. The staff has decided to extend the time for subscribing for the Kentucnlan until Friday night. Copies for all who make the first deposits before that date will he reserved when the book comes off press and up until the end of the year, If they are not called for. Arrangements have been made with the printers whereby all Seniors who pay the full subscription price of $2.50 at this time can have their names stamped in gold on the cover of the book for an additional charge of 25 cents. This proposition is open for a limited time and all Svho desire to take advantage of the offer are requested to see the business manager at once. During the subscription contest a number of students gave their promises for Kentuckians to men who have dropped out of the contest. The only ones who are now taking subscriptions for the book are Miss Nancy limes and members of the business and editorial staff of the Kentuckian. For the convenience of those who desire to get their orders in Friday some member of the staff will bo in SPEAKER DISCUSSES the Kentuckian office during chapel ELECTRICAL POWER hour, another at the north entrance of Main Building and others will be M. C. Turpin, representative of the the stationed at various places around the Westinghouse Electrical Manufacturcampus. ing Company, of East Pittsburg, deThe alumni of the University are livered an illustrated lecture in the in the sale of the annual chemistry lecture room of the University, Thursday afternoon on the ap- and a number of the books have been plication of electricity to transporta- disposed of. The annual will contain a section devoted to the Golden Jubition. "Electric locomotives have become lee, which is only one of the many a necessity in the big tunnels because attractive features of the year book. of the poisonous gases produced by Taken with the sales that have al the steam locomotive," said Mr. Tur- ready been made to the student body, pin, and he iproved his point by show- the indications are that this week's ing motion pictures scenes of great sales will about exhaust the number trains thruout the East, where electri- of books contracted for. Only a few cal power has been substituted for books in excess of the number actual ly reserved by the first payment will steam power. be printed. Speed is one of the big gains of (Members of the Kentuckian staff electricity over steam and the much have spent much time and: labor on electrically-drivegreater capacity of an motor over the steam locomo- this year's book, which it Is thot will tive. The lecture was one of a series outclass all publications of previous of similar lectures given under the years. n auspices of the College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. NOTICE, SOPHS! The Sophomore dance will be held In Buell Armory the afternoon of May 5, from 2:30 to 5:30. If you want bids for the dance your dues must be paid by April 21. CLYDE BLAND, Treasurer. SPECIAL RATES TO University Students Patronize Our Advertiser!. FRATERNITIES SHOW PATRIOTIC SPIRIT A commendable spirit is being displayed by the fraternities of fhe Uni versity, several of which are displaying large American flags in front of their chapter houses. In addition to the displaying of the large flags, it Is fast becoming the mark of patriotism to wear a tiny metal American flag or Bhield in the lapel of the coat. Inquiries to alumni of tho Univer slty and others prominent in business and educational affairs thruout the State regarding general conditions here and suggestions for improvements have been sent out by the Probe Committee. Among other questions asked are: "Do you think that efficiency or economy would be promoted by the consolidation and operation of the College of Mechanical Engineering and the College of Civil Engineering under one dean? If so, why? If hot, why?" "State your opinion regarding the discipline of the institution, the moral influence of the faculty, and of the various faculties upon the student body, and the results obtained within the last four years." . TUESDAY, THURSDAY, and SATURDAY HOURS:' 8 MR. JOHN CLARK k toll ifl o'cleck MR, HENRY KELLER FURNISHING MUSIC. Eat Your Sandwiches and Hot Chocolate at the WOMAN'S EXCHANGE 207 W. Short St. McGURK'S Where All is Well and Good HoChocolate,Home-mad- Candy e and Ices. SAM GULLO Prog restive Shoe Repairing Shop Lexington, Ky. 140 S. Limestone Rubber Heels and Soles a Specialty Restaurant "What reputation does the Univer- Metropolitan sity bear and in what estimation is it held in your section of the State? The Place for Good Things lo Eat Do you know any means whereby adverse criticism, if it exists, can b,e eliminated?" DENTIST The Probe Committee will reconservice call on vene in Lexington April 9 at the call For any kind of dental of Chairman R. G. Gordon. Hearings begun at the initial meeting here sevPhone eral weeks ago will be resumed and Office hours 8 a. m. 6 p. m. investigations of a general nature concerning the University and the Experiment Station will be continued. W. B. From the fact that the Executive SHOP Committee of the Board of Trustees The Closesl Shop lo University appropriated ?3,000 a few days ago 15c HAIR CUT for the purpose of carrying on the in10c Shave vestigation, the opinion exists that 15c Shampoo an expert in scholastic requirements Glover's Shampoo 35c and general university training will Lexington, Ky. be employed by the committee to ex- 153 S. Limestone St. amine conditions in the various departments. T. Slaton Dr. J.ciieapsiik ist 864-- Martin's Barber i CONDITT WINNER OF IMPROMPTU CONTEST J. D. PURCELL GO. 326--33) West Main Street LEXINGTON, KY. APRONS 50c The annual impromptu oratorical RUBBER Socontest of the Patterson Literary JUST THE THIN6 FOR USE ciety, Iheld in the society rooms last Saturday night, was won by Marion IN THE LABARATORIES Conditt, 'with H. L. Stewart coming in second. The prize given the winner set of historical was a handsome works donated by President Barker. Professor Weaver and Mr. Grove acted as judges. The contestants were not notified J 1 1 South Limestone of the subject until a few hours before the time of delivery, and their speeches were to a large extent exMmI State Men Know Us temporaneous. The subject of all the talks waB "The fallacy of allowing a Let us meet you Meal Ticket regard to going to in referendum war." Martin & StockwclPs Restaurant AT THE ADA MEADE Popular demand has caused the management to hold over Eearle's Six Diving Nymphs, and another contest will be held Saturday night, so enter now. Four more special feature acts complete our wonderful bill. will Phone 612 and reserve your seats. Advertisement. Franz Josef Spengler The Photographer in your TewH Has pleased the exacting student and the best people generally for fifteen years. Can he show youT 811 W. Main St. Pkel092.y