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5 > Image 5 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 5, 1917

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THE KENTUCKY KERNEL. I WSIimorA I We For ?ASS "AFf make a Specialty of Live Lobsters, Crab Meat and Reel Foot Lake Fish and Frogs WINTER TOURIST TICKETS ' ' " J ') j v At Reduced Fares, on sale Daily to FLORIDA-CUBA-NE- ORLEANS W And All Resorts of the South Liberal Stop-Ov- er Privilege For complete information and descriptive literature, call on nearest TICKET AGENT or write H. 0. KING, FMeiitfef nA Ticket Ageat 118 East Main Street, LEXINGTON, KY. The Phoenix Hotel . A motion picture film depleting tlio sugar beet industry, was shown in tho Chemistry JJulldlng Tuesday Now afternoon at 5 o'clock. A committee, headed by Dr. Mnxson, has arranged a series of public service films to bo shown to tho students during the remainder of tho college year. "The who feeds jton well his Will have long staple, good to sell. "Who starves his Cotton much and late, Will get short staple, light of weight." Write for Books and find out how-tfeed your Cotton for Profit WILLIAM S. MYERS, Director 25 ModUon Arenue, New York L. A. Armstrong, Hard Yor Are To Fit We are prepared for you. We have a splendid line of New Spring United Special Suits at $16.1.50 Un 1 IAT LKXINtfT MAIN TR1IT KINTIMKV. BREEZES PUT PEP (Centlaued Vnm Fx Om) pect to have one. It Is true that Ken tucky has been defeated) In track for the last two years, but It Is also true that tor several years before that she We do not expect was undefeated. to get out a 'winning team In one season, but it is our hope that the University will regain her former supremacy in track athletics in the next few years." ? College Stationery, Engraving and Die Stamping, Frat and Dance Programs representative of tho Bureau of Commercial Economics, Washington, D. C, will address tho students of the College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering In Mechanical Hall at 2:30 o'clock April 12. His subject will be "The Water Power of Canada, and Canada's Natural 124-1- N. Limestone 28 Lexington, Ky. Exquisite Corsage Bouquets "We Make Them Prettier" John A Keller Co INCORPORATED. GRADS PROMOTED Recent moves that mean immediate promotions for Stanley J. Ridd, class of 1913, and M. iS. Sullivan, class of 1916, have been made. Mr. Ridd has been transferred from the American Creosoting Plant of Kansas City to tho important position of foreman at the Federal Creosoting Plant of To Mr. Sullivan has been w ledo, Ohio. transferred from the American Car Products Company, of St. Louis, to of the the distillation department BLUE RIDGE. same company at Youngstown, Ohio. Robert L. Willis, of the class of 1913, uiue itiuge (Jonterence is not a has been promoted to the position of place where abnormally pious fellows assistant engineer of The Republic go to soak themselves in an atmos Iron & Steel Company, of Youngsphere dripping with religion. If you town, O. Mr. Willis has been with are that sort of Righteous Willie, you this company since October, 1915. will not feel at homo there. They would probably drop you into the swimming pool for the sheer pleasure 17 ENROLL IN SHORT COURSE FIRST DAY of hearing your holy tones come gurgling up through the water. The first day of matriculation In the You might justly infer that Blue short course of tho College of Mines Ridge is not "permeated by a severe and Metallurgy saw seventeen enclassic formality. It is a gathering rolled, the largest number of first-daof friends; four hundred young men, matriculates since the introducand a few older men, enjoying them- tion of the course a few years ago by selves together for ten delightful Dean Norwood. The miners, the madays. There is nothing greater than jority of whom came from the coal friendship, and any possible chance to mines of Eastern Kentucky, are being enter this Blue Ridge group should be trained in the theory of mining and in eagerly seized. This is not a sum- first-aiwork, that they may be able mer resort where you scrape a shal- to ipass the examinations given by the low acquaintance and painfully con-- , State Board for foremen's certificates. verse about the weather or the table. The examination will be held in LexHave you wished that you could ington, May 28. share some of the deeper experiences of sane and healthy men? Have you AGS HEAR TALKS BY wished that you could get down to LOCAL PROFESSORS something solid In religion? Have you wished you could take time to inves The features of the meeting of the tigate some things that you have Agricultural Society Monday night heard vaguely mentioned, or touched were talks by two professors. Profes upon, occasionally but never really sor George H. Vansell, assistant proexplained? Would you like to ask fessor of entomology and zoology, questions of somebody that really spoke of Yellowstone National Park. knows somebody that Is not afraid He also gave the hoys a pointer as to to dig into the very heart of things how they can recognize a person who where you will not shock some good has visited Yellowstone. old soul and be called an infidel just Professor P. B. Karraker, assistant because you want to examine the evi- in soils at the Experiment station, dence and make sure? Would you and professor of soil fertility and soil like to And out what method of Bible physics, gave an instructive talk on study and praying busy and practical 'Crop Rotation." Professor Karraker men have found juicy and helpful? waxed humorous in the first part of Would you like to do something for his talk much to the enjoyment of his your bunch at college, or still more, hearers. for your younger brother's bunch, to keep them from making fools of them- clde to go. (2) Get the money. This chance comes only once or possibly selves, and going to the dogs? You are the man to go to Blue twice in a lifetime; you must not let Ridge. But what about finances? I the opportunity Blip through your fin (1) De- - gers. have just two suggestions: sottiprf.t. Fnnn y No Matter How MURRAY PRINTING CO. WELSH Tho Westlnghouso Society of tho College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering will hold its regular mooting Saturday, April 7, at tho fourth hour. Solicits the Patronage of University JOHN SKAIN, Manager. Cotton Quality Co & Basketball Supplies, Sweaters, Kodaks 146 WEST MAIN STREET KENTUCKY. A Metropolitan Hotel Respectfully people. Calloway C. D. MECHANICAL NOTES INCORPORATED. FINAL LIMIT FOR RETURN, MAY 31, 1M7 LEXINGTON, Ptftl FLORISTS 123 Phone 945 Y East Sixth St. JEFF HARRIS, our U. of K. Representative ARRIVES LOUISVILLE LEAVES LEXINGTON 8:15 A. and 5:20 P. M. 10:55 A. M. M. and 8:00 P. M. Travel A Limited Train For First-Clas-s Vestibule Coached with Pullmans and Diner r TO YOU: SHAVE 10C HAIR CUT 15C Except Saturdays GEO. T. MARTIN BARBER SHOP lt9 15AST .MAIN STltEKT Basement, Opposite Phoenix Hotel SP BEST OF SERVICE FOUR CHAIRS DEPOSIT WITH BANK OF COMMERCE . d Lexington Drug Company The Student's Store m FOR SMOKERS AND BANQUETS GET YOUR SUPPLIES AT PHCENIX FRUIT STORE Flowers of Quality FINE CUT FLOWERS AND CORSAGE BOUQUETS A SPECIALTY KELLER, Florist 236 West Main Street S. L. Ware and Terrell Tapecot, Our Representatives at University of Kentucky.