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6 > Image 6 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 5, 1917

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

TMI KENTUCKY KKRNKL. SIGMA PROF. RHYME, OF BEREA CO-E-D CHI FRATERNITY OBSERVES FOUNDERS' DAY. MISS SPURR For Sped1 University Kates for Class. Private Letaons. The Lambda Lambda chapter of the SPECIAL EASTER DANCE. TUESDAY. APRIL 17 Sigma Chi frAternity gave a banquet last Saturday evening in the ballroom of the Phoenix Hotel to celebrate Materialistic Conception of Founders' Day. The room was deco the Universe Given rated In the fraternity colors blue R. C. SPEARS W. H. FORWOOD, Jr. Hard Jolts and gold while emblems of the fra ternity, electrically4ighted, adorned PATT HALL PERSONALS MAN NEEDS PRAYER the walls. An elegant menu was evening progressed MADE BRANDS OF "If God is as bright may I say it served and as the Miss Margaret Gore returned Mon- LEXINGTON KY 811 NORTH LIMKSTONK ST. toastB added to the pleasure. day night from her home In Bards-tow- reverently? if God is as bright as Dean F. Paul Anderson was toast- where she had been for a few Helen Keller, couldn't Ho speak to master and was responded to with spirits?" other asked Professor days. toasts by the following: Dr. Joseph Misses Mildred and Marie Collins Rayne, of Berea College, in an ad George T. dress to University students on his Arthur Goodson, .Messrs. spent a few days at their home In Graves, Emmett Dickson, of Paris; subject, "Can the Modern Man Pray?" North Middletown, last week. Stanley Dickson, representing the Airs. J. C. Graham, of Louisville, at chapel Tuesday. Professor Rayne chapter of Danville College, was to have spoken at the chapel ex- Zeta Zeta who has been visiting her daughter, and Felix Rcnlck of the local chapter. Miss Mildred Graham for a week, re- ercises two weeks ago, but owing to The occasion was ono of the largest a misunderstanding did not arrive. turned homo Saturday. "His mother can pray," he said, "but and most brilliant of the week's calen ON FOLLOWING Miss Clara Whitworth leaves today dar, and the alumni members of the for her home in Hardinsburg, where the modern man scholarly, accurate, 50c U. K. Pins 25c present were: Dean F. Paul investigating, thinking, can he pray?" fraternity she will spend Easter. M. Miller, Dr. $1.00 Hat Pins 50c After asking this question, Professor Anderson, Dean Arthur Miss Nell Pulliam and Miss Esther J. A. Goodson, Hon. Emmett Dickson, $1.00 Rings 50c Dean, of Georgetown College, spent Rayne proceeded to break in twain of Paris; Green Clay Goodloe, C. C. 50c Watch Fobs 25c Saturday and Sunday with Miss Mary the argument of the deists "who have G. Cox, Senator John T. the conception that God manages the Lambert, L. Hamilton. 1.00 Bar Pins 50c Tunis; Dr. S. A. Blackburn, of VerMiss Gladys Dixon, of Huntington, universe as an expert manages an $1.00 Cuff Buttons 50c sailles; Field Van Meter, J. Smith West Virginia, was the guest of Miss enormous piece of mechanism." "If you will accept that delstic fun- Hays, Jr., and Nelson Van Meter, of Louise Janes for the Freshman dance. Winchester; Hiram T. Adair, G. C. Miss Elizabeth Duncan spent sever- damental assumption, there is no way Thompson, Lucien Arnsparger, Hiram "The College Store for CollegePeople" You al days at her home In Lawrenceburg of answering their argument. Douglas Clay, of Paris; 233 W. SHORT ST. will have no choice in this universe Roseberry and last week. George White Fithian, Stanley S. Dick Miss Anne Hamilton, of Cynthiana, if the deists have thot correctly. "The laws of nature are simply son, Hugh Bullitt, Samuel Cheek, W. was the guest of her sister, Miss Mary guesses of what the processes of na S. Van Meter, George A. Joplin, Jr., Hamilton, Thursday. Richard W. Dunlap, Edwin L. Thorn Misses Hannah and Katherlne ture are. The laws of nature have as, of Zeta Zeta chapter, Center Col Weakley spent the .week-enwith Mr. been changed, but the processes are just the same. Every time that the lege; Brownell Berryman, R. G. Pdln and Mrs. Cline McCauley in Troy. dexter, Gip Downing, Lieutenant Ben iMiss Mary Grey Ashbrook and Miss human will acts it interferes with the will conduct two weekly classes In Expression at the University of Mahoney, and the active chapter, John Kentucky on Wednesday and Friday afternoons. The first class will Laura Lee Jameson, both of Cyn course of nature but not with the Price, Felix Renick, Herbert Graham, be held Friday afternoon, January 5th, at 4 o'clock In Professor laws of nature. Some people say that thiana, were at home last week. Melcher's class room. Clay Simpson, Muller, Mortimer This is a splendid opportunity for anyone wishing to secure train Miss Jessie Florence spent Satur God could never answer a prayer un Douglas Glvens, Tate Bird, Emery ing in Expression at moderate cost. day and Sunday at her home in Cyn less He rearranged the whole uni Those Interested will please leave name and address with Miss Frazier, E. A. Lillard, J. M. MoCreight, verse. Margaret McLaughlin, or for further Information, call Mr. Smith at thiana. Harvey Stedman, Clyde Harrison, F the Lexington College of Music, phone 3M-s of all the prayers could Mrs. M. iMcGowan, of Bagdad, came Guthrie, Saturday for the Philosophlan play, be answered if God had the power of Paul Anderson, Jr., Thomas TERMS $10.00 FOR THE REMAINDER OF THE SCFCCL YEAR. putting a thot in the mind of man. Virgil Mansfield, Alvln S. Thompson While here Mrs. McGowan was with and Roy A. C. Mapstone. her daughter, Miss Elizabeth Mc- God can speak to people. He can do it in all sorts of ways. If you can Gowan. MUSICAL PROGRAM. AT THE arrange a thing, can not God put a Miss Anna Rose Skees spent last Y. M. C. A. SUNDAY NIGHT. suggestion in the mind of a man? week at her home in Cynthiana. "If you have the will to pray, and IMiss Fan Ratliffe, of Sharpsburg, Services at the Y. iM. C. A. meeting you must, your will is the enthroning spent the "week-enat home, next Sunday evening will consist Miss Sallie Coleman and Miss Eliz- of God. Prayer is the linking of your- entirely of a musical program preappreciate your giving me hearing : : : : : : ; : abeth Davidson went Friday to spend self, your thot and your feeling. pared by some of the students inter a few days with Miss Hula King and What we need is to be proficient in ested in the work of the Y. M. C. A. prayer." Miss Billy Ondley, of Georgetown. music has been selected and LECTURES IN CHAPEL SMITH'S SAXOPHONE TRIO CORNER SPEARS & FORWOOD SHOE CO. SHOES" "CUSTOM BEST Jewelry Sale 1 -- 2 Price Sale UNIVERSITY BOOK STORE 1 classes d EXPRESSION AL,,r "Nine-tenth- seniors ! zrizjrz a FRESHMAN DANCE 18 PLEA8ANT OCCASION. BRADLEY ORDERED TO RETURN TO REGIMENT The Freshman class entertained with a dance Saturday afternoon in Buell Armory from 3:30 to 5:30. The hall was decorated in the class 'colors, purple and white, and a merry assembly danced to the music furnished by a saxophone quartet. The favors were candy chickens and baskets filled with Easter eggs. The officers of the class received, assisted by the chaperones, President and Mrs. H. S. Barker, Judge and Mrs. W. T. Lafferty, Professor and Mrs. T. T. Jones, Captain and Mrs. John Fairfax and Dean Anna J. Hamilton. Professor E. U. Bradley, who has been an instructor in the English 'de partment of the University since last September, has received orders to report; to the Fifth South Carolina Regiment, National Guards, in which he holds a First Lieutenant's commis sion, at once. He is endeavoring to get a leave of absence until the end of the present term, but if he is not successful in this will leave tomorrow for Greenwood, S. C, his home town. Y.W.C. A. MEETS. The Morton High School Club, a new organization at the University, 'will entertain with a dance in Buell Armory Saturday, April 14, from 3 to C o'clock. Members of the club may obtain their tickets from the following Btudents: Mechanicals, Harry 'Mil ward and Hugh Melton; Arts and Science, Nancy Innes and Charles Planck; Home Economics, Dorothy Mlddleton; Agriculture, Tilford Wil son; Law, Goodson Reynolds, Civlls and Miners, Rutherford Fishback. Un less the tickets are secured before April 7, the extra hid will not be given out. 'The regular meeting of the Y. W. C. A. was held Sunday night at Pat- terson Hall and Miss Eliza Plggott, Club had chairman of the Eight-Weecharge of the meeting. Those who spoke upon the subject of the Eight-WeeClub were: Misses Lelah Gault, Vivian DeLaine and Miriam Bell, of Transylvania. The training class for those who 'wish to take up this work will begin this afternoon and will continue for six weeks. A splendid Easter program has been arranged. k k MORTON Easter an excellent program Is assured to those attending this meeting. Military Wrist Watches JOE M. ("Sap") ROBINSON WITH MUTUAL LIFE OF N. Y. To The College Fellows We will admit, and furnish with skates any University student in uniform accompanied by a young lady, both for 30 cents otherwise admission and skates 35c each. Accurate Time. PRICES: S3.25, 5.00, $S.I0 and up. Ladies' Bracelet Watches. HIGH SCHOOL CLUB TO GIVE DANCE APRIL 14. MAMMOTH RINK WEST 4th STREET OPEN; 2:00 to 5:00 and 7:00 to J0:00 P. M. In nlckle, silver, and Mild geld. altf-flllt- a' STAR self 17.50 15.00, Heintz, Jeweler. E. Main FOUNTAIN PEN GUARANTEED 18.00 and up. 1 FiLLiNi Street. Opp. Phoealx Hotel LEXINGTON, KY. WILLIAM Beat E STAGG, Your Druggist It to Bill Oldham's For yo jr Eats and Lunches Students1 Supplies Open day and night. Give us a trial Lime and Winslow Sts. W. F. OLDHAM