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3 > Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, December 18, 1925

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KENTUCKY KERNEL Vk ItWIWMWMMWWWtWKttlWIIIttMKIttmMWWHWIWM CHRISTMAS SPIRIT? It is a subtle, joyus thing This Christmas spirit. tl makes Us sing and light Of heart are we. CALENDAR Friday, December 18 Sigma Nu tea darico in the after noon from 3 to 5 o'clock at the chapter house. Kappa Kappa Gamma entertaining with a tea dance in Patterson hall But when the holiday is o'er We find it's gone. The snow has melted long ago Spring days have come. from 3:30 to 6 o'clock. Freshman party in the gymnasium in the evening from 7:30 to 10 o'clock. Saturday. December 19 Alpha Gamma Delta hostess for a Its blithesome joy is far nway tea dance in Patterson hall in the It cannot peak from under all afternoon from 3.30 to 6 o clock. The heaps and heaps of Christmas "Kentuckmn" dance in the gym toys nasium in the evening from 8:30 to . It's packed beneath. 12 o'clock Saturday, December 20 Edith Jiinihan. FOR CHRI STMAS Her" a Box of. "Send THOMAS' MRS: HOME-MAD- E CANDIES at the Sold musical In Pfttter- - in the fraternity colors of blue and silver. The illuminated fraternity Monday, December 21 shield hung nt one end of the hall. Knppa KnppR Gnmrruv Christmas Music was furnished by a popular tree and party at the chapter house Punch was seived. Sigma Beta Upsilon Christmas trci (rticsts of honor. M 3scs Virginia and party at the chapter house in licizcr, Frances Stcvonion, Lauvn !clle Smith, Irene Cull.i, Nellie Cor-itho evening. Tuesday, December 22 Edith Farmer, Nell Farmer, Utha .Mm' Pan Hellenic, with a tea Hlackburn, Virginia Bocook, Elizadance in the afternoon in the gymbeth Pruitt, Maxine Smith, Virginia . nasium and the formal dance in the Robinson, Mary Charles Loving, evening. Hostesses: Misses Margaret Gooch, Grace Alverson, Dorothy Steither, Emma Ncwbeaur, Hazel Hughes, Bee ANNOUNCE PLEDGES Kappa Delta Pi, national honorary Worthington, Hallie Day Bach, Eugenia Money. fraternity in education, announces the The sruesta numbered about two pledging of Mary Faith Huffakcr, hundred. I race Brewer, and Mary Joseph Jones. The pledge service was held last FriTRI-DEL- T TEA DANCE day in the Education building and The of Delta Rho of Delta the initiation and banquet will be Delta pledgessorority Delta entertained in held before the holidays. honor of members This is n national professional delightful the active on Friday with a tea dance aftem- fraternity for teachers and its members are selected from the junior and The decorations consisted of ferns senior classes, both men and women being eligible for membership if they palms and tell Christmas candles. Thet illuminated fraternitv nMnlrt hiin have a scholastic standing of 2 or the far end of the hall. The Rhythm over and have chosen teaching as Kings orchestra furnished the music, their profession. Punch was .served. Active chapter: Misses Ruth Mc-- 1 FOOTBALL DANCE Cord, Evelyn Wright, Helen Samp-- i The annual football dance given by son, Ruth Kehoc, Frances Maltby, the Su-K- y circle in honor of the mem- Marie Beckner, . Jean Todd, Lucile bers of the freshman and varsity Howard, Elizabeth Gaiitskill, Helen The SOCIETY NOTES I: CANARY COTTAGE In Charge of Mary Webber PAGE THREE King, Lucilc Robb, Dorothy Baker, Bernlece Edwards, Caroline Averlll, Margaret Avcrill, Gkidys Smith, Mnr-ori- e Smilh, Mnrthn Ball Edelln, Hazel hnmp, Minerva Lambert, Nancy Rfter-dinn- !ion hall nt 2 o clock. ,:.r... Uo't ' , ii r mittee on arrangements is composed of II. Wiemnn, pres.; J. Emerson Willie King, Margaret linker, Josephine Skain, Jimmie Augustus. The dinner will be in honor of Captain Ab Klrwnn, Elmore Vossmeyer, liny guests were Shulte and William Moloney, members hundred of the club and other invited guests arc the other members of the varsity squad. DINNER FOR FOOTBALL MEN The Catholic club of tho university Zeta Tail Alpha announces the win enieriain Monday night with a pledging of Nell Laccficld, of Midway. 6:30 o'clock dinner in honor of the varsity football squad. The com (CONTINUED ON PAGE EIGHT) GIVE HER A BOX OF BENTON CANDIES BENTON'S SWEET SHOP 145 SOUTH LIMESTONE STREET Lexington, Kentucky football squads of the university, Sat- noara, uuzaDetn UHeston. MUnna ! Pled urday night, December 13, at the Rill.r ttn.!i1 men's gymnasium, proved to be a Betsy Worth, Margaret Jones, Alice, great sucess. The dance was well ioung, Hummers, Amelia attended, there being aHout &O0 people present. Tha proceeds from this dance were enough to fiokh paying th football expenses incurred during ihe past season and to provide torn funds with which to start the basketball reason. The Kentuckiana orchestra furnlsaed the music. The ehaperones were-- Dean Virginia Franke, Dean and Mrs. C. R. Melcher, Prof, and Mrs. J. C. Jones, Caut, and Mrs. James Taylor, and Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Boles, Dr. and Mrs. Funkhouser. Miss Margaret McLaughlin, Mr. Mclntyre, and Mr. Eversole. Telephone 50(51 Homemade Candies GRAVES, COX and CO. ' : : SMITH B. B. ; Correct Apparel For Women and Misses Corner Short and Mill Streets ' LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY ALPHA GAMMA RHO DANCE Active members of the Omieron chapter of Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity entertained with a delightful dance, Saturday evening, from 6:30 to 12 o'clock, at the chapter house, in The house honor of their pledges. was beautifully decorated in the fraternity colors of green and gold, and the fraternity flower, pink rose. The hosts, members of the active chapter, were A. G. Leaehman, S. E. Barrett, J. R. Wattington, W. L. Grad-dJ. W., Utterback, S. F. Weathers, O. R. Gaffin, S. J. Jones, T. E. Ford, R. B. McClure, B. R. Sanders, F. G. Melton, A. C. Berry. T. G. Harned. The guests of honor, the pledges, were J. T. Terry, T. G. Young, H. Moore, H. P. Atherton, E. F. Beck, S. C." Scott, C. T. Rothert, E. F. Ord- way, H. R. Hesson. : N B H M From coast to coast Florsheims men a new perspective on shoe In long milage, in correct style, in Florsheims are all around you step into a pair today. are giving satisfaction. high quality. everyday. . . DELTA THETA ENTERTAINS The Alpha Delta Theta fraternity tea dance given by the pledges in honor of the active chapter at Patterson hill was an event of Saturday afternoon. The hall was atractively decorated with ferns and palms and streamers ALPHA $10 to $12 BAYNHAM SHOE CO. EAST A MAIN "TO " YOUR NEAR HEALTH AND TEA FOR VISITORS Students from other colleges attending the World Court conference were entertained on Saturday afternoon with a tea at Boyd hall, by the Y. W. C. A. and the Y. M. C. A. TUXEDO SUITS For the College Man! We know that College Men know style-t- hat s why we think you'll like these new Tuxedo Suits. The style follows the broad shoulders and lean hips of the current vogue into large bottom trousers. Well tailored in beautiful midnight black and worsted LIME HAPPINESS" i . SjTEAMSHIP " with rich satin linings and furnishings. $ TICKETS VIA ALL LINES AND TO ALL PARTS OF TJIE WORLD Ia4 Unt and Conducted TOURS To Europe aad the Orient We deliver any Place in Lexington Around the World, South American, Went Indian, Mediterranean CRUISES SECOND ANNUAL KENTUCKY STUDENT TOUR t JUNK 13, AUGUST , IMC Excellent Itinerary Covering Six Countries ENGLAND, HOLLAND, GERMANY, SWITZERLAND and FRANCI Beth Ocean Passages on GIANT CUNARDER S. S. 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