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6 > Image 6 of The Kentucky Kernel, December 18, 1925

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

KENTUCKY "AGE SIX KERNEL New S. A. C. Athletic Rules Conflict With Those Oj Southern Conference i PLAYERS COULD BE GONE ONLY 5 DAYS IN YEAR the utive committee of and are as follows: conference, ( 1. No member of the nssocln tlon. shall permit football practice to consume more than two hours day of the student's time. 2.. A student Hhnll not be per mittcd to take part In branches of athletics occurring successively during the year. For instance, as basketball follows football, the student must choose between the two sports. 3. A student shall be allowed five days absence during each session on account of athletics. 4. Freshmen teams shall be allowed to play not more than one game away from home during the season. n (By C. M. Dowden) of ColThe Southern Association leges is reported in press accounts to haVc pnsscd rules which are in conflict with the constitution of the Southern Conference, but no official notice of these rules has as yet been received at the university, accordinR to W. U. Funkhouscr, secretary of the S. I. C. ' These rules originated, according to the Associntcd Press, with the exec SEEN FROM the PRESS BOX by HOOVER rnllpffflS And , 11. 4 1! t mv: .niilUrn nionilnfinn !.l r. Mil-UIU t unit, lU suuuivin ..o.,v...... nf iNOlWlinsuinuiUK secondary schools at its Charleston, Virginia, mcetinK a few days ngo maac !. ntlilnfn 5n tVO COnSCCUtlVC -- ..!! nf nnn ..!!.,,, ., .... .,,!, i i. n i " ..e -- urnncnus 01 ajiuii. wnu una nut (("' nf AK ... Ilia fnlloir ntn Work., thO Kentucky nor any other member of the Southern Conference University of is likely to be affected by tnc ruic, nccoraniR w mc view ui w. Funkhouscr, official in the conference and dean of the grnduntc school nt the University of Kentucky. nm,niml, it tins (tin nnwnr in mnkft eolloiTintC laws m. and rules conccrninc grades, athletics "amoiiK themselves" and other things : n ..., nViln.a nf flin smithnrn rnnforenco do not 4U. cuiicuriiuiK auuuiuiu iuin-t,-onecessarily have to nhidc by th rulings of this body. Consequently, it is not expected that any notice concerning acceptation of the rule will be sent by ho conference president to mcmucrs. mis luunc wuum numc m abiding. . , . The rule which is causing tno mosi ccnccrn is mai which engaging in two consecutive sport unless he an athlete from has maintained an average of 85 in his class work. It was thought at first that several of the Kentucky Wildcat basketball men would be affected but fears of such a disaster should be entertained no longer in the minds of Kentucky supporters. The only men whom it was thought might have been affected were Ray Ellis and Paul Jenkins but as these boys arc getting along exceedingly well in theirwork, there is no need for worry as to their eligibility when the sca. C.....l.- - ninlit Mill WlltMIS HCAl kjlliumuj . o,i.1. f !.., cmvui nntntrnmom wna rrpntpn nt tnO ffi.in1a onu. will nnt ho frovorned by the 1. - - -jt university ui rules adopted at the Charleston meeting Dr. George O. Ferguson, faculty representative on the legislative board of Virginia and former k saiu rrmuy nignt f jthe southern conierence ni.4Vivn .nnfnrnnpn iin1 rnnnnt ho01controlled ... DV . ..v......... UI1UUI it.. ....!.. ui uic mc luira ..( he enactments of any other body. He announced that Virginia would not rmiintn it nthlotica hv the recent rulinc of Ihe association, under the , , .," ..&""V .j 7 ; . lJ!U1n . Z . uruvisiuu, 1.111 m ui n tti UIIMIUUKI SWHCU tl.n oVmiU f V.o Miif nroHfP rtcr(ip to ndont . the . l.u. Will, ouuuiu . Ur, r rule, no basketball man would be affected as all these are "fairly good, in :heir studies which the new ruie principally implies. uiiu" "d In the meantime, nay .Kiuna nas noi icv uuy apnsnn k U : tomorrow even- r nnntni. nf tVin Un er otKnll ing with the Depauw University five. Its going to be a mighty tough battle can t out nope mcj for the Wildcats out we ,i:nn..rao anytningvnnr .Tiiat Vr.rnnjnwin. romp from thpv t-UUpilU W Jliia JUOL il Ui UllUll 4nm bii.a Itaiu tliia should not scare the Wildcats but be an incentive to them an Indiana town that is to avenge the defeats handed them on suver piasters so Rraceiuiiy P. B. ROBARDS COLLEGE PRESSING SPECIAL TO STUDENTS One pair of natural tip shoe strings from now till Christmas on request For Each Half Sole Job McATEE SHOE SERVICE 114 N. Mill St., 1 COHEN SHOP No doubt you are interested in Apparel of Art, not .,Chicafo. 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Tears to me, he's just greedy, that's all. SPEAKING OF POLITICS Tho colored nonulation mav not know it. but the recent poll conducted in behalf of the world court in various leading colleges and universities over the country is highly significant and presages some queer revolutions witnin the next ten years. Tn tViP first nlace. this Question is purely one based on a measure mtro rfnr.H hv the Rpnuhlican rjartv under the Harding administration and its passage is a direct prediction that the student body of the United States is for the most part inclining to the ruling party today in the United States. Whilo "thrown1 noliticinns over the country have regarded the issue as one "just among those collegiates COLLEGIATES" they must consider that in the next ten years, these self same students will become priviliged citizens and will have the right to vote, as their fathers and mothers have today. By gleaning facts from the result 01 tne pon, it appears at mis time that some political cnange must transpire wunin me near luiure iu nrpsprvn thn dinitv and the streneth of the Democratic party. It is known that we Democrats, for the most part, uphold the issue that the United States should enter the League of Nations and that the tie nnhlii.nns ar phnmnions of the world court. In the majority of places stud should enter the World Court ents voted unanimously that from which one may deduct what conclusion he desires. But this is not sports. I must have had a dream or been in a trance, 9 Just Before Christmas Buy the Folks at Home a Nice Box of Miss Holladays Candy. They will sure Appreciate it. Always Drink With Us Our fountain is the Most up to date and sanitary in the City Lexington Drug Co. PHONE 154 iii!ii;iii;ii!!:ii:iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiniiiii!iiiiiiiiiitmm y STUDENTS Since last week, we have learned that Indiana has a two year football contract with the Wildcats, which makes things more binding as far as Kentucky goes. It is almost certain that the Hoosiers will appear on Stoll field in 1927. But I'm not likely to be here, so that's that. OPINIONS ON "RED" GRANGE Scarcely had Red Grange of Illinois been canonized and his name written into the calendar of college sainthood when disconcerting news comes of his fall into the pit of professionalism, into a contact with the Chicago of amjroximately S20.000 for each game played. Varing speculations on Grange's move engaging the college press. The Iowa State student (Iowa State College) approves. It see no reason why when a man has worked for eicht years perfecting a football style, that he 3hould drop the training entirely when he is no longer eligible for amateur competition. There is no such comment when a man who has for some time been working for a college publication or acting in college plays, or doing any other ot a numoer 01 tne tnings in me amateur hub iuius yiu fessional in his chosen field when he finishes, mere is no comment wnen pollece athlete turns nroessional to coach." Turn poIIpi'p tinners. The 'Harvard Crimson and The Princetonian, com pare Red Grange with Swede, Oberlander, star of Dartmouth's championship UDenanaer 01 uarunuuui, uy remains a onm eleven. The Crimson says: lnr nhnnro for fame and fortune, illumes the choice -of the Illinois gentle ith the Utrht of a more legitimate understandine- of his duty. To him He J d enity is not developed by dollars, nor character increased by acclaim. . .1 ft,.Utnf ffrrafc u fsWhnll nnil .w.h.w vi,umi vu wiu preiers 111s uejjree 1. .1. ujjiuubc ui college.s"v flnmonr in a decent respect for the Red Grange, by choosing to become a successful machine, working for the pelasure of the horde, has killed whatever esteem ne couia nave nau among university men. Oberlnnder's jersey is still in his locker; Grange's faded blue hangs in a pawn shop. All th Idol creatine machinery of American publicity, the college foot ball system with its Roman holdings, have conspired to give Red Grange a nnme that may be cashed in for many thousands of dollars. "The lofty gesture of refusing a fortune carries no appeal so far as Red 'Grange is Mr. Grange has chosen concerned, "obsevres the Ohio State Lantern." for himself, at least, from tne mass 01 gocxi uuvice, unereu vu nun. auu u game alone will amount to $30,000 u rennrted that his share of one football Nor is Mr. Grange the first college star to play professional football. These are points his critics should consider. "Then, too, while the criticism is being bandied about, some of the harsh words should be directed toward tne system mat nas juuen 10 kivu wir, Grange the training or experience to nccept. offers other than to play football. Mr. Grange is merely taking advantage of his opportunity, given him by the system. NO DEPOSIT . REQUIRED' LOW RATES Commercial Rent-A-Fo- Co. rd Drive Where You Like in a ReljableFord PHONE 3145 134 E. SHORT SOUTHERN RAILWAY SYSTEM DIRECT LINE FROM LEXINGTON TO-- ALL POINTS IN THE . Money Suits and Overcoats Tuxedos and Vests. , last season. 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