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7 > Image 7 of The Kentucky Kernel, December 18, 1925

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

I Team Wins Girls' Volley Ball Championship From Freshmen Junior-Sen- ior LOST Between Boyd lmll nnd Wolf. Wile nnd Company, a yellow-gol- d Finder plcnac cnll wrist wntch. Hnzcll Bell, 400,1. OPERA HOUSE HOCKEY MATCH IS WON BY SOPHS Woman's Athletic Association Works Out Permanent System of Awards ; Dances Planned START BASKETBALL NOTICE! Gross Ross Players (By Martha Reed) in the On Tuesday nftornoon r woman's gymnasium the won over the freshvolley lmll team man squad in a five same set. Excitement ran high; the impact of ball and hand minded with the swish of the net nnd above it all the squeals could be heard. "Ready?" of the "Serve hit it there!" "Hey you!" " (no that blank docs not "ah otnnd for the cuss word you may be thinking of; it merely signifies disappointed silence as the ball came down in the wrong court). The first game of the set went to s and the second waf the the prize of the yearlings. The third by the upper classcontest was Won men but the took the fourth game of the scries Enthusiasm did not ebb till the final whistle nnd good sportsmanThe ship was master of ceremonios. junior-senigirls were victors of the The afternoon by n count of two tenms are as follows: Junior-SeniElsyc Bartlcy (captain), Betty Hefferman, Mnblc Hill, Prewitt Evans, Martha Reed, Robert Lee Beck, Olive Rose Williams, Morrison, Catherine Coliff. Freshman Mary Alexander O'Hara (captain), Anna Mae Stamper, Mason, Louetta Greens, Mary Adcr, Dorothy Partch. The following girls were selected team: Eleanor for the Sophomore Beggs, Muriel Hincks, Nell Pulliam. Mary Kate Bledsoe, Georgia Alexander, Frances Osborno, Virginia junior-senio- co-e- Presents THE junior-senior- JAZZ KING (Musical Comedy) Students this is our Christmas Gift to You Xmas Coupon THIS COUPON AND ONE PAID ADMISSION Entitles Holder to TWO TICKETS Friday or Saturday Dec. SOON 18 or 19 wearers-of-tho-gree- n Mar-jor- ie .ophomorc tied . reshmen and in the second c couu. ,cst won from them by a tic bu ihe third game was a Sophomores and uppu, tween tho classmen nnd the final combat was n liophomorc victory by "Daddy" Boles, Who Has Them On the whole the 11)25 hockey seaIn Charge, Expects to Make is, son was n successful one and it Heavy Cut at End of hoped thnUnext year more girls will Month akc nn interest in this sport. ,cnson the FR0SH 2 1 ARE C0ACHLESS The Woman's Athletic Association .ias worked out a permanent system A or Kentucky's athletic women. .otnl of 1,000 points is necessary be- orc receiving the standard K. Any riirl who receives 500 points in the .arious sports will be awarded a numeral. For members of the present unior class to whom a letter would oe impossible under the new system j total of 250 points this year is necessary for the winning of a K. A jum of 175 points entitles a 1925 grad uate to a numeral. A present junior iiay receive a letter for 500 points and a numeral for 250. There will bo an annual high award athlete 4'ivcn to the best jf the year. The selection for this honor will bo based on personality, 80 ASPIRE FOR PLACES (Hy Frank Smith) Since no one has been selected a yet to coach the freshmen basketeern "Daddy Boles" is having quite a time trying to find out who's who among his 80 aspirants. Ho has announced, however, that the squad will be cut down to 50 men by the end of the With such a cut in sight, he month. will be able to get a better opinion of just what kind of material he has. Fans are looking forward to another successful season for the Kittens and with the material on hand, there is no doubt that we will have cadership, sportsmanship, ability and scholarship. Tho members Union, Bowling Green Business Coluiu executive council of the nssocia-olege, Wealoyan and the Centre and will act as judges in the matter Georgetown frosh have boen arranged. ad the trophy will be presented at the annual commencement exercises each year. Immediately after Christmas holidays the W. A. A. basketball season will open. Eleanor Ballentine has been selected as manager-in-chie- f for this sport. Class games will be played first and .hen an and dormitory inter-sorori- series will bo FRATERNITY MEN! BATTLE CRIES At a meeting of the advanced course men of the R. O. T. C. at Dicker hall Monday night, 11 men were chosen to make up the Honor Court which is a constituent part of the Honor System. The men chosen were: J. A. Dabney, R. C. Williamson, H. L. Woods, Jr., H. H. Grooms, E. B. Bullock, E. P. Morris, F. P. Derrick, J. A. Warren, Jr., W. F. Sherwood, W. A. Harbold, W. D. DeHaven, C. F. Heidrick and R. F. Adams. This selection will be presented to President McVey for approval. In case of necessity ono of theso men will be chosen to act as Judgo Advocate, and another to act as counsel for the defense. Trial will be in the form of the Summary Court LEWIS Plan now for a marvellous low cost trip to Europe $170 and up, round trip DOWN and plan your trip to Europe, NOW. Tourist 111 Cabin costs astonishingly little little, if any, more than a vacation spent at home. Last year thousands of students traveled by the United States Lines ships and this year will certainly show further big increase in bookings. For theso hips are letting new standards SIT voyage. Get all the facts now from your local steamship nijent, or write to the address below for complete illustrated literature and hungested tour. Make reservations well in advance. United States Li Operating the LEVIATHAN, GEORGE Washington, President Roosevelt. President Harding, Republic and AMERICA from Neu; York to Cobh, Cherbourg, Southampton, Pfytn-outf- :4 THAT THE Edwards. EAT AT Inn Tea-Cu- p College Hut will remain open all night Wholesome Foods Served Home Style Pan-Hellen- ic Rates For Students We serve banquets and Parties Night The Hut will have sandwiches of all kinds and plenty of service to accommodate the crowd. Sunday night Dinner 75c 5.7 152 E. High St. "A Good Job," He Says The Record Of A Great Grade Hohtein ' I This wonderful cow was bred and fed by Paul Moritz of West Bend. Wis. In our big herd at the recent National Dairy Show she won the championship for grade Holstcins and first prize for' cow over four years. duys was 11,904 pounds of milk Molly's record for and 57 1.9 pounds buttcrfat. The cost of her feed w,as only $0,3. 17 and after paying for the feed Mr. Moritz had a profit of $171.01. After the show this cow was sold for $ a record W,.r .rilUr nnrl hnffpr rcrnril lind also r the price she brought show that she was well bred and wisely fed. This cow and the 06 others in our herd were all fed on a ration balanced with Corn Gluten Feed. Their records prove that the largest profits in the milk business arc due to good breeding and Corn Gluten Feed. Feed Corn Gluten Feed with your home grown rutions for dairy cows for beef cattle for hogs. Tell us wliat materials you are feddingand we will suggest a good ration for you. If you prefer to feed a ready mixed feed be sure to buy from a manufacturer who uses Com Gluten Feed us an ingredient. It tells ail'the facts about Th Write for Bulletin No. 3. Champion Herd of Grade Cow and gives the record of each one ofthem. If you want your shoes up in time for Christmas, brjng them to us now. We promise you a first class job, the Best same as Santa's. leather and fixed jn W Attociatcd Corn Product No. 23 I NEW YORK HAT CLEANERS AND SHOE SHINE PARLOR Phone 3725-- RESOLVED That the last is always best of any meal the last is always "Our prices reasonable Our service the best" Manufacturtrt Feed Racarch Department Hugh C. Van PtU, Dlrttor 29i South La Salle St., Chicago, III. ' i, Bremen. Buck Announces NOTICE Will the person who took "The Modern Readers Bible" from in the reading room please a shelf return it to the desk? Rebecca The statc-roon- INK all-gi- rl DOC COOPER of comfort. Clean, airy inviting public roonu, the best of food, exclusive deck ,pace and dally concert ;ill contribute to a delightful S FOUNTAIN PEN After the holidays W. A. A. plans give several dances, some irties and a series of hikes. Girl3 e requested to bring their skater ck after Christmas in order to take - irt in the skating parties which will o sponsored by the associatior hroughout the remainder of the year. MAXWELL AND LIME ROBINSON - Marshal. The decision of the Honor Court does not include a sentence, but its verdict either of guilty or not guilty Pan-Hellen- ic Student's Barber Shop Company B Miss Dorothy Chapill bo p; fronted to the president of univ. sity for approval. In case man, of Uniontown, Ky. of npproval the offending member of Company C Miss Helen James, of the advanced course will be dismissed Bcrca, Ky. Trom school. Company E Miss Mnrgaret Elliott, of Iincaster, Ky. Company F Miss Madge Reynolds, ELECT SPONSORS Augusta, girls have been of Company G-Ky.Miss Thclma Snyder, The following elected to serve as R, O. T. C. company sponsors for the present school of Newport, Ky. With the exceptions of Miss Synder year, with the honorary title of and Miss James who are members 'ccond Lieutenant: of the Alpha Gamma Delta sorority, Company A Miss Lucilo Short, of all the sponsors are cither Chi Omegas Middlcsboro, Ky. or Chi Omega pledges. .1 another championship team. Tentative games with Louisville athletic Manual, Cumberland, Lexington, held. The Womans athletic Association is especially anxious that the girls of the university cake part in the basketball games. There will be second teams for those who do not make the. first Robinson. string. Help 'us put basketball Volley ball games were played over and it w)il help you. A manthroughout tho week and the finals ager will be selected from each for class championship' will be held sorority to meet with the at an early date. and work out a definite program of practice and a Sophomore class won the series of game. The hockey championship by defeating the This year, for the first timo in the Junior-Senior- s, 1, on Stoll Hold last history of the University of Kentucky, Thursday. In the first game of the girls rules will be employed for basketball. The two division court and straight guarding will be UBed and each team will consist of six players. Practice will start for class basketball on Tuesday, January 5, at 1 o'clock. Greek letter chapters are again sked to remember the W. A. A. ophy to be given to the organization oceiving the greatest number ol .oints during the year. Dance will be held The on Tuesday evening, December 22. At this important social function you will want to look your best. Our expert barbers will assist you in your preparations for this event. NLTMEN ' 112 W. Main hi and CREj "Heathized For Greater Purity" A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND THE HAPPIEST OF NEW YEARS is the message DIXIE sends every one.