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8 > Image 8 of The Kentucky Kernel, December 18, 1925

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

ul TAftli.JiKJHT AX EXPLANATION "To Ihc Editor of 'the Kernel: . In the December 11 Issue of the Kernel, I was Riven credit for nn article on "Trench Mouth." The item on trench mouth above referred to is neeurnt" well wr'tt'n and timely, nnd I wish that I could clnim it as a product from my pen. However, it was not written by me, but by D. Stanton Itoss, of the Department of Hygiene and Public Health. I hope that this will find n prominent posi tion in your next issue, as I wish to give Mr. Ross credit for the very good article which he has written. Very truly yours, J. E. Rush, M. D." national honornry educational Onoga Rho sorority entertained wllh n flollcrVitfnl ton from A to fl o'clock Wedncsdny afternoon Decem ber 9, at the home or Airs. u. J. Horlacher. nflornoon Miss Cella Taylor entertained the Omega Rho sorority with a theatre party. Alter the tcatro her guests were served with dnllrlnns refreshments in the Venetian room of the Canary Cottage. Cn Rnfnrilnv New Law Journal Appears On Campus Issue Contains Many Interesting CONTINUED SOCIETY NOTES Articles by Prominent Attorneys of State (CONTINUED FROM PAGE 3) The November issue of the Kentucky Law Journal, is oft" the press. The Journnl contnins nrticles written by E. L. Edelcn, of Frnnkfort, Ky., George W. Mcuth, of Bowling Green; W. L. Porter, of the Kentucky Bar Association; H. C. Kennedy, judge of Judicial District, the Twenty-Eight- h and 0. H. Wehle, of Louisville, Ky. All of these men arc prominent lawyers of the state and their articles are very interesting. The Law Journnl is published by the students in the College of Law. Prof. W. L. Roberts, of the College of Law, is faculty editor for the publication. This journnl has been adopted as the official publication of the Kentucky State Bar Association. The Journal the holidays. is published four times each y6ar, and Mr. Louis Shackleford will spend this is the first issue of the 1925-2Christmns with his mother in Sturgis. school year. Jr. Glanville Terrell was elected delegate to the annual meeting of the between Boyd mencan association of the Univer LOST Gold Shrine pinnn tVin enmrma II . nun uiiu tumyuo e'.ty Professors in Chicago, Decern last Tuesday. Return to Kernel 9 ber at a meeting of the Ken office. tucky chapter atthe. university cafe teria iuonaay nignt. Convocation was held for the stud ROSCOE CROSS AWARDED ents and faculty of the College of RHODES SCHOLARSHIP Education Thursday afternoon at 3 o clock in the auditorium of the uni versity high school. Dr. J. C. Noe (CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE) read from his poems. Talks were also made by Dr. L. B. McMullen, scholastic fraternity, Epsilon Beta J'r. Jesse E. Adams, Professor M. E Phi, which has lately bean granted Ligon, Miss Julia- - Hurd and Mrs. a charter from Phi Beta Kappa, alMargaret urasty, president of the though the chapter has not been inuniversity chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, stalled. In the scholastic year Mr. Cross held the highest honor in the military department, as student colonel of the regiment, and as a junior and as a senior he received the Correct Glasses ?.or silver cup for making the highest Students . grades in that department. His work in the College of Law C. W. DR. will be continued this semester and as to whether he will continue next Registered Optometrist semester, Mr. Cross has not yet decided. He will leave for England in 108 Walnut Street v Over October of next year and will not reUnion Bus Station turn for three years. During the summer he will tour the Continent of Europe with all his expenses paid. Scientific Eye Examinations Mr. Cross has a sister, Miss Ernestine Cross, and a brother, Thomas Prices THAT Please Cross, now enrolled at the university. Miss Frances Kane, who was graduated from the university last year, is in New York where she is holding the interesting position of interviewing performers for the Keith circuit. Leonard Tracy nnd James Malloy have been selected to represent the university chapter of the Sigma Nu fraternity at the biennial convention of the national Sigma Nu fraternity vhich will be held at West Baden, Intl.. December 29 to January 1. Doctor and Mrs. Frank L. McVey entertained with the usual Wednesday afternoon tea. Mr. Allan Swisher will poin Mrs. Swisher for a stay in Chicago during .nni. 28-2- 1923-192- 4, BURKE New Departments Beauty Parlor, Art Needle, Infants and Downstairs Economy Store. MITCHELL, BAKER & SMITH , !? KERNEL KENTUCKY (Incorporated) "THE QUALITY DEPARTMENT STORE" KENTUCKY LEXINGTGON TheodoreWeinshank, of Chicago, Will Make Ventilation Experiments at U. of K. at ltcqucst Of Dean Anderson ON JANUARY 1 DEBATE olTsUBJECT HELD rs WILDCATS OPEN BASKETBALL SEASON TOMORROW (CONTINUED FROM PAGE SIX) Felines in the 'best shape possible for the contest tomorrow night. On Tuesday 'night they- - indulged in a practice game with the Paris Athletic club, and-na result- - th'ey will display a wonderfully improved brand xi basketball tomorroy night. This practice gamo marked the only scrimmage the 'Cats have- had the past " eek, but they-- have been taking-brisoffensive and defensive workouts every day. A renewal of basketball engagements will not be until after the Christmas' holidays. On January 5, the Wildcats go to Bloomington, Ind and play the University of Indiana quintete. The following men will see action in tomorrow's engagement: Captain Carey, McFarland, Alberts, Besuden, Underwood, Phipps. Mohney, Jenkins, Ellis, Steele, and Sharpe. DR. RUSH URGES STUDENTS TO BE VACCINATED NOW Delegates Attend STUDENTS FIGHT HARD FOR (CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE) World Court Conference SEATS IN READING ROOM Which Met Last Friday duce satisfactory evidence of a sucSaturday and Sunday (CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONNl cessful vaccination in the past seven back work. Gottn lot to do. Sec yu later, b' good." Forty-fiv- e That wns the last straw, and I delegates lttcnded the Theodore Wcinshnnk; of Chicago, iit(j world court conference held nt realized then after an old side-kic- k III., a retired engineer, will co. u .o the university last Friday, Saturday, nd torcdor wns ncting that way, the University of Kcnt""Uy about md Sunday. Tlie conference wns that it was only thxj back-wor- k spiri Tmunry 1 to test the efficiency of opened by Dr. Alva W. Taylor's nd- - that proceeds holidays which had 'i different kinds of apparatus used ken hold of tho students, and that on "World Peace" at the con'n mechanical ventilation. The faculty vocation exercises Saturday morning. ho university hnd only temporarily and senior students in the mcchancal , Discussion groups nnd n reception 'nken on the nir of an idenl institu'cpnrtmcnt of the College of Engi-- . nt Patterson hall composed the nftcr-noo- n tion of learning. coring wih assist Mr. Wcinshnnk progrnm. A debate on whthcr j th the work. Mic United Stntes should enter the 'K" DANCE WILL FOLLOW 1 ,nst Thursday, Mr. Wcinshnnk, who rourt, or continue her policy of Isoln-lo- n GAME TOMORROW NIGHT a nn'ive of Russia nddrcssed the was held in he Cnlvary Baptist echnnical engineering students on church in the evening. The affirmative (CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE) the technicalities of their chosen 3idi of the question presented by At the close of the technical John Y. Brown nnd Miss Dorothy will follow closely on the heels of discussion, he talked for about an hour Smith wns given the judges' decision. our first baskctbnll victory of the on Russia, depicting the past and presThe negative was upheld by Paul reason for everybody knows the team ent conditions of his native country. Porter and Miss Martha Reed. this year is the best over, and defeat Mr. Wcinshnnk is fnnTilinr with the Mass meeting Sunday afternoon in is entirely out of the pale of thought present status of Russia as he has new gymnasium closed the conand just as the Indians celebrated been their twice since the World War. the ference. Dr. Taylor addressed the He made one of these trips under meeting, which was attended by a i victory with dance, so shall the Kentuckians. Then too, Christmns is Mie nuspices of the Ameican Society large audience of students nnd citi- just around the corner, nnd why of Mechanical Engineers, of which he zens. , should not we greet that happy seais n member and took a number of( son with a rousing good time even tccnmcai oooks ana apparatus to tne before going home for vncation. Russian students. companiments with a fine touch. The occasion Saturday night is After graduating form the UniverThe mnn responsible for the ex- preeminently n patriotic affair, for sity of Illinois, Mr. Wcinshnnk made cellent presentation Friday night is is it not for the Kentuckian, with good in his profession. He has re- Prdf. Carl Lamport, who has added the tired from nctive practice, but keeps greatly to the musical interests of music by in by Kentuckians, and participated Kentuckians chiefly? ip interest in problems of mechanical the city, seeking always to place be- Of engineering by doing research work. fore the public music that would ele- side course Depnuw and others outthe state will be given a hearty Dean F. Paul Andersin, of the Col- vate the soul and stimulate the mind. welcome, for, although the annual ' lege of Engineering, who. has known Members of the student body and needs the support, the chief aim of Mr. Weinshank for a number of years, j invited him to address the university faculty who were memebrs of the large the management will be to give every chorus are: Misses Pauline Adams, students. ARRIVES nn enjoyable evening and n pleasant memory to carry home on vacation. body Forty-fiv- e yenrs, the State Board of Health informed Dr. Rush when he cnlled the board over long distance Wedncsdny to secure information concerning tho ly "umorcd epidemic. In order to be snfc, however, Dr. Rush advises all students who have not been luccessfully vaccinated within the past !lvc yenrs, to take the treatment. The dispensary, according to the head of the hygiene department, now has uifficiont vaccine on hnnd to trcnt 500 students. Dr. McVey Issues Statement Because of the imminence of the disease nnd the grave danger of nn epidemic on the campus, President McVey issued the following statement Wedncsdny: "Rclinble information comes to mo thnt there is nn increase in smallpox cases in Kentucky nnd there have been reported a large number of cases in nn ndjoining county. Students, therefore, who have not been vaccinated within tho Inst five yenrs may introduce smallpox on tho campus after the holidays and I nm calling upon nil of those who have not been ynccinatcd to arrange to do so nt the University Dispensary nt once. This is n matter of very great importance to the student personally and to the university particularly. An epidemic of tha kind would bring disaster to the maintenance of the University sessions." Signed, FRANK L. McVEY, President. Eleanor Beggs, Henrietta Blackburn, Dorothy Bonar, Betnice Calvert, Catherine Carey, Geraldine Cosby, Dora Edwards, Grace England, Jewell Hayes, Dorothy Jackson, Ada King, Minerva Lamport, LaVergne Lester, Onie Lou McAlpin, Mrs. Flora Mackey, Ruth Madison, Anna Manly, Eugenia Money, Edith Moore, Mary Aloe O'Hara, Frances Palmer, Mildred Poole, Elizabeth Purcell, .Cleona Reece, Madge Reynolds, George Moore Smith, Elizabeth Smathers, Maydelle Van. Cleve, Frances White, Betty Wickham, Margaret Anderson, Jen-- ; nie Chancellor, Mrs. Eda Giles, Mary Gordon, Mary Faith Huffaker, Mildred Jonos, Pearl Martin, Nell Pulliam, Frances Stevenson, Corinth Taylor, Billie Whitlow; Messrs, Corbin Hugh Atherton, Robert Bradbury, Stanley Cundiff, Encil Deen, Austin Groves, Karl Hohmann, W. H. Mackey, Henry "Maddox, Frank Melton, Clifton Morrison, Melvin Nollau, B. Stamatoff, Storey Turner, Clarence Valade, Foster Adams, Hampton Adams, M. F. Ball, John R. Beam, E. E. Bowman, E. F. Bullock, Karl Cut-liC. L. Kress, Forrest Mercer, H. B. Moore, Stanley Powell, M. T. Trueman Rumberger, Burnette Sanders, Adrian Terrell, Thomas Ward, Joe Walters, Robert Warren, "MESSIAH" PLEASES LARGE Hulette Whimet and Ralph E. Wilson. AUDIENCE AT GYM MONDAY KATHRYN BROWN ELECTED POPULAR CO-E(CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE) MOST Dowell club and was a member of (CONTINUED FROM PAGE ONE) the chorus of "The Messiah" last of feminine pulcritude in America. spring. Other soloists were: Lois The Johnson, soprano, the possessor of a only staff further decided ,to allow those students to vote 'who had most colorful voide; Carlton tenor, whoso singing was annuals in the election to choose the most popular girl in the university. characterized by dramatic effect and During her brief stay at the unifinish; and Louis Kreidler, baritone, versity Miss Brown has been very who showed a perfection of interpretation and voice in many passages. prominent in the social life. The orchestra of the university, conIn the Stroller try outs this year, sisting of 40 pieces played the ac Miss Brown was selected as one of s' - k, Gifts He'll Lik- e- p, Rat-lif- Thoughtful people make gift choosing a pleasure and gift receiving a delight,- - by selecting Men's Gifts at this Men's Store where only things which men like are f, shown. Younger men prefer gifts from Graddy-Ryanbecause of our judgment in assembling stylish, snappy wearables that appeal to them. Let us aid you in happily selecting the gift for "HIM." 's D H. C. "Hank" Adams, Campus Rep. GRADDY RYAN CO. Cum-ming- s, AS A GIFT ' the eligiblcs and her cast in "Sweet and Twenty" wns adjudged the second best of those presented or "Amateur Night." The home of the "most popular girl in the university" is in London, Ky, NOTED ENGINEER U. OF K. HOLDS WILL VISIT HERE STATEMEETING (Incorporated) 140 West Main rlllMiiM Street muni For College Folks When the orchestra stops its surge of music -- and the applauding couples begin to leave the floor when you join the good fellows for jolly talk and friendship Something bearing the University Seal would be highly have a Camel! appreciated. WHEN the orchestra gives you encore after encore, but finally stops. And the couple glow ing with happiness reluctantly leave the floor. When you join the men for jovial talk until the next dance begins have a Camel! For no friend soj enhances the joys of life as Camel. 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