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43 > Image 43 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 21 (1946-1947)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

' rl . GENERAL INFORMATION 39 A C Station WBKY, WHAS, Louisville, and WLAP, Lexington. Excel- 0` i , lent exhibits of books, pictures, and museum materials of a variety t of kinds are presented at frequent intervals by the University } Library. torus i l _ _ _ LO to ~ Religious Life d e r The University, because it is distinctly interested in the relig- dred ious life of students, encourages them to maintain their member- {ivi- ships in the churches of their choice and to attend religious worship >rs regularly. On the campus the Young Mens Christian Association and the Young Womens Christian Association are active organiza- 8 tions, each with a fulltime secretary. Frequently great spiritual V leaders are brought to the University to speak to students. Through these resident secretaries and visiting ministers opportunity is giv- en the students to consult with sympathetic and able persons. Since the University and its staff are interested in the best all- OI._ round development of the student, every encouragement is given i uso, him to maintain high moral and spiritual standards. The vitality of religious life on the campus of the University of Kentucky is evidenced by the Pitkin Club, an organization of students, now i limited to eighty-five. There are active student denominational groups and Sunday School classes for students in the respective nany churches. Students also meet weekly for religious discussions by mms the Inter-faith Council, which includes representatives of the .y at church groups, a Newman Club and a Hillel Foundation, and by ` dB_ 4 other religious groups sponsored by the Y.W.C.A. and Y.M.C.A. ' De- . . . hole Student Activities raw- Many opportunities are given to the student to take part in stra, various activities outside of his college studies. He may engage in , all _ newspaper work in connection with the student paper. If he is The interested in dramatics he has the opportunity of taking part in is in plays presented in a real theater and under competent direction. fra- Through cooperation with the Student Govermnent Association, n in the student in maintaining the integrity and honor of the campus Jugh and of the student body, will be training himself for future leader- cial, Ship. The member of the Hi-Y Club or of the Girl Reserves finds a mtal welcome in the University Y.M.C.A. or Y.W.C.A. The student can enter into the management of various enterprises, participate in S in debating and in oratorical contests, take part in athletics, become may H member of the orchestra, band, or glee club, and go to social cept affairs sponsored by the University and by the various organiza- ntly. tions. There is opportunity at the University for the student to zulty exercise his many interests not only in hard work with his studies Eton V but in activities which bring him in contact with his fellow FM students.