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48 > Image 48 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 21 (1946-1947)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

E 44 UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY V operated by the Department of Mining and Metallurgical Engineer- rbr . _ . 1 2 ` mg` Joui i Dairy Products Building. The sections or Animal Husbandry, ; . g g Creamery License, Dairy, and Poultry are located in this building. ,~1Ct, . It also houses the herd book room, the incubation laboratory, and mal; Q laboratories for dairy manufacturing. . mm Education Building. In addition to the University Elementary Scie Q and High Schools, this building houses the office of the Dean of the College of Education, the Bureau of Curriculum Research, the _ ~ Bureau of School Service, the Teachers Placement Bureau, and classrooms for college courses in education. Engineering Quadrangle. This quadrangle, made up of several gg; , rather distinct units, houses the offices of the Dean of the College - HS, of Engineering, the Engineering Library and the departments of C d , mechanical, electrical, civil, and mining and metallurgical an K engineering. Faculty Club. Formerly the Patterson Home, this house is now Of 1 occupied by the University Faculty Club. l . Frazee Hall. Frazee Hall houses the departments of University IO? t Extension, Philosophy, Sociology, and History. Sa i Hamilton House. This is the Universitys cooperative house j _for women students. Sea Health and Hygiene Building. Formerly the law building, this Q structure now houses the University Health Service, the Depart- 3 BO ment of Hygiene, and the Infirmary. 1; i o 1 ( Highway Materials Research Laboratory. This laboratory is Q jointly operated by the Department of Civil Engineering and the 1, State Department of Highways. Home Economics Building. The offices, classrooms, and labora- im tories of the Department of Home Economics are located in this Of . n building. Y - Hospital Barn. This building is used to house the experimental ` gf animals of the Department of Animal Pathology. Iusectary and Conservatory. This building is a greenhouse and N. T laboratory used by the Department of Entomology and Botany of the Experiment Station. B( Jewell Hall. This is an addition to Boyd Hall, and is the third unit of the residence halls for women. ` p_ Kastle Hall. This building houses the offices, classrooms, and ~ laboratories of the Department of Chemistry. M Kinkead Hall. Kinkead Hall is third unit of the residence halls for men.