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Image 2 of Kentucky Alumnus, vol. 73, no. 3, Fall 2002

Part of Kentucky alumnus

Your Member Benefits { Th S ' J tf Y i j DIRECTORY OF BENEFI I S E • UK Alumni Directory and Online Community 859-257-7164 F PTT 2** ‘·~~·»‘ ¤°? ii ; Register online at for events calendar, permanent e-mail forwarding, { career and business directory. I PUBLICATIONS o i • Kentucky Alumnus Magazine 859-257-1478 B€¢3U$€ UK Alumni it Keep up with classmates and the vibrant University of Kentucky. This informative magazine is Association members apo tho I reserved fm y°u‘ truest of the true blue, . www_uky_eduIA|umnj their support deserves special Your home on the world wide web for news and links of interest to alumni. recognition, services and ‘ _ privileges. We invite I • Notices ot Special Events 859-257-8905 , _ : You receive mailings of club events, Association activities arranged in conjunction with athlet- you to ·]°m and hope i ic events, as well as other UK activities. you take advantage of P these 0 ortunities. i V I PERSONAL FINANCE pp i • First USAIBankOne Wildcat Visa 859-257-8905 . , _· Low variable APR, annual fee waived first calendar year. Enjoy the pleasure of identifying , , . yourself as a supporter of UK wherever you travel or shop. I M¤m¤¢rSh·v Qucstwns? A I I · Car nomar Discounts 1-800-269-2586 ' Tim° to R¤¤<=w? ‘ Use your Hertz, National, Avis or Thrifty Member Discount Card to save dollars or upgrade a I Address Change., , 1; rental car. ' ; iQ“_ I Looking for the nearest g QI M5 • Term Life and Short-Term Medical Insurance 1-800-269-2586 alumni oinb? j is Group rates for the coverage period you need. { L.; ' CLUBS ® EQ·~»—··~·»-i;*€j?fi]gY?i. · over so Looar crabs Narronwruo ass-251-8906 H I _ _ h H , Join friends with a common interest. Want to get involved and/or start a club? We'Il put you in ° p ls Just a P one ca away' touch with area alumni and provide all information. or I CAREER ASSISTANCE • Career Services 859-257-8700 Alumni members have access to a list of job vacancies and interview opportunities through I CyberCalvia the web at wwvraukyedu/CareerCenrer. www_nky_odnjA]ninni eo., · Access a Certified Career Counselor 859-257-9323 Reserved just for alumni. I LITTLE PLEASURES Another · Boone comor 859-257-8905 S€YV1C€ of Membership eligibility is extended to UKAA members. This full-service restaurant and a pub your is a favorite gathering place for faculty, staff and alumni. _ n UK Alumm I · Spindletop Hall 859-257-8905 · · Q You are also eligible to join prestigious Spindletop Hall, the UK faculty, staff, and alumni club. Assoclauon A A dining room, swim teams, tennis, and a putting green are fun features. • AIumnlTrIps &Tours 859-257-7162 .4 ] Exceptionally congenial and always a value, UK alumni travel opportunities cover the globe { I and make wonderful memories. > · UK rvroronanoroo a. Books ass-257-asos _, Gifts of distinction for every taste, budget and occasion are available for members to order. " Q ASSOCIATION [ 1;-=·e•· i . - · ° I F¤¢¢*rv¢¤+f xn mm/ 8·o.4,»,; i