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2 > Image 2 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 25, 1930

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

jr. Best IT THE KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE TWO Baseball team, University, leav- vcrsary with a Founders' Day banMiami University, Oxford, quet at the chapter house, April 12, ing mwtmtiEfl Ohio. for and the banquet was followed later In the evening by a formal dance 2. May Day, being celebrated May ' m on the campus by a parade In the at the Men's gymnasium. The honor guests at the banquet Prof. It. E. Jnrman lo Direct afternoon followed by the gingham Presentation of Mendelsin the gymnasium at night. were Dean F. Paul Anderson, Mr. LOST AND FOUND MM I dance 3, Delta Slgmn PI, honorary J. B. Dicker, L. E. Nollcau, S. T. May sohn's Oratorio c. ainncr-aanchonorary members. Saunler, all Commerce Fraternity LOST Phi Beta pin with H. C. S. Bruce E. Maxson, Cincinnati, alumMembers of the Gulgnol players, on back. Finder call Ashland nus, was the principal speaker of under the direction of Prof. Frank 4935. Kernel Annual Banquet I The staff of The Kentucky Ker- the evening. jFowler, presented "The Terrible MISS ELLEN' MINIHAN', Editor 0 Wrist Watch near tennis nel of the University entertained m. ...... ilSlli.lllU quia Alumni present were Oscar Stoes-sc- r, Week," a play by Charles Rand LOST 1 IIIIUC HI court; finder return to Kernel ofguests and representatives of the In Sunday afternoon A. H. Voelcker, J. P. Schllngcr Kennedy, fice and receive reward. various Journalistic organizations of Louisville. Ky.; John E. True, Memorial hall, as the regular weekbanquet at G Cincinnati; R. W. Splcer, John E. ly vesper service. with a delightful LOST Alpha Delta Theta sorority o'clock Tuesday evening, April 15, Colby. R. R. Miller, Lexington, and The scene of the piny was laid at pin; E. K. H. Please call at the Lafayette hotel. The affair J, H. Ray, of Grays, Ky. 'the foot of the cross and the time Ashlandinitials G990. one given by the was was the night of the crucifixion. Baseball game. University vs. nnnual NOTICE Vanderbilt on Stoll Field at 2 SERVICE Colonel Robinson Entertained appeared: A Three characters Mr. Wilbur G. Frye, edltor-ln-chlTo nil presidents of fraternities o'clock. Colonel O, P. Robinson, from the woman, Mrs. Lola Robinson; a solof The Kernel, Introduced University Typewriting work of assistand sororities; Plcnsc appoint one Indiana, convocation dier, Andrew Hoover, nnd an army STUDENTS ol Miss Margaret Horsflcld, for the evening, speaker, who gave an Interesting officer, James Boucher. The cast all kinds at reasonable rates. person to send in the society news ant professor of the romance lan- the toastmastcr Prompt and accurntc service. Hazel Mr. Martin R. Glenn, who presentbeeach week to The Kernel office talk on "The Operations of March gave an excellent performance unguage department, entertaining the fore Wednesday, every week. Your faculty members of the language ed the speakers on the program. 21, 1018," in Memorial hall, has been der the direction of Mr. Fowler. E. Brown, Fayette Warehouse No. 1, nnd cooperation will be appreciated, ns staff nt dinner In the evening, at Dean Paul P. Boyd, of the Arts Grc-ha- the guest at several affairs planned Special musical accompaniment was Mill and Bolivar, Phone, Ash. 599. adv. this arrangement will save he staff G o'clock at her home In Maxwcl-to- n Sciences College; Prof. Enoch in his honor during his stay here. given by Dr. A. W. Kelly at the Prof. Gerald Griffin and Prof. THE EDITOR. Tuesday evening Colonel and piano. much time. . court, April 26. Victor R. Portmann, Mr. Nell Plum-me- r, Mrs. Robinson were entertained at EMPLOYMENT .Sunday, April 27 Mr. Jess Laughlln, Miss KathProf, (sternly:) "This essay on A NATIONAL ORGANIZATION Vesper services In Memorial hall leen Fitch, Miss Helen King and dinner given by Major Owen MereCALENDAR dith. 'Our Dog' Is word for word the same at 4 o'clock, WANTS YOUR SPARE TIME Mr. David Griffith, were called on Wednesday, President and Mrs. as your brother's." Friday, April 25 j Monday, April 28 For students having two or three during the evening for speeches. The Junior Prom given by the Sweet young thing: "Why not? It's hours to spare in the evening or Preceding the regular program, Frank L. McVey gave a luncheon at Scabbard and Blade dlnncr- -' morning, a large organization can members of the Junior class In the dance. Theta Sigma Phi, women's national Maxwell place at which Colonel and the same dog." McGlll Dally. men's gymnasium from 9 until 1 ' Tuesday, April 20 fraternity, Mrs. Robinson were guests of honor. honorary Journalistic o'clock. Special meeting of the Interna- pledged the following girls for the Miss Mary Alice McRae, of Misses semester: Edna Baseball game. University vs. tional Relations Class at dinner in spring a former student at the UniVanderbilt University, nt 2 o clock, the Commons. Herr Wolff von De Smith, Dorothy Carr, Mary Virversity, spent last Friday and Satginia Halley and Ellen Mlnlhan. at Stoll Field. Wall, the speaker. urday in Lexington visiting friends. Saturday, April 26 The banquet coincided with the Herr Wolf von De Wall speaking Lances and Keys fraternity dance in German to the students, faculty birthday anniversary of Prof. Enoch Mrs. Dean Rumbold, of Richmond, from 9 until 12 o'clock in the men's and townspeople Interested In the Grehan. The Kernel extended their congratulations to Mr. Grehan and was a visitor at the Kappa Delta ALWAYS gymnasium. OUR WORK afternoon. presented him with a box of cigars house the past week. as a token of its appreciation. US BUSY Alpha Tau Omega fraternity anSpecial guests of The Kernel for the dinner were: Professor and Mrs. nounces the pledging of Mr. Vernon Enoch Grehan, Dean and Mrs. Paul Rooks, of Paducah, and Mr. Harry M. A. Mangione & Co. Cor High and Lime P. Boyd, Professor and Mrs. Victor Elvin Reiser, of Lexington. Professor and Mrs. R. Portmann, The Mothers' club of Delta Tau 153 South Limestone Street Gerald Griffin; Messrs. Roy Ows- Delta fraternity entertained the ley, Nell Plummer, Edwards Temp-ll- n, chapter Tuesday with a tea at the Haii-cu- t 35c, Shave 15c Kathleen Fitch, Jess Laughlln, house on Lexington avenue. Haircut 40c, Shave 20c James Shropshire and Lois Purcell. Mr. Grover Creech, of Pineville, Except Saturday Saturdays was a week-en- d visitor at the Sigma Founders' Day Banquet Nu house. LADIES' HAIRCUTTING A SPECIALTY XI Chapter of Alpha Xi Delta Mr. Jim Prather spent the vacacelebrated its annual Founders' Day tion in Henderson and Hickman. Open 7 a. m. to 8 p. m. with a banquet at the Phoenix hoe, Messrs. Harry Bland, Freddie tel, April 12. The tables were decLouis Weber and Tom Riley orated with candles and pink roses, visited their parents in Newport. flower. Programs the fraternity Mr. Jack Rash and Mr. Hughes were in the colors of the fraternity and bore the crest in gold. The sub- Norment dmotored to New Orleans to visit the medical last week-enject for the toasts was "To Put It school of Tulane University. In Our Language." Mr. Ross Hirvln spent the holiRepresentatives from the differFancy PerceW ent classes responded to toasts; they days In Somerset with Mr. J. T. Pajamas were Misses Marjorle Boggess, Sydney Redmon, Emily Hayes, Frances Mr. Maxwell T. Kerr has returned Mauzy, Mary Browne Bradley and from a visit with his parents In Mary Katherlne Jasper. Miss Eliz- Louisville. CORRECT APPAIJEL FOR WOMEN AND MISSES abeth Poole was toastmlstress for Mr. Lawrence Alexander has comthe occasion. The history of the pleted a tour of Western Kentucky, 264 West Main Street fraterntiy was read by Miss Mary where he has been making arrangeFancy percale of' Lynn Hudson. ments for the spring Glee Club trip. broadcloth pajamas The Honor Quill, presented by Messrs. Roy Kyle and Herbert Ife Miss Katherlne Davis, was awarded from the Lamda Chi Alpha chapwith French neck, silk to Miss Louise Mitchell, of Ver- ter at Cincinnati University are frog trimmed . . . 05 sailles. This Quill, the fraternity guests at the Lambda Chi Alpha the popular button-les- s, badge, Is awarded each year to the house. pledge chosen by the chapter as the Mr. Clarence Owens spent the C. H. McAtee Shoe Rebuilding Shop slipover model. Elastic top best pledge on a basis of scholar- holiday in Horse Cave. ship, spirit and activity. A num Both garments cttt Mr. Albert R.I Jones has returned or drawstring ber of alumnae members were pres- from a visit with his parents' In fulf throughout and WHY IS McATEE'S SHOE REPAIRING ALWAYS ent at the banquet. Ashlandtrousers made to fit properly. CONSIDERED THE BEST? BECAUSE YOU GET Mr. James Gatewood was in Mt. I ! Omega Beta PI Dinner Dance Sterling for the vacation. COURTESY, POLITENESS, QUALITY, SERVICE I The Omega Beta Pi. professional Mr. Thomas Howes visited in fraternity, entertained Franklin over the week-en- d. 5640-10- 4 with a dinner dance. Tuesday, Mr. William Hubble has returned Phones April 15, in the red room of the La- from a visit in Carmi, 111. memfayette hotel, in honor of the 103 South Lime Messrs. James Dorman and Earl Branch Shop 507 East High bers and guests. Cella motored to Louisville for the The room was decorated in the week-en- d after visiting In Pineville 'colors of the fraternity and sprays and Harlan with Strollers. (Incorporated) I of spring flowers were placed on the Messrs. Howard Ivie, Eldon Evans tables. and Gillespie Hoernel spent the I The chaperones were the mem week-en- d In Morehead. 314-31- 6 Lexington, Ky. West Main St. bers of the faculty of the physiolMr. Jess Laughlln and Mr. AI ogy and anatomy departments and Stoeffel were in Indianapolis, Ind. during the vacation. their wives. Mr. About 50 guests were present. Melvin Moore and Mr. Charles Worthlngton made a weekend visit in Evansville, Ind. In Ronor of Inspectors Scabbard and Blade will entertain Messrs. Irvin Crosby, Eugene Hin-ma- n, Monday night at 6:30 o'clock in the James Reagan and Michael . ball room of the Phoenix hotel with Murphy spent the vacation in In honor of the Ina dinner-danc- e specting officers from Fort Hayes Drama Presented at Vespers by Fowler mm QOCIETYl Klassified Ads :!:::!::::::t:::::::::t::t::::tt:::t::t::t:::tH! use a limited number nnd will reimburse you in cash as high ns $5 hourly. 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I only the best SODAS SANDWICHES Curb Service Walton Near Main GOODRICH SILVERTOWNS THE "WILDCa S" OF TIREDOBf Taylor Tire Co. 346 East Main St. Phone, Ashland 3931 Founders' Day Banuet Kentucky chapter of Triangle annl- celebrated its twenty-th- d " ALONG WITH SPRING COMES THE DESIRE TO Students are especially urged to take advantage of our low rates. We do not require a deposit from students. Come, see us DRIVE" Chrysler 134 East Short Street U-Drive- -It Co. Phone Ashland 8552 "- j 100 S. 2 2d St., Richmond. Va. I YOUNG'S GREEN LANTERN 1.- the Edgeworth Is a careful blend of good tobacco elected especially for Its quality andflavorneverctantfe. Buy Edgeworth anywhere in two forms s Triangle Formal Kentucky chapter of Triangle entertained with a formal dance from 9 to 12, April 12, in the Men's gym. The gymnasium was beautifully decorated in streamers of the fraternity's colors and palms surroundin ed Ralph Piatt's Kentucklans the shape of a large triangle. Members of the active chapter are Messrs. W. L. Albert, M. T. Carpenter, C. E. Colvin, R. D. Cooke, J. E. Goodman, B. D. Harrison, R. G. Heintz, W. J. .Hoeing, J. M. Howard, J. B. Hughes, C. R. Kast-ne- r, R. C. LeRoy, H. C. Moss, R. Q. Moss, D. L. O'Roark, R. W. Schra-de- r. F. E. Scott, O. K. Sharp. H. V. Smith, Morris Smith. T. A. Walters, H. Woods. W. B. Young, R. B. P. Cubbage. G. J. O'Roark. J. E. Hundley. W. L. Moore. . Pledges: Messrs. J. W. Little, D. r, R. Voelcker, J. L. Hlte, J. N. Scud-deJ. R. Vaughn. J. D. Alexander, Russell Gray, William Young, Walter Wolfe, William Wilson. Dean and Mrs. F. Chaperones: Paul Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Nol-la- u, Dicker. Pror. and Mrs. L. E. Mr. and Mrs. S. T. Saunler, Pennington. Mr. and Mrs. Henry i tobacco made for pipes. Think of it rules and Edgeworth, the how and the what of all for your 2ft stamp and that coupon there below. $1.49 Dinner 5:307:30 P. 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