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y Available i THE KENTUCKY the engagement of their daughter, Norwood Walker to Mr. Y. Alexander Statcn, of Chicago, 111. Both attended the University. Miss Walker was graduated from the Un vers tv with a B. S. degree In Home Economics and since that time she has held a position as teacher at Morton Junior high school. Mr, Statcn. who was graduated Bryson spent the holidays with from the University with an A. B. FRATERNITY ROW parents In Covington. Miss degree, nlso received a Ph. D. de their Misses Mnry Brown Brndlcy and Marjorlc Boggess was Miss Bryson's gree from the Louisville scnooi oi He Is now attending Pharmacy. visitor. Sadie Hovlous spent the Easter the University of Chicago Medical Misses Mary Lynn Hudson, Eliz in Pittsburg with friends. Poole School. Misses Louise Wcndt and Natalie abeth Smith and Elizabeth days. The wedding will take place In were in Louisville for a few Miss Gladys Fisher attended the June. K. E. A. In Louisville, MARRIAGES Miss Emily Hayes has returned from a visit with her parents In Graham-Fie!andWarsaw. Miss Eva Jenkins, Ellzabcthtown, The marriage of Miss Martha was a week-en- d visitor at the Alpha Graham, of Louisville, to Mr. Ron- $5.00 XI Delta house last week to attend a d Freclandcr. of New YorK, was the annual Founders' Day banquet. solemnized Easter Sunday afternoon Large or Small Waves Miss Virginia Oilman has re- at 4 o'clock in the St. Bartholoturned from her homo In Hudson, mew's church in New York City. with Perfect Ringlet S. D where she recovered from a The bridal trip will bo taken to Ends Cuba, thence to Riverside, conn., seriousness illness. Mr. Dick Brown, Sherman, Tex., for the summer. Is the charming Miss Graham has been visiting at the Delta Chi and accomplished daughter of Colhouse. Mr. Albert S. Owsley, national onel and Mrs. James R. Graham, of field secretary for Delta Chi fra Louisville. Prior to her marriage ternity, will be at the Delta Chi she has been taking a special course Phone for Appointment in New York at Columbia Univerhouse for the next lew oays. sity. Ashland 4480 or 3743 ENGAGEMENTS Mr. Freelander is the son of Mr. EXPERT OPERATORS and Mrs. Joseph Henry Freelander Walker Staten of New York and a graduate of Yale ROSE PERRY, Mgr. Mr. and Mrs. Klrchell Walker, of University. Henderson, Ky have announced The news Is of Interest in Lexington where the Graham family have numerous friends, frequently coming here to visit and on busiIs the ness, as Colonel Graham president of the Indian Refining Company. He is a graduate of the University of Kentucky, and a very devoted friend of the University, Let us solve the problem of arranging coming each year at Thanksgiving time for the football games and for a Founders' Day banquet, a rush party, visits at other seasons. Society Sarah "Edmond Steam" Permanent Wave LAFAYETTE BEAUTY PARLOR or an initiation dinner. Call 4480 and let us know how many to expect and we will have everything ready. Backer Banta Mr. and Mrs. George Elmer Backer announce the marriage of their daughter, Helen, to Mr. Monte Lawrence Banta, which took place In Louisville, Thursday morning, April SPECIAL STUDENT PRICES 17. The bride Is the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Backer. She was graduated from Hamilton College In the department of expression; Is a graduate of the University of Kentucky, where she was a member of the Chi Omega sorority; attended Columbia University in New York City, later enjoying two years 5 abroad. Mr. Banta was formerly from Henry county. He is a graduate of Georgetown college and Is now holding a position with the Connecticut Life Insurance Company, stationed at Louisville, where he and his bride will make their home aiter June 1. The Lafayette Hotel LEN SHOUSE, JR., Manager Spare Moments SERVICE TOASTED SANDWICHES CIGARETTES and TOBACCO MAGAZINES TOILET ARTICLES WE ALSO HAVE DAINTY BOXES OF NORRIS CANDIES Just Across the Campus ft fONunn-Buscinkle-fashione- d Noc at Inauguration The choir of the Central Christian church, under the direction of R. E. Jarman, will sing Mendelssohn's great oratorio, "St Paul" nt the vesper service In Memorial hall Sunday afternoon at 4 o'clock. The choir will be accompanied by an orchestra and the organ. The soloists will be: Mrs. J. C. Bosworth, soprano; Miss La Una Ramsey, contralto; Mr. R. E. Jarman, tenor, and Mr. J. T. Jackson bass. Mr. R. E. Jarman and Miss Mildred Sharpe on the will act as accompanists piano and the organ. This oratorio Is recognized as one of the great musical masterpieces and with such an excellent musical organization presenting It should prove to be one of the finest vesper programs of the year. poem given by Dr. J. T. C. Noc, of the Education College, will bo one of the features of the program acof companying the inauguration John Howard Payne as president of School and Normal Morehead Teachers' College, Friday morning, May 2. The Inaugural address will be delivered by Dr. Robert M. Hutchins, president of Chicago University; and Chief Justice Otis Thomas of the Kentucky Court of Appeals will administer the ortth of office. Others on the program Include: Dr. William J. Hutchins, president of Bcrca College; W. C. Bell, state superintendent of public Instruc tion; Ralney T. wells, president of Murray Normal School and Teachers College; Dr. M. B. Adams, president of Georgetown College; Dr. J. D. Falls, superintendent of Ashland city schools, and Dr. J. F. Record, president of Plkcvllle college. period for the first for a five-yethrough the eighth grade schools. The book was recently completed by Prof. Adams after a thorough and painstaking research Into the teach-i- n methods that are practiced In grammar schools. In this work the attempt has been made to simplify the subject tso that it will present less of a problem to the grammar school teacher. A in Problems of April 29, at 3 o'clock. "Spanish Art and Artists" will be the theme to be carried out In the program, which will be presented by members of the program committee. Following this a social hour will bo enjoyed. vention Mrs. Frank L. McVey, Misses Jane Dickey, Llllle V. Cromwell, Margaret Lewis, Eleanor Swcarlngen and Mildred Dudley will attend the national convention of tho Young Women's Christian Association at Detroit, Mich., from Friday to May 3. All Makes TYPEWRITERS Sale or Rent Special Rental Rates to Students Dealer: L. C. Smith and Corona Typewriters STANDARD Opp. Courthous SKSP Phone 1792 WEST SHORT ST. SPELLING BOOK ADOPTED "The Child Centered Speller," a book by Prof. Jesse E. Adams, has been adopted In Kentucky schools HHinnnnnniintmmn!nmtnniiitnm "STUDENTS" FILM Developing BRING YOUR FILMS TO US to have them Developed. We give profes- sional advice in showing you what the mistakes have been in pictures. If it's a Haircut or Shave Let US Show You a Good One A CLASS "A" SHOP Lexington Drug Co. Students Barber Shop FIRST BIG STOP DOWN TOWN We Repair All Makes of Fountain Pens Corner High and Lime J. T. SHUCK, Prop. DEAD METAL LEAPS TO LIFE at the hands of Westinghouse engineers WHAT YOUNGER COLLEGE MEN ARE DOING WITH 'WESTINGHOUSE 9 Ohio Educator Will Instruct Parent-Teach- Association The University of Kentucky, In with the National Congress of Parents and Teachers and with the Kentucky Parent-Teach- er Association, will offer in the 1930 summer session a course. devoted to Asthe problems of Parent-Teach- er sociations, It was announced by Dean Taylor, Wednesday. Mr. Hi S. McCoy, principal of the Snyder Park Junior High school, Springfield, Ohio, will be In charge of this W. F. BOYLE Pratt Institute, '27 Turbine Sates Griggs Building Mr. McCoy comes to the University highly recommended by the National Congress of Parents and Teachers. He, is a man of wide experience, having taught in rural and private schools and having served as Junior high school principal, senior high school principal and superintendent of schools. He is a graduate of Wittenberg College and Columbia University and has for the past several years been conduct ing summer extension coures in the interest of parent-teachThis course has been planned es pecially for parents and teachers, and should attract a large number of people. It will meet from 2 to 4 o'clock each afternoon, beginning Monday, June 23, and closing Saturday, July 5. The course will carry one unit of credit. h Oxfords Reformer: "Stop, friend I Do you believe that a glass of that vile stuff will quench your thirst?" ColleEe Lad: "Nope. I'm gonna drink the whole Jug." McGill Daily. If blogollsts are right in their as sertion that there Is not a perfect man today on the face of the globe, a lot of persoal opinions here and there will have to be altered. muMttHmmmmmmmmmtmmu Levin's 137 North Limestone R.H. HANNEY Tuft's. "26 Condenser spark of life into lifeless metal, that converts it into active machin' ery, that makes of it an adaptable servant. One essential ingredient of that engineering is imagination. A second is rational thinking, the object of your technical training. And the third is teamwork. In the development of the 55,000 kw. Duke Power Turbines, team' work extended back to the date V- when George Westinghouse brought the steam turbine to America. It included men who Cleaning and 70U SEE and FEEL have made life studies of vibration, Our Specialty of blade design, of the effects of superheated steam on metals; men who know how to make huge cast' ings, the packers who have mas' tered the science of shipping giant Pressing the difference ALL WORK GUARANTEED GRAVES COX & CO., Inc. Work called fwr aa delivered Ashland 8380 KtKKttwmttttmnwtKWtn I tttttitttnx Sales TT is engineering that breathes the Let us rent you a Tuxeie for the school dascM $2.50 A NIGHT JHHB Atcnco Castcllano, Spanish club of the University, will hold Its regular meeting In the recreation room of Patterson hall. Tuesday, Mr, national will Attend AT DETROIT con- SPANISH CLUB TO MEET El work. ALEXANDER'S 557 South Limestone Morehead Normal to Church Choir to be At Sunday Vespers Feature Poem of Dr. University Offers New Summer Course ARE ALWAYS BEST SPENT WITH US FOUNTAIN PAGE THREE KERNEL R.S. THATCHER Dreiel Institute, '27 Production Department The J 5,000 tfiv. turbine generator umti that Wetting house built for the River Bend station of Due Poucr Company arc the largest in the South. H.B.RASMUSSEN M.I.T..' machinery. And it took in also the Turbine Engineering business men who create a market for such machinery and who cement together the manyfold activities of the Westinghouse institution. J. C. HARPER Westinghouse 'A v Uiiycttc College, Turbine SLi 29