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Available PAGE FIVE THE KENTUCKY KERNEL Wildcat Thinlies Leave for Knoxville Tonight .1. P. MI NT Kit TO SPEAK A. cabinet In the Y. M. C. April 29, nt 7:15 o'clock, and his talk will concern missionary All students who are Interwork. C. Mr. J. P, Mlntcr, traveling secretary nnd representative ol the Student Volunteer Movement, will bo nt the University, April 29 nnd 30, according to nn announcement made by Bart Peak, Tuesday. Mr. Mlntcr will address a meeting of the Y. M. ested In the missionary field arc Invited to henr Mr. Mlntcr's talk or to see him nt the Y. M. C. A. office on cither of the above mentioned dates. EXCURSION' By Lawrence Crump CINCINNATI NEXT SUNDAY ROUND TRIP FARE FROM LEXINGTON $2.00 for children between the ages of five and twelve years. GOING: Special train leaves Lexington at 7:50 a. m. Tickets also good on Train No. 44 leaving Lexington at 5:35 a. m. RETURNING: Special train leaves Cincinnati at 5:20 p. m. (Central Time), 6:20 p. m. (Cincinnati Time). Tickets good on any, train leaving Cincinnati Sunday night. II. D. LYONS, T. P. A. Half-far- e Southern Railway Svstem THE NEW ROYAL PORTABLE ADVANCES THE STANDARDS OF BEAUTY and PERFECTION Simpler, Handles, Decidedly Easier to Operate. New Royal Portable is a Constant Inspiration--Source of Real Satisfaction to Everyone The a Transylvania Printing Co. (Incorporated) Near Fayette Bank N. Upper Street iiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii''iiiiiii'i'niinimmrmw RENT A STUDEBAKERora NEW FORD Hour Charge Sat. Nites and Sun. Only. No Deposit Required from Students two-mil- e. The hurdles are close, with Ten nessee having the edge with Cravhighs in ens doing the In the field events Tennessee seems to be a little ahead. The shot will be a duel between Wright and Forquer, of Kentucky, and Hickman, of Tennessee, all of these men throwing the ball around 40 feet. Co. e-It Coach Bcrnle Shlvley nnd the Kentucky track and field sqund will leave tonight for Knoxville Tcnn., the home of football teams, to engage the Volunteer thinlies in a dual track meet. Dope gives the Wildcats a slight edge on the chances for avenging a beating which the 74 3 to 42 Vols handed out last year. It is also a chance for Kentucky to gain edge on Tennessee for the seathe son; the two Institutions having fought to a 6 to 8 tie on Thanksgiving day and taken a game apiece in basketball. Should Kentucky win this meet they arc practically assured of an undefeated track season, as they defeated the powerful Vandcrbilt squad during the spring vacation. Tennessee had no trouble in taking Sewanec last week and the Tigers arc Kentucky's next and last opponents before the S. C. meet. Kelly Is Hot "Shipwreck" Kelley, who has won six firsts in two dual meets, has a fine chance to make it nine against the Vols. Clark, of Tennessee, finished second to Hug, also of Tennessee, in the dash in the Sewanee meet, but Clark was able to step it off in 10:2 at the Tech relays. Kelley should make better time than that, but in the 220-yadash he will have to defeat not only Clark, but his teammate, Heber. Corbett, of Tennessee, broad Jumped 21-4 Inches against Sewanee, while Kelley was doing better than 22 feet In the Vanderbilt meet. will be an interThe quarter-mil- e esting duel between Hug, of Tennessee, who finished second to Williams, of Washington and Lee, last year in the Southern Conference meet, and Clyde Jones, of Kentucky. Jones is in fine shape this season and is turning in good time. He was able to clip off the quarter in :54 Wednesday afternoon in practice on a slow track. Wayman Thomasson will have a chance to do his stuff against plenty of competition in the person of chance that Captain Hays Owens half-mi- le around 2:03. Owens Hits 1:59 Captain Hays will run this event after the fine showing he made at the Tech relays. Running with the two-mirelay team which came within a .fraction of a, second of tie- ing the Southern Conference record, Owens was clocked for his half-mil- e at 1:59, time which will win lots of half miles. O'Bryan will have trouble in the mile with Stewart, who runs close! to 4:30 for this event. Owens should take Fitzgerald of Tennessee in the 16.03. Studebaker U-Driv- Kentucky Given Edge To Beat Volunteers; Shivelymen Unbeaten The discus should go to the Vols with little opposition, as Heydrlck gets close to 125 feet. Football fans will remember this boy who came up with Volunteer frosh two years ago and did everything with the pigskin but pull it out of a hat. He has not been able to replace the Hack and Mack combination for their varsity, however. Heydrlch will also throw the Javlln, but McLanc Is capable of beating his best throw. Young, of Sewanee, and Johnson, of Tennessee, tied at 5 feet 9 Inches in the high Jump, which Is 3 inches short of Roberts' best Jump. Gibson and Porter, of Kentucky, should both defeat Corbett in the pole vault. Shivley Is anxious to win this meet as it meaas an undefeated season for Kentucky as well as proving to Coach Potter that he does right well as a head coach. Golf Entries Entries for the intramural golf tournament beginning this week Riley, Settle. are as follows: Stcrrltt, Root, Howard, McVay, Mcrldlth, Lewis, McGurk, Mad-do- x, Sharpe, Roush, Lowery, Stranahan, Cutler, Wilson, Morgan, McLanc, Kendall, Core, Garrison, Calloway, Hawkcs, Myers, Frye, Montgomery, Kelly, Lutes, Steward, Maxon, ScniT, Sommcs, Young, Custard, Cad-diEpps, RUcy, Stephens, Cutter, Squires, Cleary, Cam, Wcbcr, Jolly, Laughlln, Orcen, Kelly, Sanders, Smith, Van Maarth, Kce, Kastner, Johnston, Van Arsdalc, Watts, Mahon, Trlon, Osten, Moonan, O'Doar, Harmon, Gibson. comber 14. 1929, Collier's weekly magazine published Mr, wltwer a unrinlshcd story, "King's Up," and offered a prize of $1,000 for the best ending by amateur writers. There were additional prizes of $500, $300 $200 and ten $50 offered. Mr. Whltmar, a young man of 23, won the $1,000 prize. He finished the story in that breezy, slangy, yet ::tt:m:t::::j:t::t:t:::ttt:t:mm:::tt:::::::::x::m::jmt:t::mtntt THE NEVITT CO. AUTO SUPPLIES Special Discount to College Students 366 WHITMAN WINS COLLIER PRIZE ON SHORT STORY What's In a name? M. J. Whit-ma- r, of Cincinnati, Ohio, found that not only his name resembles that of the famous humorist, H. C. Wltwer, but that his style of writing is so like Mr. Wltwer's that he won a $1,000 prize. t Head Big H. C. Wltwer died last year and left an unfinished story. On De- - East Main St. University Commons Spring Semester, 1930 Trott and Urbaniak Blue Diamondeers In Slugging Spree In a revengeful spirit as the result of the close score to which they were held in a previous game, the varsity horsehiders ran hog-wiat the expense of the Big Green, Tuesday afternoon, in the second practice game of the season between the two nines. The varsity started things off in a big way and before the third inning had passed were clicking off hits and runs in unlimited quanti ties The scorekeeper's pencil was worn down to the nub stage in a hurry and no accurate record of the runs made is available, although the total Is well over a dozen. Base hits were doubly prolific, every substitute on the squad getting his chance to share in the club work before the evening mess call and lengthening shadows prevailed upon Coach Devereaux to stop the slaughter. Leading the way for the Wildcat sluggers, who at last seem to have come into their own, were Trott, outfield star, and Urbaniak, sophwho included omore shortstop, among their other hits long drives to the great open spaces that were good for the circuit. B. B. Tucker and his Green infield mates were backed into the outfield in their effort to dodge the sizzling drives from the varsity war clubs as one Big Blue man after another started on his scoring Journey. McBrayer and McMurray, the varsity's prize Scotch duo, were on the mound during the track meet, toying with their little brothers and llmltinc them to a minimum num ber of bingles. Ellis and Aldridge, freshman hurlers. were tne unmcicy victims of the Wildcats' hilarious snake dance around the hassocks. TABLE D'HOTE Roof or for the Last Time Use Johns-Manvil- of MEAL HOURS: Breakfast Lunch Dinner le COMBS Wildcat Lair DINING ROOM -- LUNCHES Service with a Smile SODA FOUNTAIN Rehearsals for "Table d'Hote," the last Gulgnol attraction of the current season, have assumed the attitude of sincerity and Fowler-GallowThe three-a- ct creation will be presented Gulgnol theater during the at the entire week of May 5. indications are to the effect that Mr. John Noonan will annex more laurels to his already brilliant dramatic career when he is seen in the naive role of Billy Pettigrew, wealthy sportsman and prattling buffon. Mr. Glen Baylor the effectively demonstrate will nonchalantry of the "idle rich" in the bachelor role of Garry Hamilton, famous polo player. Mr. Kenneth Mclntyre, as George McAllister, is resting after family quarrel and yearning for domestic peace and tranquility. Feminine honors will be equally R. W. SMOCK distributed between Misses Virginia Boyd, Mary Sidney Robson, Virginia Watch Your Watch McVey. Jean Bulllt Lowry and Mrs. J. W. Martin. These characters utilize every opportunity to discuss society, marriage, and men. Clock The action takes place in the dining room of a fashionable summer Work Called For and Delivered resort hotel where Martin Glenn presides as the courteous and sym157 S. LIME pathetic head waiter. Delroy Root PHONE 7638 and Horace Miner, as waiters, will dispense deluxe service and tempting victuals to the Indigestive pat- -, tuMWUUWttttffittttffitmttttmtmmtfflmmt ' rons. The entire play will be greatly enjoyed by those who appreciate (high class comedy, It will appropriately close a very successful Gulgnol season 'that has attracted much attention in the dramatic world. 340 315 292 168 134 120 110 104 102 87 75 73 52 45 42 40 38 SANDWICHES 304 SOUTH LIMESTONE On your way to town Orchestra Evenings We Deliver Phone Ashland 9191 or 8262 Careful Watch and Repairing - 5:00 CO. Ascend South Stairs to Commons Lexington, Ky. SMART SPORTSWEAR FOR COLLEGE MEN j IHHHBt jtV Sweater and hose sets in light color effects especially appropriate for the coming season. We have these in round necks and crew necks in solid colors as well as interesting figured effects. Sweaters, $5.00. Hose to match, $1.50. Hi Sturdy woolen knickers in colors suitable for blending with sweater and hose. See also our advance showing of linen knickers. Linen Knickers, $2.95, up. Woolen Knickers, $6.50, up. Attention is also directed to our new sun-ta- n back athletic undershirts and our new shorter length trunks, especially designed for college men. ItOY CAHRUTHERS, President T. l CAGWIN, Manager mtittmttttttttMmtttttttttttttttttttttutttttttjt::j ::::tt:::::::::ti:i The Best of Meals for Students Fountain Service Just across from the gym STUDENT RESTAURANT HOURS: 6:00 P. M. Third Floor (Incorporated) fra- folk at dances, dinners, luncheons We also call your attention to our Modern Barber Shop Assembly Dances every Saturday night Music by Peck Bond 6:30 McVey Hall LUMBER THE PHOENIX HOTEL Perfect service at moderate prices for sororities, ternities and other discriminating University 9:15 11:3012:45 -- 9:00 A. M. Standings Sigma Alpha Epsllon Delta Tau Delta Alpha Tau Omega Sigma Nu Sigma Chi Delta Chi Lambda Chi Alpha Pi "Kappa Alpha Kappa Sigma Phi Delta Theta Alpha Gamma Rho Sigma Beta XI Alpha Sigma Phi Phi Sigma Kappa Triangles Kappa Alpha Phi Kappa Tau 7:15 SODA FOUNTAIN Rigid Asbestos Shingles TO STAR NOONAN Intramural Phone: Ash. 446 trrmtttttKtttmttt Varsity Suffocates Frosh in Practice Re-Ro- Interesting style which characterized II. C. Witwcr's writing. The story is published In Collier's for April 5. Mr. Leo Cosby won the fourth prize of $200. Mr. Cosby is 38 years old, was born In Kentucky and did newspaper work In this state. He is now located in Pasadena, Calif., and is employed by a motion picture company. vti VVvfl QM8 8 8Jy 1