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6 > Image 6 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 25, 1930

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

jripr- - k Best Copy Available THE KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE SIX Hear TOY SANDEPUR'S RHYTHM KINGS play the Latest Song Hits, every afternoon, 4 to 5, at ' CAMPUS KERNELS ELIZABETH and FRANCES KINNEY to play bridge. Mcthlnks they would be tired of the game after the holl- 'day. Saw ANDY HAYS steering his chariot around nt the danger of life ,and limb to HUGH ADCOCK and who seek HARRY CALLOWAY, safety on the sidewalk. Saw OENE ROYSE, MUDDY BERRY and AL KIKEL, who did keep me much company during the holiday. Finally, to stop this scandclmongcrlng and away to my neglected classes. HAZEL BAUCOM. DUNCAN (Continued from Page One) weather MARGARET DOUGLAS docs now sport a bright and shiny fraternity pin. What a pity I Saw also ALICE BRUNER. and JANET ROBBINS with dark circles telling me a story of a big holiday. Saw MARTHA ADAMS, who retired to the country during the vacation., much to the disapprobation of JIMMIE MAY. Saw LOLA COMBS, Tearbury . , Jskf if i CRITICS of Style and Quality Among the many things that can be said for the college men of today they know style and quality. Their judgment is Learbury's Standard. R.S.THORPE&Sons (Incorporated) "The Men's Store of Lexington" WEDNESDAY Up betimes and to class where I did stare out the window at the sunshine until the professor did call me to task for my Inattention. The third hour being convocation I did struggle right willing past Memorial Hall to see more students enjoying their cokes than the lecture. Saw BETSY BENNETT and EDYTHE LITERAL doing a bit of politlcing for the MAY QUEEN favors. Saw the representation from the law school, RUFUS LYLE, E. M. FRYE and LOUIS gazing at the females. Saw those constant couples, DARBY SCHMITT and BOB SCHIPE FINNELL KITTY and and D WIGHT HAMERSLEY. Saw also VIRGINIA MILLS who the love bug has bitten, proudly displaying her latest acquisition. Saw A. LEWIS to pour honey into the welcoming ear of CHUCK RICE, who do seem to enjoy it. Saw EMMA MENDEL to smile at BILL LONG-ACRbut methinks he paid little or no attention. Saw HUGH JACKSON and BIG McGINNIS frowning at their females with somebody else. Finally, away and to class. In the evening to commune with the loafers where I did see DAN GRIFFITH struggling to recuperate from the ill effects of the bar exSaw also RODERICK amination. KEENEY bewailing the demands on the time of a law student. Saw LISTER WITHERSPOON sporting about In his new hack. Saw also DICK BREWER, the prosperous gentleman from Kansas, who did acquire a new chariot during the holiday. Saw LOUISA BICKEL to smile sweetly at PROFESSOR SCHICK, and methings with some purpose In mind since the examinations do approach us in seven league boots. Finally, away and to study at my desk, and later to bed with my heart at rest but my mind very bushy. THURSDAY Up early with the bright sunlight streaming through MM AM Starting Sunday A THUNDERBOLT OF DEFIANT DRAMA HURLED FROM THE SCREEN. DARING! Sheared . . EXPLOSIVE! DIFFERENT! .. Drama inflamed as human life . . . Stark as human passions. in ler latest I triumph I u Metro- - Herbert Brenon's Colossal Epic of Man, Can a Woman and War woman follow a man's code of mor- with CHESTER MORRIS CONRAD NAGEL ROBERT Based on a Story by I als? There's a sensational answer i n this, picture of and "THE CASE OF SERGEANT GRISCHA" UrsmU Parrott with A Robert Z. Leonard Production CHESTER NORRIS BETTY COMPSON JEAN HERSHOLT SUNDAY When You Are Hungry-- try 114 S. Limestone Phone, Ashland the window of my room, but shlv-'crlin the cold as I did endeavor to dress, meanwhile pouring male dictions at mother nature ror her perversity. Great was the excitement on the enmpus this day over the balloting for queen of May. Mcthlnks the ladles should also elect a King of May, and mcthlnks also that PAT RANKIN would be making a fine king with his upright bearing and his gracious smile to the ladies. Finally, away from all the hubub to loaf for an hour. Saw and MARY MARVIN LOUIS COACH HERBER Is a tetc-atealso RED over their coffee. Saw HOWARD escorting GLADYS RICE which do cause me to wonder what new scandal is this. Saw HAZEL BAUCOM finely furnlblshed in her new spring finery to attract the gullible voter. Saw also her cohort, LOLA COMBS, basking in near popularity. Saw CLAYBROOK TURNER looking like a BEAU BRUMMEL and smiling to right and left BETSY BENNETT, who has no notion for politics, and is content to belie her Kappa traditions by being herself, did talk with the passerby. FRANK MEYERS and MARY LIB BROTHERS did make talk. Saw JANE CATE, the Louisville flash, who do shake her head in such unseemly fashion, to talk with BEANS HELVESTON. Saw CARLOS JAGOE and VIC YOUNG (the sissy) compete for the fond glances (whether she means them or not) of SIS WILLIS, the Tri Delts chief claim to pulchrltudln-ou- s honors. Saw LISTER WITHERSPOON, MIKE PENNINGTON and OLLIE JOHNSON at a belated breakfast. On the campus again I did see ALICE BRUNER electioneering for MARY ARMSTRONG. Saw also HERB STEELEY, JIM JEFFRIES, BILL MOORE and BOB PENNINGTON, the Sigma Nu triumvirate shivering in the cold. Alack, my scholastic trlbules call my attention and I must away to class. REPORTERS REPORT During the remainder of the present semester there will be a meeting of the news reporters of The Kernel staff each Monday at noon. These meetings are very Important, for at that time the work for the ensuing week will be outlined. Every reporter must be present each SIGMA DELTA CHI WILL MEET TODAY LOST Will the person who borrowed a Sheaffer Modernistic fountain pen at the May Queen polls please return it to James Stevens at the Library. adv. Roamm the Rialto with Thomas (Continued from Page One) new life to which the earth was giving birth. The early Roman and Germanic tribes devoted themselves to it, worshipping the Goddess Mala, who was a symbol of fertility. Later it was established by the Romans in 238 ,B. C. Flora was the goddess of fertility and was made the goddess of the Institution which they named the Florla. This spring celebration took place on April 28 and continued until the third day of May. During the period of festivity the populace devoted itself to the usual orgies of the occasion and sang The songs of a doubtful nature. young people indulged in games and other exercises of an amatory character. The May Pole was a phallic symbol and was worshipped as such. The Queen of the May was not allowed to go without a consort and a king was chosen also. It being a season of marriages, many took place. The tradition spread through all of Europe and Is. prevalent in Amer ica,- - Kentucky not excepted. Most unfortunately there will be no king. Jor the occasion. There is a delichtful rumor to the effect that some pious Puritans decided to do away with "the king as an unnecessary evil. Consequently we have affair. a one-sidThere will be no marriages at this exercise for it is against public In 1960 a well preserved emeny lady will send her daughter to Kentucky, an institution of 15,000. Her parting words of admonition will be: Remember, darling, that you must malntaon a decorum befitting a person of your position. Your mother had a reputation at Kentucky and she desires you to uphold Remember, darling, It unspotted. that your mother was once Queen; of the May." "Yes, mama," dutifully will reply Agatha. Riley After a very sluggish week It appears that some of the outstanding attractions of the year will be on exhibition at the local theaters next week. TLR The little State crashed through this week with two pictures In "Under a Texas Moon" and "Lilies of the Field. Wednesday and Thursday the State will feature "Spring Is Here," from which "Cryln' for the Carolines" comes, and this is recommended. TLR One of the most noteworthy, If not entertaining motion pictures of the year is "The Case of Sergeant Grlsha," which will open at the Ben All theater Sunday. Radio produced this under the direction of Herbert Brenon and the cast includes Chester Morris, Betty Compson, Jean Hersholt and Alec B. Francis. The adaption of Arnold Zwlg's famous war story is said to adhere to the original in every detail and tells of a Russian peasant who constantly longs to get out of the war. He Is finally shot as a deserter. It is said that Director Brenon has done a beautiful piece of work from the technical side. TLR Although I honestly tried to prevent it, I could not sit throat h "High Society Blues" or "Young process in blue and the four-colpictures having black as a basic color. The color art work was done by an artist especially selected by the staff for his excellent work along this line in other publications. Fraternity, sorority, special organizations, and professional and have been honorary fraternities, given full sections in the book, and every such organization has been treated with all consideration in the arrangement of their group. Seniors may get their copies of the book at the Campus Book Store Friday morning. A small number of books were ordered for others who desired annuals, and these may be secured at the same time. As a final indication of the esteem with which the work of this Kentuckian of 1930 is held, the University administration has ordered a large number of the books for advertising purposes, since they feel it is worthy of the University it represents. Congratulations to you, Mr. Couch, and to your efficient staff! (Continued from Page One) pockets of dinner packets throughout the dance. An orchestra for the entertainment had not been engaged at press time, but the committee is making every effort to secure one of the bands. Every better detail that will go to make the affair one of the most brilliant in history has been capably attended to by the committee and those who are planning to be present on this festive occasion may feel that they are indeed fortunate. (Continued from Page One) nace pictures of the winners of the beauty contest and pictures of the u imriy-si- x i&vonies, cumpri&e highly interesting portion of the Kentuckian, The athletic section is arranged with full size pictures of the coaches and of each man on the varsity squad. The class section carries the picture of each senior, with complete accounts of their activities, honors, etc. The basic colors of the book are black and blue, the borders being Eajrlcs." The parts I didn't may be good, but I doHbt It. sec TLR George Bancroft's latest starring vehicle, "Ladles Love Brutes" (Par), will open at the Kentucky theater tomorrow. This star's box office popularity is mounting steadily, and from advance reports, this picture should enhance his monetary value to his producers. ''Ladles Love Brutes" has Bancroft in the role of a steel worker who comes up in the social world to his own discomfiture. Mary Astor and Paul Lukas are seen with the star. This is Miss Astor's first picture since the death of her husband, Kenneth Hawks, in January. You will, In all probability, like "Ladles Love Brutes." TLR In the face of the recently reof the Tattles" from leased "Code the office of Will Hays, csar of the movie Industry, it appears that our cinematic programs wttl soon appeal only to kindergartens and the various women's organizations. It will be serious, Indeed, for such a debacle to fall upon our most expressive form of entertainment, the motion picture. TLR "The Divorcee," (MOM), will open at the Strand theater Sunday. This picture stars Norma Shearer and is rumored to have been adapt ed from one of the most popular of a recent series of anony mous novels which have been sun pressed in Boston and other cities. Norma Shearer is one of my favor ites and her other talkies, "The Trial of Mary Dugan," "The Last of Mrs. Chenyney" and "Their Own Desire," have been hits with the public. "The Divorcee," as you gather from the title, deals with matrimony and its after effects in according to report, a highly illu minating fashion. Robert Mont gomery and Conrad Nagel support the star. Baucom Is Made Queen of the May (Continued from Page One) which will begin on the walk in front of the Administration building and end in Memorial hall where addresses and awards will be made, President Frank L. McVey will not be in town, and Dr. W. D. Funkhouser, head of the zoology de partment and dean of the Grad uate School, will be in charge of the program. Prof. A. W. Keliey, of the English department, will open the program with several selections oh the Memorial hall organ. On the program are the awards of the Algernon Sidney Sullivan Medallions to the most outstanding man and the most outstanding woman in the graduating class; the Skain prize; the Alpha Delta Sigma Key to be given to the most out standing senior man in the frater nity in the field of advertising; the Sigma Delta Chi Keys given to the two most outstanding men and most outstanding woman in Journal Ism, and two awards of $100 each for scholarships given to the History department of the University, and the pledging of Junior women by Mortar Board. The afternoon exercises begin at 1 o'clock with the parade of the floats entered by the various fra Phones: Ashland 23869190 WE DELIVER tcrnltles and sororities on the cam- pus. The parade, which will begin on the campus, will be routed through all of the downtown sections of Lexington, and will end on the University campus in front of the Agricultural building. After the end of the parade the coronation of Miss Baucom as the 1930 May Queen of the University will take place. She will be escorted from her carriage to the by her attendants and will throne be crowned byhcr m aid of honor. At 7 o'clock there will be a dinner given by the SuKy Clrclo in honor of the' six boys and four girls who will be pledged to the clrclo later in the evening, at the Lafayette hotel. PARKER TIRE SERVICE Phones Ashland 401-46- 4177-417- 8 Lexington, Ky. E. Main St. 3 Study Engineering la CmI Colorado Golden is at the foot of the Rocky Mountain Range. Twelve miles to the east lies Denver, with 325,000 inhabitants. To the west is the great Continental Divide, with streams and forests and snow capped peaks rising to the sky. Skl BafUtMriBg Iwwwir ef tfc Reeky Mmmtalm Regie Basic engineering courses in Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, English and Design. Also Assaying, Geology, Analytical Mechanics, Graphic Statics, Strength of Materials and Plane and Mine Survey ing. Preparatory Subjects of Chemistry, Physics, Advanced Alge bra and Solid Geometry offered for students deficient in entrance requirements. June 30 to August 22, 1930 This Summer Session is given especially for students"who wish to make up work or to secure additional credits. All work is conducted by the regular Faculty of the School of Mines. For catalog of the Summer Session, write, to the Registrar for Booklet Z-- Celorade Seheel of Mines cMm ! (Last Times) LUPE VALEZ in "HELL HARBOR" with JOHN HOLLAND JEAN HERSHOLT "The Wolf of Wall Street" Smashes the Love Market ! The woman says " no. " Bancroft says "yes." See how he wins and loses on the Heart Exchange. Here's thrilling drama of dauntless courage and he-mlove. K'LsLshIwBsb GEORGE BANCROFT "ladies love Brutes" Q Qammowti Qicbm with MARY ASTOR FREDERIC MARCH Here's Looking At In 6 You new Spring Braeburn. We usually frown on an exuberant display of emotion but there are times when breaking down and confessing is a very good thing. ... a minute please while the superlative dictionary. .. for The new Braeburns are glamorous, glorious, gorgeous, gracious, glowing, ... hey ... how about coming in and seeing them and using your own dictionery. They're only with two trousers Phone Ashland lm Lexington, Ky. 106 Rose Street CoBtractlBg Electric Supplies Starting Tomorrow! COMING $3350 to $5000 "Puttin' on the Ritz" Electric Co. I I I TONIGHT! Is Outstanding Book 1988-- Y Ellen Minihan L. May Queen Election Junior Prom to Exposes Intrigues Present Attractions Moore-Youn- g This week's winner: THE TAVERN 1930 Kentuckian the king of all good things to eat a box of tempting delicious candy. It's good to eat it's packed full of wholesome nourishmentand it just hits the "sweet-hungrspot in young and old. Eat candy when you are in the candy mood. It's good for you especially when the candy comes fresh from "Home of the College Folks Kaufman Clothing Co. Wednesday Saturday Harry Kichmaa Ja IWkentiicku I Style Corner (Incorporated) Limestone at Short Street