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7 > Image 7 of Kentucky Alumnus, vol. 65, no. 1, 1995

Part of Kentucky alumnus

l it s P 0 R T s 1 l to have a strong running game and m"m"a1*o111 ,m*aaa1" 1 on The Way complement it with an excellent pass- On The Dotted Llne rril A _VV_ T l ing game. I want to have balance '''''i 6 ' " l l Ilvnvi between the run and pass, not neces- 5 FOOTBfl{LL: On Fb`l_24 Studt` l ___.. ; . V;;_; l sarily in the number of running and athletes Ss<1_S1laS11> P**Pt`S tO on -~.rV,_ a l ___ = :. passing plays, but ln terms Of yardage attend the University of Kentucky. 1 1 t"* Tl" rl ( * ` 1 The total includes 21 hi lr school ..i~tt. ... Q L 1 awed-" . . . . g l nallnv 1 V . T ln looall Colorado rolled up 495.3 1 players and three lurnor college play- r~;~t ~ 1 A . 1 yards por game of total Offense (third ers. Eleven of the high school players _ . t,;i { nationally), 291.5 yards rushing and Wim lllsl lcam alllslale lll?UOm T g bv . al l 2038 yards Passlngl T ree others had second Ol third team ggg ll ry L Uzelac has oo ears Of Coachln all-state honors. All three luco srgnees V 'Y { Y g 1 have been all-conference or honorable 1 \ **51: _ l experience, with 12 of those years as 1 _ . .1.. _ 6 3 head Coach in high School Or Col- mention allconference selections. no yy ll lege. He was head of the Western tl _ ll/Vc allillllllcascll Wllll the Speed Ol 1 ==r- V At l Michigan program from 1975 to flsclilgs atl dllfllccipllllll WC gm mul? :.1r T 1981, Ellld at the 11111111 Or the unrred glgi P1; ,{gl;"TSt"lfiSj , ` `1t 1 1 Q States Naval ACad6mY P1`0gF3m from bolqcl ll llllllll lll .l gon; li lll . __p , 1987-1989. Hes been WOl~kllTg along C 1V llliii 656 are goo ayers, 1 . l . . They belreve rn what we re doing and ,;.__ l the offensive srde of the ball for . . , coaching notables Don Nehlen at b1;";l{ Wlllgllllaelg Slllll llllllcll lll? J r 1 Bows Gm B0 fvlill E. fs? plezlggd ..1$11` .112 i.,Z..`3i..$ one _ C E". U I Schembechler at Michigan, Bill dom this group makes., nswe oo lmlcl lol zeal l Mallory at llllllllllll"l0llll Cooper at The group includes 16 backs Will the Colorado offensive system Ohio State, and, most recently, with loffenslve and defensive backs Wlde bring victory to Kentucky? Head 1 McCartney at Colorado. l receivers and llucbackersl 2mdl ln coach Bill Curry and newly hired 1 In two years at Colorado, Uzelac l llncmen g offensive coordinator Elliot Uzelac directed the Big Eights number one T Tho athletes are .unlOl_ Colle C are planning on it. 1 offense. The Buffaloes also set 51 l _ `J g ,, _ transfer Harold Bell, 6-4, 258, Los Last year, says Curry, then school records and tred four others , An (ales Call? Quin Bell oa 260 Colorado head coach "Bi1l McCartney during his tenure there. g _ . ."_ cy 7 . l . l _ a _ l Lebanon, lunror college transfer Eddie told me I ought to take a look at rt. Curry characterizes Uzelac as a Blaklc on 245 LOS Anooloa Calla This year, the Wildcats wontjust be "hard-nosed football coach who has Kcvlnyolclnan l5_ll log l\lllCvlll(; taking a look at it, theyll be learning proved himself a number of times in Fla _ And Dllclsbach l l6_2 2l ol it and using it. The Colorado offense many different situations. What he Mlsllawakaylnd _ Dm Eagle 636 2,lol organizes and codes plays differently l has done the last two years is exactly Lowcllvlllol Ohlo Greg Holgotl (gall than more traditional offenses. It uses what we are looking for. 202 Fl Mllcllollllon Lipscomb, 6_ll a one back, two wide out alignment. Curry now has four former col- 225: Dolawarol Olno; Felix Louwlnskl; Curry calls rt a "natural evolut1on" lege head coaches on hrs staff. In 5_ll l85 Dooana Ga., George Massey from the offense that the Cats have addition to Uzelac, there is Mike 6_2 60 llayncll l;an_ylMon_ls 6_l 230, 1 used in the past. Uzelac says it is com- l Archer, (Louisiana State 1987-90), Eagl l,;)lm_ jay Parks o_o 2o5 _1 plex without being complicated, l Ray Dorr (Southern Illinois 1984-87) l_lal_l_odSbnl_o_lnnlor Collogo nlanslo l allowing the offense to react quickly l and Don Riley (East Tennessee State Dolnan Pringle 0_2 225 Mlalnl Fla. 1 tO Held SltuatlOnS 1988*11 ) Jeff Snedegar, 6-2, 210, Salesville, Ohio; 1 Uzelac rndrcates that rf you can t Uzelac replaces Daryl Dickey who Tony Staton 6_0 200 Bonllay Fla'. have both, speed is more valuable resigned when it became apparent his Anwar Stewart, 53, 205, Panama (lion than bulk in this system. He plans to role in a revised UK staff plan would Fla-. Jason Walken 6_5 260 Woodvlllol ask some players to lose weight; oth- T be diminished. Recruting coordinator l;la_, Anthony Walsonl 53) 250, Allanla, ers to strengthen what they have. l Tommy Limbaugh resigned Feb. 8. Gaollason Walls, og, 255, Oviedo, l;la_; Will the attack be more wide Limbaugh, who came to UK with Loo Wesley, 6_O, 200, Calllnllollloln T open? Curry in 1990, said he resigned, to l:la_l Fllmoro Wostorl o_l, 210, I believe," says Uzelac, "in having 1 pursue other opportunities in athlet- Tallahassee, Fll1;Anth0ny White, 6_l. a physical team that is sound funda- ics administration or business." 180, Twlnslolllgl Olllo; Tony Woods, 5_ l mentally and makes a minimal Limbatlgll l121S experience 35 all 8550* ](), 175, Jeffersonville, ln(l_; and Craig l amount of mistakes. I believe you have ciate athetics director. Yeast, oo, lol), ll,mo(lSl,lllg_ Spring 1995 Kentucky Alumnus 5