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9 > Image 9 of Kentucky Alumnus, vol. 65, no. 1, 1995

Part of Kentucky alumnus

l Senior Star On Target , l `=rv- ..._ ` When senior free safety Melvin Nancy Napolski and Erik Anderson [ Johnson found out hed be playing in returned from the USA Shooting VV the EastWest Shrine game and the National Championships with the I _ A /.;. Senior Bowl he was honored. He also titles in womens and mens junior air g rr ilii i. i' i ` ` ri iV `ii ` i ii T inii i f iii was eager to see how he compared rifle competition. 1 , 1 a with other seniors from around the Napolski, ajunior, scored 775 l A A VV . country. The results are in. points out of a possible 800. Anderson, l , V}; johnson was rather quiet in the a sophomore, scored 1165 points out l l . Shrine game (4 tackles), but in the of a possible 1200. Both shooters are I _ Fl, Senior Bowl he was named the Souths members of the UK shooting team l if an _A most valuable defensive player. which placed third in the NCAA shoot- A l V ` r f johnson had five tackles and two inter- ing championships last year and set a t . V F .L ceptions deep inside the Norths terri new record on air rifle. l V . _ppA_ ...= tan/-Vlaatla ita`a1ati<>S Starred Sams .. ...s-cc.s:..e.a. . 2 . K . , _ . _ .. L .:- scoiing thieats by the North and In Memorlqm , ,.. helped the South protect its leads of _r___rr _ _ W _ To _ ( ;. v_ 1 A _. _ V _ iV'_ V , 14-0 and 14-7, the games final score. A `nn " r iii` 1 iii I ii. A The first interception occurred in Alex Glczar 68, diad df lllllg Cdllccl V `fi` ,,, . the third quarter when he caught a january 21 at his home in San Diego, y ` _ mgm _ t pass thlOrH Kansas State quartet- Gl`OZ3 \\/ZS H LlTI`[ll1l basket- mm or PASSAGE - rc. .. sm. of ma, param, back Chad May aa tha Sauth 15-yard ball allAlll al Ulf Ha Pl*>l A that means taking up the duties of towel boy. line. The SeCO11d came in the fOufILll Cll[l` for Adolph Rupp Oll what is :;:1;*T;:i:3,Kag;1;eg:;:?:ei;v4responsiblli- quarter when llc picked Off Penn perhaps UK`s 1T10st fa1T1t)US team, [116 Pho", by David Coyle. ' ' Stare quarterback Kerry Collins on Fabulous Five, that also included Cliff [he South 10-ygrdlirjg Barker, Ralph Beard, Wallace jones and Kenny Rollins. That team won K \ T .A.: ; V M the national championship in 1948 A li A Q IIT V l- V and the gold medal in the 1948 A _ l l Olympics held in London, England. V . V ,,,_ V V V The next year, Groza centered the .` " I team that repeated as national cham- .... ? , Qi \ IM ' pions and was named Most Valuable l if 1. ~ Player of the championship round for A . . V M l the second consecutive year. During ft V r gs . i , _ his four years as a Vllildcat, Groza ' _ Al played in 120 games of which 112 V; _A .. . A_VV ~ -_ were victories. Along the way, Groza i,_4;g `i 'fl _. _ s ` i <'V;\ set a number of school, SEC and i"$ . r." Kit ; " NCAA records. Today he is seventh on i UKs all-tiine scoring list behind Dan Q . 1 A A Issel, Kenny Walker,._]ack Givens, V M VV VV V . _ JK ` VVPW; Jamal Mashburn, Kevin Grevey and ' il. M,. _ y` C Nash . la.- aAl A Q1 * i`._; aA*A~ " , ALUMNI BAND The alumni band filled in for vacationing students at the Jan. 14 game in Rupp Arena. The eldest member in the group, Harold Bennett of Lexington, wore his 1929 uniform with reversible cape for the occasion. Photo by Chuck Perry. Spring 1995 Kentucky Aliimiius 7