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5 > Image 5 of Guide to civilian organizations. Gallatin County, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

3; Q Fm _ . . . . A ine Gallatin County Defense Council is Affiliated i with the Kentucky Defense Council Q Frankfort, Kentucky :2 A _ QA Honorabl Keen Johnson, Governor of Kentucky Q Chairman .. " g John J. Greenleaf, State Director of =g Civilian Defense if GALLATIF COUNTY DEFDNSE COUNCIL TT RSAKY { J. Floyd Donnelly, Nayor of Tarsaw, Chairman l nn.m1.;s { James o. nyle Judge Earl Spencer Q} Herbert Tinsley Dr. J. O. Shupert QQ F. S. Connelly Dr. E. C. Threlkell _ Ferry Davis gr . Olwen Stewart, Glencoe ii J. F. Burke, Sanders Alvin Iidwell, Sparta g This guide is prepared for the official use of f' the Defense Council of Gallitgn County and rother Q agencies engaged in defense work. It should not Q. be made availiable for commercial uso. Additional M copies can be obtained only at the office of the ` Gallatin County Defense Council. A _ E :..i:..Z.".L'-