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Image 9 of Guide to civilian organizations. Gallatin County, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

Zi 5; GALLATIN COUNTY FARM BUREAU (State and National Farm Bureau Federation), ji Warsaw. Founded 1940. President, H. Ferguson, Sanders. Secretary, F. R. ”; . Weldon, Warsaw. Terms expire March, 1945. · “ D zi lembership: 65. Open to an owner of, or person having an interest in a farm. Q Committees: Executive, H. J. Richards; Legislative, H. T. Tinsley; Program, A, W. T. Straw, all of Warsaw. » ” SS" ei at- *’ . . _‘ ,· — ; Purpose: To improve agricultural methods. Automobile insurance. . gh Normal Civic Activities: Cooperates with all agricultural agencies. *l Defense Activities: Engaged in Collection of Scrap Metals and Other Metals, g, Public Speaking, Consumer Protection Activities. .- . s ` ‘ TO ·_ ` · .. . . . Qi Local Publications: None. r L GALLATIN COUFTY 4-H CLUB (Extension Service, IL of K.), lhrsaw. Founded 1926. 5 Fresident, Howard Drew, Jr., Sanders.‘Secretary, Antionette Renyer, Warsaw. I telephone 28l2. Terms expire November, 1945. County Agent, U. T, Straw, `·.` isr— i saw. Telephones 279l and 2792. Term indefinite. A Lhmbcrship: 185. Open to young people between lO and 21 years of age engaged in some farm or home project. Committees: County Council, Mrs. Roberta Fea;_Member Clubs, Tkrsaw, Krs. K. . Grant, Uhrsaw; Steeles Creek, Mrs. Il Perry, warsaw; Napolean Turley, Zhr~ }_ saw; Drury Chapel, Mrs. J. T} Groves, Sanders; Roseville, Vic Sntchwell, Q. Sparta. % Purpose: Training youth in approved methods of production of agricultural $= " products and home economies. “‘ M · ~ I }p Uqimal Civic Activities: Conducts·Lamb Show at County Fair; provides enter- S teimvent. Coopcrstes with Red Cross ond aids in Defense Drives. Monthly Q mrctings on project work. ` i Defense Activities; Engaged in Sewing and Prcp ration of Surgical Dressings, { Collection of Scrap Metals and Other Metals. Food production in crops and ( livestock. F Local Publications; Intermittent circular letters. GALLATIN COUNTY PAREYT—T?ACHER ASSOLIATIOT=(Statc and National Congresses A P. T. A.), c/o lhs. Roy Prill, Yhrsawi President, Mrs. Hey Drill, Telephone p }' 2731. Treasurer,_Mrs. Leonard Hendrix, Thrsau. Elected for school your l942— [ l943. ` . . · Membership: GO. Open to oarents, teachers and persons interested in the wml- · —————~———#=. .* - ,4 fare of children attending school. _ s